Léon - Circles (New Album 2022)

I’ve been obsessed with her second album lately. It’s really gorgeous and her voice is just on another level!

I need to listen to the third some more but I thought it was quite lovely on first listen? A bit more mid tempo and mellow, but definitely love the warm 80’s synths and the slight Fleetwood Mac/Bruce Springsteen vibes together with her voice.
I’m never part of the “where are the bops?!” brigade, but despite enjoying everything on my first listen, I was kind of waiting for a few more moments with a bit of a pulse.

Now that my expectations have been tempered a bit, I am looking forward to giving it another spin though.
Got tickets for the show in Brooklyn. First time watching her in concert so looking forward to this. Any love for "Look like that" from her new album? I'd say it is a close 2nd to "Dancer".
Unless it’s a bad April Fool’s joke, ha!

It is indeed, if you look at the Twitter bio.

A bit weird to pull an April Fools to get people to stream the new album, considering the people who would have been excited by that tweet would have already streamed it…