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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. She is no longer supporting Gary Barlow on December 15th, best guess is they have booked a tv slot instead.
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  2. Mvnl

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    Who wrote Kiss Me? Because it owes a lot to Niall's This Town
  3. Listening to Christmas, With Love again and I will say the track listing is well done and flows nicely.
  4. I just read on another forum that the album rerelease must have sold fewer than 300 copies as it didn't even make the top 100 physical chart.

    That is absolutely pathetic but not entirely surprising. But I imagine they definitely would not have been expecting a number quite so low.
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  5. Are you surprised? The lack of effort doesnt deserve charting.
  6. I know I put my thoughts before but the chart position is far from shocking. I would definitely call myself a fan...and especially her Christmas album...BUT if you are going to re-release then really go for it, maybe a second cd or at least fill the first cd with more Christmas tracks. Just popping two extra - sorry to say but mediocre - tracks on is not worth me buying it sadly.

    SUCH a wasted opportunity to push - one of my personal favourite Christmas albums - once more.
  7. Yes the reissue is lazy and clearly just to support her “support” slot with Gary. She needs to build her reputation again from scratch after so many “lean” years outside of the continued Xmas success of One More Sleep.
  8. Yeah, while the dismal sales are not unexpected they are 100% deserved.
  9. Glad she’s embracing her Christmas popularity and doing a tour! I’ll be going to the Glasgow date.

    I know no one here probably endured a Gary Barlow tour, but does anyone have any idea of what her setlist was?

    edit just seen this:

    And read that she mixed Better in Time with If I Can’t Have You. She sings Could It Be Magic with Gary.
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  10. That is gross. So I'm assuming that means she's doing a boring as fuck, sat down, piano ballad version of Better In Time. Which should be a crime.

    Also, that's a lot of Christmas songs to be padding out her limited time with. It's not a bloody Christmas tour specifically. She does have other hits she could have thrown in there and just kept One More Sleep.
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  11. If I Can't Have You wasn't performed, that's incorrect. However, Higher Love was performed.
  13. This is the only full performance from last night so far.

    Shame no Ave Maria.
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  14. It will be interesting to see what the ticket prices are for her tour next year. I'd love to see her but even at the height of her fame her tickets were overpriced.
  15. A tour seems highly ambitious. I'd be very surprised if she sells out the Brighton Centre (4,500+) and other venues of a similar size. She would've been better off doing a run of O2 Academy dates with a final show at the Royal Albert Hall. I don't think nostalgia and the Christmas factor will be enough to get people to attend.
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  16. Absolutely no way she's selling out any of the venues.

    When she can't shift more than 300 copies of a re-released Christmas album, and her last studio album absolutely tanked, what audience do they think are buying tickets? It's sad, but just facts. She'll attract a very small number of hardcore fans, but I fear she's even lost the vast majority of them now.
  17. I get people being frustrated about the two tracks and her career in general but I viewed this as a separate vinyl release which happens to have a couple of new tracks rather than a big relaunch campaign. To my knowledge it never received a vinyl release the first time so now it's finally out and has more to it than most retro vinyl releases with an appropriate colour, an updated cover and two new tracks. I know we want more from her but I was genuinely pleased to just have it.
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  18. I really really want to see her live, but with this tour planned I don't really expect a new album to be released next year. What do you think?
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