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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. I'd have prefered Taio Cruz tbh.
  2. I wasn't expecting much from the video anyhow.
  3. God it's so mediocre. It's 'nice', but I can't imagine anyone hearing the song and wanting a second listen.
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  4. I love Leona and I'm happy to have new music from her, but this rerelease is so...random. Like, why does it exist?
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  5. I'm a big Leona 'Christmas with Love' fan, play it every xmas to death and obviously One More Sleep is now a classic...

    ...like many in here, if you are going to do a re-released to inspire more sales/streams then if you are going to go through the motions then fill the CD up, maybe another 8 songs etc?

    Just seems weird to put on two, especially - and sadly - when they aren't that strong.

    Not sure if I will even play the new album going forward.
  6. I believe the thinking with this, is to use the 'momentum' to propel into new music next year? The problem is, the new song is a dud and there is no momentum. Nobody other than her diehards even know this release is happening - and the response is tepid.
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  7. Even if the new song does nothing, One More Sleep will still get heavy rotation and she can pop up promoting the album, so still a profile bump. She is on This Morning today and then on Christmas Day and she has got radio interviews coming up and hopefully more and better to come.

    I still don't think it will lead to anything.
  8. You could have said this anytime over the last 5 years and it would still be true.

    God, I don't even know when I soured on Leona. Last I knew I loved her and believed in her but now...
  9. "Kiss Me It's Christmas - Champion Remix" and "Kiss Me It's Christmas - Rampage Sound Remix" out Friday coming soon.
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  10. I honestly don't know if I see this replacing the standard Christmas, with Love for me. I'll give the new songs a listen and see how I feel, but everything about this campaign just seems...off? I can't quite put my finger on it.
  11. She will be the guest on the I Can See Your Voice Christmas Special on BBC1.


    Also this sounds like she is independent?

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  12. She'll be one of those artists that's forever posting "recording/in the studio/making magic/coming soon *twinkle emoji*", it's never happening. She knows it too.
  13. Sad, but true.
  14. Who pays for that though? cc: Bonnie McKee
  15. There's no new music, let's face it.

    She already is that artist who has been promising exciting stuff coming for what seems like years. That manifested into a limp re-release of a Christmas album that nobody needs.

    She doesn't owe anyone anything, so if she never records again, that's totally up to her. It certainly does seem like she's not even remotely interested.
  16. She clearly has no idea what to do with her career at this point.

    I do believe she genuinely still enjoys creating music but she’s just lost with what to do. It seems she’s too scared/unmotivated to release independently but also probably has very little label interest at this point.

    It’s sad but I really think we’ve gotten the best of what she has to give. I’m sure there’ll be little things like this Christmas song and a soundtrack feature here and there. She still gets regular work doing shows and has her coffee business so I’m sure she’s set financially, it’s just sad as a long time fan to know we’re likely not getting another album.
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  17. I mean she probably feels burned by the fact that the last three albums were all varying shades of disappointment/disaster. I'm sure that's very demoralising. She's had success and it must burn to know you won't have that again because a clueless record label ruined all your cachet with an avalanche of bad choices.

    Plus she's never really given artist put here to create. I don't think she has a burning need to sing anymore.
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  18. So she has a cafe that uses all vegan products (no dairy) and plant trees for every 100 cups sold? Wow. Have a new appreciation for her now.
  19. The Keisha Buchanan of it all.
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  20. If I Can’t Have You is pretty but what on earth is it doing on a Christmas album?

    A sleigh bell over the last 40 seconds does not a Christmas anthem make.
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