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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. I was about to post the exact same thing, bizarre inclusion.

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  2. That Bee Gees cover does nothing for me. The arrangement is really meandering and offers nothing and she sounds like she's underwater. It just brings nothing to the table.
  3. I think the cover is quite nice but another non-event and agreed, a random inclusion.

    I think it’s quite complimentary to her voice at least. I won’t be using it however.
  4. See, I can't stand the vocal and the song is just so utterly meandering and aimless. I just don't like that congested sound she has nowadays. I know that's it and she'll never get her old voice back, so it is what it is. I am not confident at all in her voice holding up that well for Gary's tour. At least she'll only be doing a few songs each night.
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  5. Wow, way to drain a song of any redeeming qualities!
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  6. Aw I actually quite liked it.

    It’s very John Lewis Ad
  7. I guessing that's what they were going for with the 'sound' of the track.

    This re-release had SO much potential, scope etc but really seems so pointless...this coming from a big Leona fan.
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  8. I'm such a huge Leona fan but I just can't get on board with this re-release. I understand it's a cheap cash grab, but I'm not rebuying the album for two songs.

    She could have had a mini moment with the re-release, but instead it's being thrown out with zero effort. She's had years to collate a few more songs for it.
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  9. She just posted this about "If I Can't Have You":

    "I spent over a year pouring myself into the song, getting the exact piano sound, the perfect string arrangement, the vocals that conveyed the emotion I was feeling, the mixes just right."

    Over a year?? I'd go as far as to say she could knock out a more impressive cover version within the week when she on X Factor.

    Leona, girl, it sounds shit, what are you doing?
  10. Probably, but it would only be because there was a whole team of experts knocking the arrangement together on the X Factor. She's a singer, not an artist. Left to her own devices we got the mediocrity of I Am and that awful Angels cover she did. Can we get Hellberg back?
  11. Kiss Me It's Christmas - Champion and Rampage Sound remixes out tomorrow.

  12. There just really isnt anything other than a great voice, is there? Hopefully she can collaborate with some cool people but judging from her recent comments a new album doesn’t really look to be at the forefront of her mind.
  13. No but she is working on a 'project' whatever that means.

  14. She wasted her time!
  15. Me lying about logos that took me 3 minutes to dosing.
  16. I love Leona and she would do well to stop over-hyping things. Like just admit you're comfortable coasting and enjoying a low-key life. I follow her on IG and half her posts talk about how much time she spends writing/singing/creating and it feels like you just get gaslit every time she puts something out lately.

    Praying for a reawakening where she actually dives fully into a project and has good quality control again.

    I also stan Lana Del Rey and I feel like she's perfected this approach... she's not even on social media anymore but she still delivers solid art on a regular basis. She's proven it can be done and you don't have to go the typical media frenzy artist who's everywhere.
  17. Finally got round to listening to If I Can't Have You and didn't realise it was that If I Can't Have You. Colour me dumb, I guess. But on the whole I liked the version. I thought she sounded great and I loved the drama in the production. That said, it really feels out of place on a Christmas album and between that and Kiss Me It's Christmas, neither of them draw me in enough to buy the whole album again.

    I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing that she's in the studio all the time. I guess she needs to create music in the same way that a writer will constantly be writing even if they don't publish anything. But I just don't see the point in constantly telling us she's in the studio, working on this, working on that, if it's never going to come to anything. Like @Nigel said, she just needs to say she's comfortable just performing the odd show and that's that/ But these constant teases of music that never happens is just so frustrating now.
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  18. Leona is doing the Christmas episode of “I Can See Your Voice”.

    Alexandra Burke and Nadine Coyle did this show and it’s cute. Leona will get to perform at the end.
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  19. Best thing for her to just slap One More Sleep in our collective face at any chance because it already is kind of a classic and she could like turn it into a proper one.

    I also felt like listening to the album today and chose the standard because I really can't bother with the two new songs.
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