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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by peteyjames, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. The Sun ran this story today, obviously came straight from her team.

    I am excited for a re-release of Christmas With Love, especially if they go all out and try and secure a number 1 with One More Sleep, which will be hard but never say never.

    I do hope though that they plan on immediately following it up with proper material and she doesn't disappear again and let any potential momentum die away.
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  2. I really hope they have a fully thought out plan for this and aren’t just relying on a few breakfast show appearances and the Gary Barlow tour.

    So should we expect a new Christmas single to be pushed or will she just focus on One More Sleep do we know?

    I really hope they have original material ready to follow next year too, regardless of how this Christmas album goes. I fear they’ll rely heavily on this album doing well and if it doesn’t quite do what they expect, any follow up plans will be dropped too.
    The Christmas comeback is a promising start, though.
  3. Genuinely don't think she could come up with a better Christmas track than One More Sleep. Absolute classic.

    But good luck to her. I'm not personally excited about a whole Christmas album, but I'll watch with curiosity to see if they have any plans beyond that.
  4. I'm actually here for this! I was never really keen on Leona doing a Christmas album - then I heard it and that all changed and I loved it! The original songs on that album were great so I'm excited to hear more.

    I also hope that an non-Christmas album comes next year, but if it doesn't and she only wants to come out at Christmas, well I won't be mad about it.
  5. One More Sleep is a classic, she can’t top it.
    But it’ll be a PopJustice moment if its hits #1!
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  6. Has it been mentioned thats she’s done a Xmas collab with Ne-Yo?
  7. Fingers crossed this CWL re-release gets a vinyl version!
  8. This sounds exciting. I hope it all works out for her
  9. No it hasn't, have you heard it?
  10. I love One More Sleep it’s genuinely one of my favourite Christmas songs. Over the last few years so many big artists have tried to do the Christmas single (Little Mix, Liam Payne, Mabel, etc) and none have come anywhere near to Leona in terms of making a modern day Christmas classic.

    I can’t see a re-released album doing that well with all the rumoured big releases this Christmas, but I’m all for OMS getting a big push. But she really needs some good TV performances, the Gary Barlow tour isn’t enough.
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  11. I love Christmas With Love and One More Sleep is definitely a genuine Christmas classic, up there with Last Christmas, All I Want for Christmas Is You and Underneath the Tree as the best Christmas songs from the last few decades.

    But I agree it will be hard to top One More Sleep. But excited for more Christmas music from Leona.
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  12. DAS


    I kind of hope that Leona does what Kelly Clarkson is doing this year, a brand new christmas album. A re-release a year later (like Carrie Underwood is doing, or Gwen etc) would have been fine, but why do a re-release 8 years later, just add a few more covers (or even try and spend the new few weeks writing a couple more songs) and release another 10 track christmas album.
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  13. Whoever is running Leona's Youtube page needs to have their coffee this morning.

    They've just randomly uploaded this:

    Which appears to be the cleaned up "studio" version of the X Factor performance (they've left some audience applause at the very end). I don't know why they've called it "Official Audio".

    They've also hashtagged it #LeonaLewisOfficialLyricVideo but there's only written lyrics in the video description. Messy.
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  14. Great excuse to revisit her exquisite version of this song, in any event. It's still such a thrill to listen to. The moment we all realised Leona truly was something special.
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  15. Something went very right between weeks 2 and 3, and I still can't quite explain it.

    Looking back at her first 2 weeks, she was good, but not amazing. Some off notes, a bit yelpy, just a bit rough round the edges. Then week 3 happened and boom. There was no going back. A superstar was well and truly born.
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  16. Who is the duet?
  17. Could that be the Ne-Yo collab mentioned a few posts up?
  18. This was on the A Moment Like This single, along with Sorry Seems..
  19. It’s with Ne-Yo. It’s probably my least favourite of the tracks I’ve heard, but still a great song.
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