Leona Lewis

I like "Thunder", the lyrics are great. However, the production is a mess and they could've done more with the chorus. It's missing something that would make it a hit and I doubt it will do much.

Either way, this was the best choice based on the clips I've heard.
It might not do anything and even I thought the same when I first listened to it. But right now, I'm loving it and got addicted to the song!

"Well IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm coming back with the Thunder! Ooh ooh, ooh oooooooh"
She basically needs a mahoosive Love Me Harder/Style hybrid with a glisten of Run Away With Me on top at this point, heck i'd even try and produce it myself, call me LeeLee let's sort this mess out.
Glassheart could've been everything, so of course it was left as an album track on an album not even released in the States. Honestly if she's trying to re-break the states she should've just re-released that.
I love it, it's a nice song, she sounds great and I think it's a lot more immediate than Fire. But I can't see it being a hit sadly.
Also you can see some of her US radio tour schedule here.


Its not the full list, there is loads more apparently. She is also going to Miami, NY, DC, Boston Seattle, Atlanta aswell.

Plus on Friday she is flying back to LA to shoot the music video for I Am.
I hated Fire, this is so much better. Sounds much more like a Leona track.
Hope this does well for her. It's all about promotion.
Couple of live performances of this and bang.
Envoirment found out all the ranking for the stations we know she is visiting so far,

July 13th - WKFS ranked #30 POP station, WRKQ ranked #30 HAC station.
July 14th - WTMX ranked #3 HAC station, WLIT ranked #3 AC station.
July 15th - KDWB ranked #16 POP station.
July 16th - KYLD Ranked #4 POP station, San Francsico CBS Radio, iHeartmedia.
July 17th - "I Am" Video shoot (for UK single)
July 18th - Gay Pride
July 20th - iHeartmedia, Radio Disney.
July 22nd - Kid Kraddick Morning show, KHKS Ranked #5 POP station, KDMX Ranked #5 AC station.
July 23rd - Atlanta Cumulus, WSTR Ranked #9 HAC station.
July 24th - WHYI Ranked #11 POP station, WFLC Ranked #11 POP station.

Pretty good so far. And there is loads more than that.
Ship her off to the glue factory, she's done.

But no, really. If she genuinely thought this would put her back on top then [see avatar]. It's a shame, because I was hoping to see her match her potential, it all could have been so different.


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To be honest, even if she does do a lot of promo in the States, they're still not going to play her songs. Nothing so far sounds like a hit and if Ella Henderson couldn't reach the top 20 while doing promo EVERYWHERE, then I don't know what to expect for Leona.