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Leona Lewis - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Art Installation, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. She wasn’t bad at all bless her.
  2. I wish she wouldn't perform that song. It just highlights her weakest areas.

    She has a good low voice & her high notes are still great, but that mid voice is very rough (which she's admitted).
  3. I thought she sounded really beautiful and also was very generous letting the contestant take moments to shine throughout.
  4. I love her but I just do not get any pleasure from her performances anymore.

    She can still technically hit some impressive notes but they don’t sound good to me and don’t have the same wow affect they once did. It’s very sad because I do think she was one of the best vocalists we’d ever had at her peak.

    I’d love to know what really happened. I know she has an autoimmune disease, but I feel like that’s not the only contributing factor. Even her technique seems to have changed.

    The only time in recent years I felt that “wow” factor was when she performed Memory and Ave Maria, both of which require a different singing technique to her typical pop style. Maybe that’s the way forward for her.
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  5. Yeah, I totally agree that the way she sings has changed. Both sonically and physically. That Idol performance is not good.

    I've obviously no idea how difficult it has been for her, and have no doubt her health condition has affected her ability to sing with the same confidence and sheer power. However, nothing in that performance was overly taxing for a good singer. Even on the mid-range notes and when she's shifting between her registers, she's sounding really shaky and actually just totally out of tune.
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  6. Her voice has changed, I feel bad for her.

    I know the auto immune disease affected her but I always got this feeling a lot of it was down to confidence, also. Like I feel like you can see the doubt in her face when she sings.
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  7. Yikes.....
  8. It's a strange performance because it sounds like she's always slightly off the notes. She's done the song before (here and here) and been able to perform it well enough live, so it could be a case that she just had vocal/tech issues on the day. I don't think I see an ear piece so maybe she just got the key wrong to start with and carried on?

    Her voice also doesn't sound warmed up and she seems almost breathless throughout. Maybe her health is just having a bigger impact on her right now.
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  9. I'd love to know exactly what is going on because although she has long past her peak she can still deliver a really good vocal one day and then next time you see her she is struggling again, is it confidence or does she have flare ups with the disease which cause issues?

    I just wonder how the Gary Barlow tour will go later in the year and whether that is actually a good thing for her to do.
  10. I'd love to know exactly what is going on because although she has long past her peak she can still deliver a really good vocal one day and then next time you see her she is struggling again, is it confidence or does she have flare ups with the disease which cause issues?

    I just wonder how the Gary Barlow tour will go later in the year and whether that is actually a good thing for her to do.

    She works with Brett Manning who is a strange one because he is such a popular coach but then also has massive critics who thinks his techniques are damaging, I know nothing of the voice so have no opinion on him. I would think after all this time with continued decline she'd seek out someone else who maybe specialises in vocal rehabilitation but again Leona has had training all her life and I am sure she is doing all she can.
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  11. Yeah, I’ve heard mixed reviews on him too. It’s very odd. Back in 2015, her vocal decline was pretty bad and yet she completely and consistently turned that around to perform on Broadway. She sounds strong and in control during those performances.

    I also wonder how aware Leona herself is of the decline. I know she’s acknowledged it here and there, but she must be quite happy with her performances if she uploads them to her story or main Instagram feeds.

    It’ll be interesting to see whether the tour helps or hinders her vocally. She’s admitted that her voice got off track previously following touring but at the same time she coped very well and sounded very vocally healthy during Broadway, which is known to be quite rigorous. It could go either way.
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  12. This is quite a lovely performance on First Time Ever I Saw Your Face which she did last week, theres a couple of moments and she has made adjustments to how she used to sing it but she can still deliver great performances.

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  13. Eek, there's so many issues in that performance of First Time. Her voice legit cracks multiple times and she's so flat and totally missing the pitch in other parts.

    It is so sad to hear her like that. Her voice sounds so damaged and she's clearly very aware, considering how she attempts to navigate the tracks differently.

    The thing is, back in the day, her performances of this were stellar. Just pure heaven and her voice was perfection. Nowadays, the reality is that standard of vocal wouldn't even get her through a first audition on the show she won. There are just thousands of singers, both signed and on Youtube that could realistically sing her under the table, in terms of both power and technique.

    It's a shame, but she's had a good career. She's earned an absolute fortune. I'm sure she can still record music and pop up here and there for a performance. But she's not winning any new fans. She'll get by purely on the goodwill she's earned over the years.
  14. That's a lovely performance of First Time, and if I wasn't a fan who's heard her previous performances, I wouldn't think there was anything wrong.

    Personally, I think I'd be happy enough for Leona to put out tracks without a gazillion live performances, and for her to rely more on reverb & pitch correction if need be. It's been ages since she's entered the scene, she doesn't have to be the singer with the big voice.

    I no longer need big bombastic vocal performances, I'm just here because I love her tone.
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  15. Yeah, I think the key here is maybe she needs to stop trying to live up to the vocal powerhouse she was in her early days. Her tone, especially her headier/falsetto is still very beautiful. Songs like First Time and even unreleased songs like How Everything You Are would be much more suitable for her voice now.

    It must be hard for her to adjust though. Being known for her big voice since the beginning and then having to accept she can’t do what she once did must be crushing, which could be why she still insists on singing songs that challenge her vocally so much.
    I feel like she also still gets a lot of her work (whether it be things like American Idol or private gigs) because she’s still known for having that big voice, so that’s probably another factor as to why she might still feel the need to try and deliver those money notes.
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  16. Not sure if this has been mentioned but Leona took to her IG stories to speak out about an incident she had with Michael Costello at a charity event where she was meant to walk. Not sure how to post IG stories on here but it’s still on her stories if you wanted context/ more information.
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  17. Yeah, I saw that.
    Quite a strange situation.

    Leona isn’t one to involve herself in celebrity drama so I’m inclined to believe her when she speaks up.
    At the same time, he’s responded with evidence of Leona wearing his designs (and posting an Instagram pic tagging him) a year after this happened and of her team reaching out for a dress as recently as May 2021 according to him. Which is a bit strange considering Leona claims to have been left with body insecurities for years after this incident.

    He doesn’t actually explain why Leona never went on to wear his dress for the actual event Leona is talking about though.
  18. I can't believe we're still waiting on new material...
  19. I would be fairly confident you could quote this again in 3 years and it'd still work.
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  20. If she wants to pack up and retire, in terms of releasing new content for fans, to concentrate on her health, etc., then I would completely understand. But these teases every few months of '#newmusic!', and insiders saying something is in the works, I just feel we're being strung along at this point. I would rather know for definite that it's over.
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