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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Art Installation, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. We were supposed to get new music this year but All Stars being scrapped changed all their plans.

    She said in an interview with Heart last week we'll get new music next year and she is really excited about one song in particular, she described it as 'mid-tempo to ballad', ' very sentimental' and it features someone. I just hope they get on with it soon.
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  2. I too do hope Leona comes back with a new album. I actually liked Glassheart and I Am better than the 2nd album. Yes the singles run could’ve been smarter but there are sting songs on both. She should’ve lead album 3 with Glassheart then I To You (or Fireflies) and the I Am with the title track then I Got You (let’s pretend the other song from her 2nd album doesn’t exist).
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  3. People tend to either love or hate Happy but it’s one of my favourites from her, and I think it was fine for a lead single. I do think Naked from Echo should have been a single though, I feel like it could have been huge (especially in America) around that time.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if at this point in her career she’s indifferent to commercial success, but I just want more music soon.
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  4. I have always felt like Naked could have been a great single too, it is still bizarre to me that they decided to exclude Naked from the American tracklist.
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  5. I didn’t know that, that’s insane considering it was probably the most American sounding track on the album.
  6. This is ... an opinion.
  7. Are we ever getting anything new?!
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  8. I'm guessing its not going to be this year either. .....
  9. Serving looks but still not music.

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  10. Can’t believe it’s been like nearly five years or whatever since she’s released an album. That is ridiculous in my opinion, especially when you’re not keeping your fans updated.
  11. not related to LL6 but some fan shared a demo version of Trouble. It's incredible, the vocals and production are completely different! #JusticeForGlassheart

  12. The styling, photography, editing--all of the pictures of this era were so amazing. This video highlights it perfectly.
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  13. Wow, thanks for sharing this. The production is so interesting and experimental for Leona.
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  14. This is miles better than the final mix, which I always thought was too overproduced. The sinister production and the operatic, Kate Bush-like vocals really pull you in. Should've never been a single though.
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  15. It was such a wrong choice for a single. Glassheart had so much more single potential, Collide should have just been the lead and then Glassheart, Come Alive, and then maybe Fireflies. When It Hurts also had single potential I feel.
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  16. Reliving Glassheart live! She even played the drum live, haha.


    Makes me wish she'd make dance pop (or actually release music again...).
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  17. Seeing as their is nothing else happening I'll post these recent performances. She performed Bleeding Love and Run at Tony Robbin's birthday a few days ago and probably gave her best Bleeding Love performance in years.

    She also hosted We Day UK at Wembley today and performed with Calum.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Are there any Glassheart rejects floating around?

    Would love to hear some of those songs before they tweaked the album a bit.
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  19. Wow she hasn't sounded that good in a lonnnnggg time!
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  20. Her Spotify picture was changed today but it will turn out to mean nothing as usual.

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