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Leigh-Anne Pinnock - Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 2, 2022.

  1. Signed to Warner as just announced on Twitter. Here we go!
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  2. Let‘s go

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  3. Is Warner good for her? I know they're known for not supporting an album before a hit single, but hopefully having Dua's manager with her helps the situation, but even the Dua Lipa release took ages.
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  5. Ms Leigh Anne PINNOCK
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  6. Oh. My. God.
  7. Ugh I’m ready.
  8. Dua's label and management. Yup, we're winning.
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  9. True but they also stuck with Dua until a song finally clicked with the public. Most labels would have dropped her
  10. Is there ANY label stans like dd.
  11. This is great news!!! Sooo looking forward to her solo material.
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Edited the title for now. I'm excited for the album but let's keep it concise!
  13. YESSS Super pumped for her solo work! And Warner, what a get!!
  14. RMK


    The way I ran. Warner was a great choice, hoping for an international push.

  15. Excited for her. I wonder which one of the three will release first. Didn’t expect her to but glad to witness Leigh ending up with what seems to be the best combo of manager/label.
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  16. Motherhood is definitely not slowing her down at all.
    She seems likely to be first out the gate since she's already establishing a solo identity with her documentary and film debit that featured her singing.
    Very interested to see what each of the ladies will bring as solo entities.
  17. Initially I thought Jade would kick things off first since she must've worked on her stuff during the girls' pregnancies, but I'm not so sure now.
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  18. Omg how did I miss this? How exciting!!!
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  19. This is really exciting. Also looks like an amazing management/label combo for her! I do wonder when we will hear something concrete about Jades solo music. I had a feeling that she would release first…
  20. RMK


    It's interesting to think about. I'd imagine they all have hefty negotiations, but since Leigh kicked off if there are other deals in place we'll hear soon. From early reports, it sounded like Sony was trying to snatch Perrie.

    If Jade has music in the bank already, I could see her eying a deal that gives her ownership over material (ala Mabel at Polydor, The Weeknd at Republic).
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