Leona Lewis

A new interview with Entertainment Weekly.


She spoke a little about the Diane Warren track.

She’s only written songs for specifically two artists, Cher and Whitney Houston,” Lewis says. “So I was so honored to have this one on the record because she specifically wrote it for me. I’ve known Diane for a long, long time and I always wanted to work with her, but for some reason or another it never panned out. This time I was sure I wanted something by her on the record.

I wrote this letter just being very honest and talking about good days and bad days I had,” she says. “Diane got inspired by the letter as well and she basically wrote the song about the letter. It’s about growing as a person and sometimes people think they know you and then a few years later they’ll probably think you’re the exact same person, but everyone changes and matures and you have life experiences that mold the person. It’s just about embracing the evolution and the fact that you’re a stronger person, or you’re a wiser person.
I'm still dying to hear the full version of Power. That high whistling note at the end of the snippet is just glorious.

I prefer Leona with her long brunette hair. She still looks good though.
I hope we get a video this era which is story driven, Leona's best video for me is Happy, its a great little story and shot beautifully.


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Entertainment Weekly is still interested in Leona Lewis? I guess they have nothing better to do (which they really haven't for a while).
Picture from 'Thunder' video shoot:

Don't like that remix at all. Guess we'll be getting "I Am" as the second UK single then!

Love the pictures from the "Thunder" video shoot. Can't wait to see it!
Okay, 'Thunder' is great. It seems I've chosen a good era to become a Leona fan because of the three songs I've heard, they've all been really good songs!
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It's basically exactly the same blueprint as 'Fire Under My Feet' and it doesn't really sound like a hit, but I'm still really excited for the album.
I finally managed to register, had to use Internet Explorer to do it though.

Its a grower, well for me anyway. I don't think its a massive hit, but it would be nice if it did well. My only real issue is her vocals don't sound clear, its almost muffled to my ears, hopefully that is just the quality.
I'm surprised they're having the font at the bottom on cover art, but I guess when you're not getting a lot of attention you need to at least direct people to where they can see more.
Can listen to "Thunder" here without an account in HQ:


After listening to it for a while, I definitely think it could work as a single. With a good promotional push I can see it doing well on HAC/AC radio in the US and hopefully it'll be able to do decently on pop radio too.
Another statement song about how she's so much stronger that dosent actually leave much impression. The lyrics are terrible. This won't do much.