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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 24, 2021.

  1. Does anybody have any recommendations for similar activities to Lego that aren’t so expensive? I find building stuff like this really helps me relax but I can bomb through a £100 set in a day and then I’m stumped.
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  2. Lepin is a cheap LEGO knockoff that some fans seem to really like.
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  3. So alongside Diagon Alley, pictured under spoiler tag, I'm also doing "Hogwards Moments" which I find really pretty to add to my Lego library along with Charles Dickens' exclusive Christmas set and Harry Potter's Monster Book (also and exclusive set).





    Damn I'm so happy we have this thread
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  4. This is (obviously) one of my all-time favourites

  5. One of my earliest Lego memories is stanning this queen and her castle


    Harry Potter whomst?
  6. I have this one and the Vampire Castle from this same theme! Monster Hunters was iconic. The zombie graveyard featuring the Zombie Bride minifigure goes for a crazy high price nowadays, as it was the only set where you could get her.
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  7. Technically not Lego, but for those wanting similar experiences of following instructions, Ugears models are a natural stepping stone.

    I've become addicted to them over the years (I have constructed several models). This is one of my creations...

    (I like to think this is what Season 8 should have been.)
  8. Tina Burner <3
  9. I love lego! So happy there's a thread for it. I have this and it's my pride and joy


    I really wanted the Haunted House that was released last year, but cost + having no where to put it once it's built was what stopped me.
  10. I've never seen this before - it kinda creeps me out??

    The (newer) haunted house is ridic expensive. Want but cannot have. Same with the rollercoaster from a few years ago.
  11. kal


    I got the Steamboat Willie set too. It’s gorgeous! Another one I really like is the BB-8 set from a few years ago.

  12. Hahaha, the creepiest thing is that all the inside bricks within the boat are all really colourful and you don't see them at all. It also moves... actually if it wheeled itself past my bedroom in the middle of the night I guess that would be quite creepy.
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  13. For years, I thought adults who built Lego were weird. It’s for kids, leave it to them. But someone I work with bought me a small set for Christmas a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. For me, it’s the fact it gives me an activity to do of an evening that doesn’t involve looking at a screen! I spend my whole day looking at laptops and monitors so I love having a place to escape to in the evening with my phone off and make progress with something.

    I’m almost finished the Batmobile which has been a really tough and technical build but I’ve loved every minute of it. I just don’t want my house to become a Lego museum though so trying to limit my big purchases in future.

    The Beatles Yellow Submarine
    Star Wars BB-8
    Stranger Things
    Friends Central Perk
    New York skyline
    The Capitol Building
    Hogwarts (I know it’s problematic but it’s my absolute pride and joy, the best kit I’ve ever done by far)
    Hogwarts Express

    To build:
    Sesame Street
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  14. Oh my god you just reminded me the Sesame Street exists. Not only do I really want it but it was also my birthday yesterday so if there's any justifiable reason to spend my money on lego it's this.
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  15. Haha thanks!

    I changed my mind on the lego site and now I'm gonna wait until next week to get this bad boy

  16. That's cute!

    I'm glad they cottoned on to details. I remember having this as a kid and being annoyed that there was only one bed inside and it was against a wall so the minifigure couldn't even lie on it.

  17. I was living the life in this villa.

  18. I had this one! I was in love with it the camper and speedboat combo.
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  19. I'm not even halfway through the Ninjago City Gardens set yet - over 25 polybags and four books of instructions! It's massive.
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