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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by NorthUK, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I’m obsessed with the video! It’s the single most uplifting thing of the past few months. Hilarious.

    Which makes it even better is knowing that she did it all by herself: she even shot it (or rather all 4 versions) herself in her bathroom! She only had someone to help her with the cutting. Our comedy queen & directing + styling genius!

    My only complaint is that the album has only 9 tracks. With 4 of them already having been singles we’ll get only 5 new songs and I yearn for more. She could’ve for example included studio versions of some of these songs she performed live two years ago. As far as I can tell they’re not included, unless they’ve been retitled. They’re maybe not her best songs, and clearly sound very much like her previous album (Jag är ingen älskling), but I’m sure Anders Hansson could’ve given them a proper Maria Magdalena makeover in no time! Now we’ll probably never get them on record, which is just a hate crime. And annoying, as the new album is so short.

    Spara dig inte till Jesus = Don’t Save Yourself For Jesus. Give her a medal for the title!

    In any case can’t wait for the album, it’ll be my soundtrack for the Summer. You can order a signed copy here:

  2. Yeah, I love her most recent video, I have watched it quite a few times! The song is great as well.
    I must admit I don't own any of her albums though, not even a greatest hits. I must fix that...

    I remember Talking In Your Sleep being played quite a lot on the radio back in late 80s. After that I heard nothing from her until Eurovision. The songs I have heard since are all quite good, especially Maria Magdalena and of course the latest one.

    Speaking of Scandinavian acts in Eurovision, I am currently listening to the album Neyslutrans by Icelandic group Hatari. It's excellent!

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  3. It’s here....

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  4. Such a great album! I love Lära så länge man lever and Han går på vatten. I wish there were a few more tracks though.
  5. I miss Lena’s synth with strings double handclap melodic bangerz, the chorus in this.....this is one album I would like on record with a nice gatefold. So many potential singles on it.

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  6. This album is seriously one of the best pop albums of all time. They should release a vinyl version of it in Sweden!
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  7. Agreed 100%, it was one hell of a killer comeback.....this is my favourite Lena tune, it’s more Alcazar than Alcazar:

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  8. This is my favourite, too! Had she recorded it in English at the time, I could see it becoming a hit in other territories.
    Have you ever heard the original from Orup? (I ask this as I don't know if you're Swedish).
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  9. I NEVER knew it was a cover! Lena's version is the one though for sure.
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  10. The original singer of this song, Orup, was behind all of Lena's album and had produced a lot of songs on Alcazarized in 2003, so you were not wrong in comparing them! (He wrote, for instance, Someday).
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her 006 Stage show is on YouTube:
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