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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by peteyjames, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Yeah I remember they used to release the "studio" versions of the performances. I've got a few good ones from different shows like Idol and The Voice. It's a nice touch to get the cleaner audio from brilliant performances. Even though this one does still have the audience at the end.
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  2. Interesting. Looking forward to hearing it. Is it an original or cover?
  3. It’s an original as far as I’m aware, it’s a slow one.

  4. They’ve now uploaded Take A Bow from Spirit to her YouTube, as well as the audio for Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word the other day.

    Really random. The only thing I can think is that they’re trying to stir up some nostalgia with the GP and remind them of Leona’s golden years in anticipation of the new Christmas Album.
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  5. One of the best songs from her debut! I have always adored it and still listen to it now. Shame the Rihanna song of the same name prevented this being a single (assuming that actually was the reason?) - it's so single-friendly and would have showcased another side to her as an artist at that crucial early stage.
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  6. That reason about it having the same name was such a cop out, I refuse to believe it.

    Superb song, but the live version with the added instrumentation and much beefier sound took it to the next level for me.
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  7. Yeah, I remember being obsessed with it when I first heard it.
    I was always shocked when Leona said Better In Time was going to be the lead single before they got their hands on Bleeding Love, because Take A Bow is easily the next best choice after Bleeding Love.

    I think it was Ryan Tedder who said they had to put the brakes on it being a single after Rihanna released her song. I wish they’d just renamed it or something for the single mix.
  8. I remember Ryan Tedder saying he was told that they were going with Bleeding Love and Take A Bow as the first two singles (I guess he means in the US) but that got halted when Rihanna released her Take A Bow, it's frustrating that she most likely missed on another hit because of that.
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  9. Rob


    It's even more upsetting when you consider how dire Rihanna's Take A Bow is.
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  10. Leona and missed hits... what else is new? Wishing her the best with the Christmas comeback though.
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  11. Has there been a Leona rate?
  12. Hopefully something exciting.

  13. Looks like she is a judge on Queen Of The Universe, a new drag singing competition hosted by Graham Norton, alongside Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel and Vanessa Williams. Out in December apparently.

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  14. Love this for her! This will have a global audience
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  15. So this was apparently supposed to be Leona's lead single for the re-release back in 2019 before plans changed. I like it, very catchy.

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  16. I See You was danced to on Strictly on Saturday night - so cue me talking for the 1838574th time about the missed opportunities with that song.

    I don't know if it gave the song any kind of push at all, but it was great seeing one of her songs on such a huge show.
  17. No push unfortunately, you couldn't even buy it, the only way to own it was if you bought the album. Apparently Atlantic wanted it released as a single but J Records/Syco didn't as Happy or I Got You had not long came out, so it was then made 'album only' if I recall correctly.

    It was only actually made available to buy on its and uploaded to Spotify last year.

    Also just what we have all been waiting for....an official lyric video for Bleeding Love premiers tomorrow at 5:30pm.

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  18. Yeah, I do remember it finally becoming available to buy on its own. I just meant more if its use on Strictly at the weekend had done anything for it.

    It really is a shame what happened with the song, as it's always been one of my top Leona songs (to go with one of my favourite films). And I know I've said this before, but I just don't know how you wouldn't want one of the biggest singers in the world to perform the song from the biggest film in the world. But Syco logic, I guess.
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  19. Just re-read your post and realised I read it wrong the first time.

    Its one of my favourites too and its just another example of how inept Syco were at times.
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