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Léon - Circles (New Album 2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Her first properly brilliant moment and she deserves it. This song is stunningly beautiful.
  2. This one feels quite bland to me. It's nothing on the best tracks from the debut.
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  3. In terms of catchiness, nothing by her rivals "Falling" but in terms of vocal delivery, this one is superior to everything else she has released so far - in my humble opinion.
  4. This is her best song ever I think. Proper power ballad goodness
  5. All her songs are good HOW.
  6. I liked those three previously released tracks much better. It’s still a very enjoyable song though.
  7. 2014

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    She's great.
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    Something about her voice......every song just hits.

  11. Hmm... not feeling this one off the bat.
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  12. Her level of quality is outstanding.
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  13. This feels very Leon on autopilot for me, it's nice but nothing really outstanding. Maybe it will work better for me in the context of the album.
  14. It lacks the drive that all her other stuff has... it's nice but vocals aside, it is not so "LÉON"
  15. The vocals melt me.
  16. Head and Heart on Fire. - 2:35
    And It Breaks My Heart. - 4:06
    Crazy / Stupid. - 4:03
    In a Stranger's Arms. - 3:21
    Chasing a Feeling. - 3:51
    Falling Apart. - 3:15
    Who You Lovin. - 2:58
    Seventeen. - 3:54
    Tell Me. - 1:27
    Die for You. - 3:37
    Apart. - 4:00
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  17. If anyone on here is interested in guest blogging (for a music blog that I manage) with a review of the new Leon album "Apart", please feel free to reach out via a personal message. Thank you in advance!
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