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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Yeah, I would not be persuaded to buy tickets to her 2022 tour after seeing those performances. As others have said, it's sad to see how her vocals have declined throughout the years. She used to be so good and is now struggling with even the most fundamental skills — pitch, control, and sustainability. It seems to me that her vocal compression is nowhere near what it once was hence the pitchiness and straining.

    These issues must be eating at her on the inside because she can hear herself through her in-ears every time she sings, but I don't understand why she hasn't taken steps to address them? Surely a good vocal coach could help her mitigate some of the issues she's been showing through vocal retraining. I've seen singers who've done damage to their voice in the past and have still been able to deliver great performances—albeit not the same as before—after they've relearned how to properly manage and reduce stress on their voice. Maybe Leona should find someone to help her out with that cause her voice will be in dire shape by the end of tour.
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  2. She has never addressed her vocal issues but she did reveal her Hashimoto's diagnosis a few years back, which causes the immune system to attack the thyroid. So although no one can say with any certainty that is the cause I'd say chances are it is, it is known to cause vocal damage.

    Liam Gallagher actually also has it and has been much more open, even suggesting it is going to cut his career short.

    I think in all likelihood if there was anything that could be done, she'd have done it. I can't believe she hasn't already consulted top vocal doctors/coaches after 8 years of continued decline.
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  3. As others have said, a good vocal coach could really help. She's really lacking in consistency even from night to night when singing the same songs. She's literally making it up as she goes along, depending on whether or not her voice can hold out for a specific note. Even though it very rarely can. It sounds like she just needs some help with finding that sweet spot in each register, so she's not having to guess on the fly and then potentially miss notes completely.
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  4. She actually doesn't sound too bad here, sad she had to drop the key so low though but I think her voice is still salvageable though just get with a vocal coach and learn a new technique and rearrange the songs to fit her current range and go the Celine/Mariah route and prerecord some of the harder notes and just lip when necessary so that way when she does get confidence or in better vocals condition she can go for the money notes on occasion
  5. I've listened to her This Morning performance and the Bleeding Love clip, they sadly aren't great and I've been trying to understand why.

    For me - the This morning performance - it's like she has no chest/belt voice anymore so she has to sing most of the One More Sleep chorus in her head voice which doesn't suit the track...as it lacks the punch but also from a viewers point of view sounds bad compared to the studio recording.
    Also, I've always loved her flickers in her voice but as a singing teacher told me, sometimes less is more, as she seems to drop or flicker every note, literally every note. Sometimes simply holding the note with the pure tone is so beautiful. Again, there is a time for vocal freedom but for the first few choruses you need to match the recording I feel before flickering about, not from the get go. The head voice chorus did not sound good, such a shame. I really hope her vocals heal soon as when she nails it then she blows the roof off.
  6. Just seen this... One More Sleep from the tour with Gary...

    Slightly better but still goes to head voice for a lot of the chorus and cuts the bridge all together.

  7. I got three second row tickets for Glasgow, exciting!

    Prices are reasonable. Hopefully this sells well enough to go ahead. She sold well here in the last tour so maybe after this Gary Barlow support tour and Christmas hype it’ll do decently.
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  8. Can't see it personally, but I hope I'm wrong. I'm just glad I saw the Labrynth tour in person, and really experienced her before her vocals totally disappeared. But I hope it all goes ahead and she puts on a good show for everyone.
  9. I seen a clip of the current tour on someone’s Snapchat story and it was almost empty while Leona was performing. Then when Gary came on the floor looked busy but the rest looked curtained off. This was at the hydro in Glasgow.
  10. Yeah I guess it's not the type of gig where people are rushing in to catch the support act too. Especially as it's all seated anyway, so nobody will be in a rush.

    But I've seen a few clips where it looks like she's singing to a couple of dozen people scattered across the seats that are open. That must be a little disheartening.
  11. Yeh I went to that one and the X Factor tour before that, but haven’t seen her since.
  12. I’ve been to the Labyrinth Tour and the Glassheart Tour and both times she sounded great and put on a great show.

    I actually think she sounded better at the Glassheart Tour than the Labyrinth, that smaller, intimate venue definitely put the spotlight on her vocals in the best way. I’m really glad I saw her, her voice was actually crazy good in person. It was so strong and powerful, even her best TV performances from back when don’t do it justice.

    I debated getting tickets for next year but I’m really not a huge fan of Christmas songs and I feel like she has sung the same original songs for the last 5/6 years now. I wish she’d perform more of her non-single tracks.
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  13. This looks to be selling really well actually.

    A few of the dates look like they’re nearly sold out (Nottingham, Southend) after a quick ticketmaster browse.
  14. It’s sad to see that her disease has such an effect on her voice. It must be devastating for her and I’m not sure she can do much about it. If working with a vocal coach would be the solution, I’m more than sure that she would do just that (not knowing if she might actually does already). However, she’s still not as bad a singer as this thread makes her out to be. She’s not in the same category anymore like she used to be, but she’s still a good singer and better than some other big popstars. This here is actually a very decent vocal to be honest:
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  15. "Better than some other big popstars" isn't really any good when you're all about the voice. Without the voice, she is nothing.
  16. Is there any point in being nasty? Her worth goes beyond her voice. Shame on you.
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  17. OK, that was a bit strong - of course I've always liked her music and her as a person. What I meant was, that as an artist, her main selling point was always her incredible voice above anything else. And if she can't rely on that anymore, then what future does she have in the industry?

    I feel sad about that but I can't understand why she can't or won't do anything to address the problem.
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  18. Leona will be performing and chatting on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday 18th December.

    Hopefully its a big One More Sleep performance.
  19. Part of me wants her to pre-record a vocal, even if she might get shit for it online. If she does another This Morning, on a prime time show, eek.

    Watch her do If I Can't Have You....
  20. Imagine! She'll surely be doing One More Sleep, what better way to sell the tour. Some decent promo lined up.

    Jonathan Ross - Saturday 18th - ITV
    Royal Carols: Together At Christmas - Christmas Eve - ITV
    I Can See Your Voice - Christmas Eve
    This Morning - Christmas Day
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