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Legendary (Voguing competition series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 20, 2020.

  1. My boyfriend said Honey Balenciaga looks like Robyn with their haircut and now I can't unsee it
  2. Couldn't wait and space it out, Watched the third episode.

    The houses at the top are very firmly the top. I wonder if anything will shake that in the coming weeks.
    I don't think anyone's really safe from being in the bottom 2, with the way the judging is.
    And it all really comes down to the finale. Balmain only had 1 win in comparison to Lanvin's 4 going into the finale last season and they still managed to win.
  3. Will the House of Balenciaga step off the other girls’ necks? I hope not.
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  4. I just love how Honey didn't even make it to all the rehearsals and they still all killed it? They're going to be very hard to beat. But i'm sure at some point they'll wear something questionable and Law will dip their score.
    And I also think Shannon not being a dancer could eventually come to be a hindrance.
    Luckily this show gives them access to a choreography team and a designer so they're not ever totally up the creek without a paddle.
  5. Simone Tisci is stunning my god!
  6. Balenciaga is obviously the team to beat, but I think Garcons and Tisci are my favorites. Sasha Garcon reminds me of Cicely Tyson.

    I love that they've brought back contestants from last season to help choreograph too.
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  7. She seems like a nice person but I’m still confused as to why she is a judge on Legendary.
  8. It's a stretch, but my assumption was that she'd pull in the viewers because she was the most well-known name at the time.

    EDIT: However, I do think the panel still needs a shake-up with the exception of Leiomy.
    Now that Pose is ending, they could swoop up Dominique, MJ or Indya.
    Nicco was a fab guest judge, and could easily be a wonderful full-time judge.
    Trace Lysette auditioned for a judging role and I think would be amazing.
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  9. Isn't Stasha Tyra Sanchez' mom?
  10. Well Jameela was called out on social media, or kind of the show was because she was billed pre-season in the announcement of the show or in an article as being the Head Judge. And she kind of was the one that would do the most talking, introducing, leading of the others.
    But after that, She replied on twitter and seemed to really listen and understand that it was more fair for all the judges to be equals so good for her.

    But yeah, i'd love to see Dominique be a full time judge.
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  11. I gagged at how much Milan bombed from their premiere premiere. For me it really is all about Balenciaga and Tisci, they are the houses to beat.

    The ball themes this season look great and more exciting across the board so I'm perched for the new episode come Thursday.
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  12. I think Jose Extravaganza would also be an excellent judge, along with Dominique Jackson.

    Michelle Visage has a history of voguing too, so would be good to see her on the panel, though doubt she would have the time.
  13. The latest episode was weird, I think it was hard to translate some of the sins into performances. The right house won and the right house got eliminated, and I had a bit of a kii at the judges coming for each other here and there
  14. Cute little episode. I continue to think Law is so annoying as a judge.

    Also I didn't realize if there was a tie for the top house, the guest judge has to pick?! WHY?!
  15. Tisci, Garcon and Balenciaga appear to be quite an obvious (and incredibly strong mind you) top 3 so I'd be surprised if it goes any other way.
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  16. I can’t see anyone beating Balenciaga at this point, and rightly so.
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  17. Both Balenciaga and Garcon are great but this ep they were not it. Spins, where?

    It's the Tisci for me. I am also starting to fall in love with mother Gigi Tisci, she's a big old dork with a heart of gold.
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  18. Tisci ate. Megan was mad funny this episode too.
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  19. Bob and Monet are doing Sibling Watchery review/recap/whatever of the season, if any of y'all care for that.

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  20. Tisci duh!
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