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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. I think Leona is just happy riding horses, running her vegan coffee shop, doing the odd performance and counting her money. It’s clear she’s not invested and.. fair play.

    What’s funny is her cousin is one of the country’s most acclaimed music producers (he just produced the entirety of Little Simz’s new album) and she’s not thought to turn to him to write and produce an album together.
  2. Was there any need?
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  3. The back cover also lists Iain James.

    Wonder if you're on the right track, and the vinyl might have a different version because it needed to be submitted before Ne-Yo was able to contribute?

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  4. I would say it’s likely Ne Yo couldn’t do his vocals before the vinyl was pressed. I read there’s a back log of about 10 months for vinyl pressing at the minute.
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  5. But if it's the Iain version on the vinyl, isn't it odd that it hasn't been mentioned when promoting the album on social?
  6. The whole thing is a mess though
  7. There's no arguing with that.
  8. That is supposedly not the case at all with Leona, she wants a bigger career and that is partly why things have stalled, she is waiting for something but she has been waiting for so long now that I really don't understand why she hasn't just said 'fuck it' and took control of her own career.

    Honestly if they let One More Sleep's continued success, the vinyl release and promo, the Gary tour and Queen Of The Universe all lead to nothing in Q1 of next year I'll be giving up.
  9. As much as she wants it, I think her days of having a bigger career are long behind her.

    There are better singers, who are infinitely better performers, out there now. She's not in the position she was in for the couple of years after X Factor.
  10. Bless her, but I'm sorry to say that Leona is not the right person to be on this show. Michelle, Vanessa and Trixie will completely overshadow her. Even her answers in that video were so uninspired and templated. She is nowhere near dynamic enough of a personality to hold her own here. I feel like the energy is instantly brought down a notch when she starts speaking after any of the other 3, or even Graham.

    She's lovely, but a judging personality she is not.
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  11. Yes, bizarre choice. Unless they felt they needed a nice one.
  12. Inflo is Leona's cousin?

    Hopefully one of his tracks with Adele blows up to light a fire under her.
  13. Leona is an extremely odd choice.
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  14. He is indeed.
  15. Video on Friday.

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  17. The song isn't doing anything for me.
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  18. It's one of the dullest things she has ever recorded. I don't get it at all.
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  19. Official video for Kiss me, it’s Christmas is out.
    It’s completely what you’d expect from Leona at this point however I will say she is serving looks in it. She looks genuinely fantastic.

    It doesn’t really elevate the song for me in any way, however.
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