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Leigh-Anne Pinnock - Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 2, 2022.

  1. It sounds like a demo, but it does sound like her.
  2. Defo sounds like her. For a demo, she sounds GURD
  3. Her voice was always promising in the studio, it's very versatile and radio friendly, excited for her solo material.
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  4. Um I just read that Leigh-Anne's husband is moving to a greek team that's based on my city what? Surely not
  5. Rob


    The Scum have ran a piece about her team trying to get it taken down so it must be legit.
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  6. Keeps on calling every day
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  7. Leigh-Anne feat. Shenseea PLEASE.
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  8. Over 50k likes on her first tweet, a good showing for her management/label.
  9. In the studio with Absolutely, Hit-Boy and the Head of A&R Strategy at Universal Music Group.

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  10. Universal? Isn’t she with Warner?
  11. Hit-Boy?!

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  12. I'm sure she is in the UK that's why I mentioned that, maybe in the US it's a different deal?
  13. Hit-Boy is signed to Universal Music Publishing so it isn't out of the ordinary to have his A&R in the studio.
  14. Love this picture.
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