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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. At this point, I think you'd be better not to expect a new album at all, ever. Then if one magically does appear it'll be a lovely surprise.
  2. Are they selling the album and any of her merchandise at the tour with Gary? If so, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only reason she re-released it, to have something newish to sell.
  3. I get wanting to cash in with a Christmas tour - but having venues that size is absolutely bizarre.
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  4. Leona was on “This Morning” performing One More Sleep and promoting the tour.

    I didn’t see it, but the comments on Twitter aren’t positive. Could just be Twitter being Twitter, of course.
  5. Unfortunately, Twitter is not being unduly mean. It was not a good performance. At all.

    For the first half, you can hear how she is struggling to maintain the pitch in her chest voice, so she just sings most of it in head voice, just flipping up constantly. Which sounds fine sometimes, but weak other times.

    However, the second half of the song is rough. She goes for adlibs and sustained notes that are wildly out of tune.

    She's performing outside, at 10am in the morning. Inhaling cold air like that will dry out her vocal chords, so it's the worst possible environment for singing. But there's very evident tuning problems and her voice is extremely wobbly and shaky. For a singer that is known almost exclusively for her incredible voice, that's not a way to reintroduce yourself on TV.
  6. Whoops, that sounds unfortunate.
  7. I didn’t see her performance from today but she sounds pretty good here!

  8. This is a bit better than today's performance, but it's not a good vocal by any stretch. There's a lot going on to make the sound a bit beefier, but separate her from the backing vocals and she's very flat, strained and out of tune in places.
  9. Oooft that This Morning vocal was hard to listen to, I feel so bad for her that her voice is where it is now.
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  10. It's a real shame but there's just no getting around it. Underneath studio wizardry, excellent live sound engineering and good backing singers, the main vocals are just not it.

    And she must know it. She's using ear pieces, so she must have heard how out of tune it was. It must be hard to keep putting yourself out there when you just can't be as confident in the voice like you used to.
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  11. I just get the impression that she can’t be bothered / has no inspiration or desire.
  12. She needs to either get a shit hot vocal coach and vocal chord surgery or whatever she needs - or knock it on the head.
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  13. She'd be better off pre-recording her vocals for future TV spots because whew, that performance on This Morning was one of her worst. Her vocal decline is extremely sad.
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  14. I honestly find her voice is genuinely unpleasant to listen to these days. Live is almost unbearable and the studio version is only slightly better but you can still hear those vocal issues even then.

    It’s so sad to watch someone who could once blow through songs like Bleeding Love and Run with absolute ease suffer this type of vocal decline.

    I genuinely don’t even think she’s a good singer anymore. She can technically still hit some impressive notes on a good day but even then it sounds nasal, thin and fragile. On her best days her performances are boring, on her worst days they’re unbearable. It’s obviously not her fault so I do feel bad for her, I’m sure she knows more than anyone how much of a decline she’s had.
  15. What exactly has caused all this? I know she has health issues, and I hope I’m not rule-breaking by saying there are rumours she had a nose job. It’s just really sad to see her like this when she used to give masterclasses with ease.
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  16. What has happened to her. It's very sad, was tempted to see her tour but I think I'll give it a miss

  17. Oh god, that's just awful. She just cannot sing well anymore. The voice is gone. This is right at the start of the tour and she's just the support act. That voice is going to be blown completely by the end.

    No other big artist would get away with singing that badly, while charging people for the privilege of watching it. It's only because she's so low profile that she largely escapes criticism more publicly. Could you imagine if any of the other, bigger, pop girls went out and delivered these vocals? Eek.
  18. The irony being, Leona was the one that kick started the UK into expecting amazing live vocals especially from the pop girls.
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  19. Honestly… I’ve heard worse
  20. Rob


    The hyperbole in this thread is... a lot.
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