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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 24, 2021.

  1. Hopefully I'm not alone on the forum in terms of being a bit of a LEGO fan. My partner and I have really gotten into putting sets together with the rise of the pandemic. The modular buildings in particular are gorgeous:

    As well as some of the limited release sets targeted towards adult fans:

    LEGO is also continuing to try and appeal to adult fans by offering to release a new set from a classic theme next year.

    Any other fans of LEGO on the forum?
  2. I really want the Death Star Lego set as it looks so cool but it’s £400.

    Used to be obsessed with Lego when I was younger and had all the Harry Potter Lego sets.
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  3. R92


    I need to find me a sugar daddy so I can get this:


    I've been using the LEGO Architecture skyline sets as a way to document and decorate based on places I've travelled; I also ordered the bonsai and flower bouquet, so I'm looking forward to decorating with those as well.
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  4. I'm a big fan of LEGO, I'm currently in the middle of building Diagon Alley set that is GORGEOUS!

    This is what I bought my partner for Christmas, he is a big Lego fan as well
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  5. SBK


    I love lego, I didn't know what I wanted for Xmas so I just said, lego, Work was stressing me out and need something to play with.

    Well, my family did not disappoint, I got a shit tonne of Lego, fire station, police station, some architecture sets and the Friends Central Perk set. Annoyingly I don't have enough space to do it, so its mostly in storage until I can do it properly.
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  6. That would be something fun to build with a partner! How would you go about doing it though? I bought us a puzzle to do as you can kind of break off once you’ve created the frame.

    Mine loves lego sets but jeebus they are expensive!!
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  7. Me and my boyfriend love to do Lego together.

    It‘s very calming and I am always surprised when it‘s done.

    The last set we built was this one:


    Each one of us did one floor.

    We have bought more sets but we are about to move and will do it later on.
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  8. Fuck yes! I have a penchant for the modulars and was lucky enough to get the early ones (since sold); BF limits me to two shelves full, so I only have 5-6 out at any one time. I've had to skip the last three sadly.

    This was also a kick-ass build (it took six days!)

    They go for stupid prices online after they're retired.
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  9. Nñ I bought the Friends Lego set two years ago. It’s still in its box.

    I remember Lego coming for Playmobil’s wig when I was a child.

    It looks like a great way to pass the time @johnny_tsunami
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  10. I just got the Ninjago City Gardens set from the LEGO store. It's taken me three days and I'm not finished with it yet. I've been looking for the Ninjago City set you posted here to go with it but it costs upwards of 1,000 dollars now! I'm hoping I'll be able to grab it one day.
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  11. Shiiiit. I do plan on selling it at some point so will let you know when I do, though given the size of the box (taller than my dog) the shipping cost alone to the US might be hooooj.

    I have a self-imposed rule of one numbered set of bags a day to try and extend the build as long as possible.

    I really want this but it's never in stock:
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  12. SBK


    I'm not sure I could do lego with my boyfriend... He's not always the most logical thinker and I am very particular with how I do things.
  13. One of my BFFs works in the Billund headquarters and helped create DOTS.


    Get yourselves a bracelet or four!
  14. Gosh I love all those sets that you are posting guys, it makes me want to buy more LEGO... so please stop ahahaha.

    Building sets together is very nice, I love doing it with my boyfriend
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  15. I've been buying the christmas Lego they put out every year, only started a couple years back, so missed loads sadly. It's fun, I'd love to get sets I could keep out all year but i'm not sure where I'd keep them haha
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  16. My boyfriend doesn't really care for it, but is also entirely responsible as he got me this on a whim some years ago. Cute, but nothing at all on the inside.
    It was £59.99 then and I sold it on eBay for £404. It's derangedly inflated.
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  17. Lego is very therapeutic and far more satisfying than a jigsaw.
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  18. kal


    I have a bit of a collection. My LEGO’s were the only toys I kept from my childhood, and a couple of years ago I actually went through the effort to restore all the lost pieces, and last year I built them all. I have sets from all sorts of themes, from the basic tiny system ones, to some massive technic vehicles.

    In terms of value, this is my most precious set. It also took the longest to build - a combined 24 hours over 4 or 5 days. It didn’t help that I fucked up one of the instructions and didn’t realize until a few hours later.


    And in terms of age, this is my oldest set. I remember receiving it as a gift when I was around four.

  19. I got into Lego at the start of Lockdown 1. I’ve mainly gone for the Ninjago stuff as I’m a sucker for Toku-esque robots. This has been my favourite set so far:

    The cost does kinda kill me though. I scour for deals and offers like an absolute fiend.

    A few days before Lockdown #1, The Entertainer in town did a buy one get one free sale on literally everything, so I ran down and spent £200 on every Ninjago set they had. I couldn’t believe it!
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  20. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Wig! Great thread @johnny_tsunami

    I’ve been slowly collecting more and more sets but never seen the ones posted here. Are these online exclusive mostly?

    I also recommend watching the Lego documentary to those who haven’t already, I found it surprisingly fascinating and it really kicked off my interest.
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