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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Jan 24, 2021.


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    Oh my god you have no idea how much I wanted this thread. <3

    I got super into Lego Architecture after quitting my last job in December 2019. Trafalgar Square along with Tokyo have been my absolute favorites so far, and I got the White House for Christmas and it was so much fun to put together! The US Capitol building was also an awesome one to do, along with the Great Wall of China, but I think those are both retired now unfortunately. I really wanted the Sydney Opera House, but it goes for like $500 USED online.....Lego un-retire your sets challenge! Do that challenge!
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  2. I've recently gotten into LEGO again in the last year. So far I've done the Friends set and the London and New York skyline ones.

    I really want this Haunted House. But it's so damn expensive.
  3. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Is this thread going to make me spend $150 on the medieval blacksmith set next week? Maybe so.
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  4. That set is really making me wish LEGO would release a new castle set or theme. Imagine if we got a gorgeous modular castle?
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  5. After a 10 years hiatus or something, I built the gorgeous "Gingerbread House" set with my brother on Christmas and it really felt like going 10 years back. So happy.


    I've got some sets. An airport, airplane, travelling bus... but they're missing since a little accident when someone dropped them to the floor and it just burst into tiny little pieces again. I got mad and threw everything in a giant plastic box, then sent to the attic. Some pieces went missing so it makes me sad and just uninspired to ever build them back again. I also have a collection of minifigs that is stored somewhere. They were my favorite part of the whole thing.

    My real dream would be the damn rollercoaster that's just so expensive dd.


    it's also too massive and I have no space for this or any other lego at all dddd.
  6. Has anyone built the Super Nintendo set and, if so, would you recommend?
  7. Love this thread!

    So I had a huge Lego love affair when I was around 9-13. Especially the Harry Potter sets but also I remember getting some of the ‘Oriental’ sets and Indiana Jones, too. It’s literally all I would ask for for my birthdays and Xmas.

    However what REALLY started my love for Lego was when I got this that my mum bought me at a charity shop. My brothers were playing with the castles sets, but me? I was living out my diva fantasies vicariously through that sun bathing mini fig. Paradisa was iconique

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  8. I think one of my nieces had this set and I was a bit jealous that we didn't have it.
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  9. Oh my God you just reminded me that I had this set as a kid too.
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  10. I had this one, did not care how pink it was or that my sister called it 'Lego for girls'.

    I was just there for the eyelashed queens and that ice cream cart.

  11. I have never seen this set but I love it! All of the soap opera fantasies I would have played out as Sun Bathing Henny with my adorable convertible and sunglassed lover.
  12. I remember both of those and I remember wanting those so much
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  13. It’s payday on Friday and I am considering buying this. Can anyone recommend?
  14. Those Paradisa sets are so dreamy & vapourware. I always wanted one as kid, but by the time I got into Lego they were not selling them anymore.
    I love this design, which utilises one of the Paradisa base plates:
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