Leona Lewis

I Am is very Emeli Sande. Everything about it screams "would fit onto the Our Version of Events tracklist". But that album is amazing so that can only be a compliment.
It's my favourite song of all we've heard from this album so far. That's not to say it's a hit in waiting, but that's a different matter.

Yes I thought it was very Emeli as well. If it was Emeli's comeback single I'd be a little underwhelmed but it'd still be a hit. Because it's Leona it won't be. Life isn't fair like that.
I Am is actually a great song, however, it's nowhere near great enough to do what she needs it to do... She needs a "Ghost" and this aint it...
Yes. Imagine if she'd done Hold My Hand, she would have knocked it out the park.

I don't think it matters right now what Leona releases, Radio 1 and Capital seem to have moved on from her as an artist altogether.

I think they are smart with releasing AC singles Fire Under My Feet and I Am, as it caters perfectly to the actual only big station that is supporting her, Radio 2. Plus they will help shift the album, though she'll need to do loads of TV promo too.

I hope we get at least 5 UK singles from this, I think I Got You & Ladders sound like strong songs, with actual hit potential and I also have high hopes for Power and the Diane Warren penned You Knew Me When, if they have big vocals, pair them with an X Factor performance, that could really help the album.

And if your interested, new performance of Bleeding Love and Thunder,


Her vocals seem to be getting better everyday.
A really nice, relaxed interview on some San Fransisco station. Ranked 4 on AC.

She has improved so much in her interviews, its great to see.
I love everything about I Am, the single cover is amazing and not bland and boring like the cover for Thunder, that being said Thunder is amazing as well, I'm back on board.
part of the reason I have listened to her songs is the inevitable crescendo I knew was always coming... the power notes... a predictable pattern perhaps, but so enjoyable. and nobody's doing it nowadays anymore, it's missing now, the new music just seems to ...linger without culmination. It just not good enough.
I really do think Thunder stands a chance of at least becoming a minor hit in the US. I think its a solid, catchy radio friendly song and hopefully her radio tour will ensure good support. It gets better with every listen, I love her live acoustics of it.