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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. She sounds great here!
  2. That is a great lineup of promo.
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  3. This! I don't hear signifigant damage to her voice at all.

    Her voice just sounds a little thinner and more fragile in the chest/mixed area. Emeli Sande with a very similar voice has also experienced this.

    I think their bigger tours back in the day put a lot of strain on them physically. When you have big back to back hits worlwide, it's not just the stadium tours but early morning interviews and late night performances, constantly, don't leave space for the voice to properly rest.

    I don't know how much singing Leona has been doing over the past few years as she's not been nearly as active with releases as before.

    Her voice may get stronger with more performances as her confidence and muscle memory develops again.
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  4. Just posted this in the Kelly Clarkson thread but I guess it’s relevant here too, on Steve Anderson’s podcast songwriter Jörgen Elofsson has stated that Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) was originally written with Leona in mind but she turned it down, another big hit Leona turned down, if indeed she heard it I suppose.
  5. That has been known for a while and to be fair this is what Leona's team was presented with.

    The pop/rock route made that song a hit and I think only Kelly could have brought that.
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  6. Oh wow, Kelly really improved it!
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  7. Girls I’m still not over Scene Of The Crime.
  8. I remember she was essentially forced to speak about that in the end on some live fan Q&A, because so many people were asking about it, and was she was nonchalantly like yeah we passed on that to some Japanese singer or something. It beggars belief.
  9. She sang One More Sleep on Jonathan Ross tonight. Thank God it wasn't the car crash I feared.. vocal mostly in tune, but still strained and weaker than it should be. Good gig for her though. I was surprised how much opportunity she had to speak, and she seems so much more confident these days.
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  10. I may be wrong but I think that was her first ever British chat show appearance, when she is actually there to chat not just perform.

    Decent performance but it did leave me a little underwhelmed.
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  11. The performance was definitely better than the This Morning one, so there's that. But yeah, the vocal is just so shaky, unsupported and weak. She's becoming the type of singer that will just adlib over the choruses and let the backing track/singers do the heavy lifting. And the adlibs towards the end of the song didn't work either. She was so flat.

    She did come across better in the interview parts though. She was never a particularly engaging interviewee (everything was always just so amazing) but she was very relaxed and confident, so that was nice to see.
  12. I actually think the performance on Jonathan Ross was very decent, so much better than the This Morning one.

    Her voice sounded quite pleasant throughout and I’m glad she went for some of the bigger notes in chest rather than slipping into head voice, which is something she tends to do so much lately.

    She sounded good in the clip singing O Holy Night too!
  13. Here is the performance.

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  14. Gotta appreciate the irony in her missing the top note when the lyrics are "missing you". Decent all round though, hopefully this is the start of a proper vocal recovery.
  15. That performance is so much better than the This Morning one, again she flickers the notes so much and so fast that it sometimes sounds wobbly. Why can't she just sustain a few of the notes and flicker some too, it just takes away from the melody. Maybe she can't sustain them anymore? Who knows? Some of the higher notes sounded really good too, overall a great performance.
  16. Omg yes. What a song.

    Such a weird era. Alexandra Burke also had a whole album that was seemingly shelved around the same time. Before it Explodes (w/ Bruno Mars), Starlight? Sorry to go off topic.
  17. I don’t mean to be cruel and the performance was better than the last one but the song just sounds… way too big for her now? Even though that one was better, there was still parts of it that were quite uncomfortable to listen to.
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  18. Was the kind of performance someone does when they’re not feeling well.
  19. Also she pulls the mic away from her mouth a lot which also doesn't help as it sounds quieter and weaker.

    I do feel bad critiquing her voice so much, she is one of my favourite singers so it's a shame really, just trying to understand what has gone wrong so to speak.
  20. I think you're all being extra harsh on her. Yes she is known for her vocals but also a decade plus has passed, the vocal chords are a living organ, she's had health issues... and it's still the Leona you love up there on stage. Relax a bitsy.
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