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Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love (Re-release)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Art Installation, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Yeah it is harsh, especially when some of it is attributable to a difficult health condition. I feel bad for her.

    But also, I was a fan of her because of her voice and her ability to sing like very few artists of the time. But she doesn't have that anymore. I can still revisit really good performances, but I think I just need to accept that I don't enjoy how her voice sounds nowadays. It's just not pleasant to listen to anymore and from what we can hear, she'll never get that back.
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  2. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas Day? I was having to self isolate sadly - but without symptoms of bloody covid glad to report!

    Anyway, back on topic - has Leona done enough the last couple of months to re-establish herself in the public consciousness? Whilst the album reissue was a disappointment and flop - her prime time TV coverage and radio play and streams for One More Sleep have been impressive…..
    Question now is will she jump on this opportunity with some new music in 2022? Or is she gonna live off the Christmas theme forever more? I’d love another Glassheart type album from her and some bops - her big ballad days possibly behind her. But she can sing!
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  3. Glass heart is my favourite Leona album so I’d definitely be here for something similar. I saw her One More Sleep This Morning performance yesterday on ITV and didn’t think it was that bad, certainly not the disaster some have made it out to be.
  4. Been listening to Christmas With Love Always today and really wish she’d used Mr Right as a single instead of Kiss Me It’s Christmas
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  5. I heard it again and I am sure its been edited.

    Edit: Seen this elsewhere, love that its growing, long may it continue.

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  6. Mr Right could have been a smash all on it's own. Why it's been left on the album with no push or performances is beyond me. A right cracker wasted, especially as they pushed 'Kiss Me It's Christmas'
  7. One More Sleep is now certified 2x platinum.

  8. The great thing is that “One More Sleep” really has become a modern Christmas classic which, rightly so, will be played for many more decades, ala Slade, Mariah Carey, Wizzard.
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  9. Wait, One More Sleep was released in June 2014??
  10. November 2013. God knows where that June date came from. Was that maybe its first certification?
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    What's the difference between Homeless on the original and rerelease? I can't hear it but it is tagged as the '2008 mix' (at least on the digital version, the album cover doesn't mention which version it is?)
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  12. Gutted about this, but totally understand why she has done it, roll on December 2023!
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