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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by peteyjames, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. I guess it was bad timing really. There was no point in her soundtrack song overshadowing her actual single and album. And they didn't have the benefit of knowing that her career was going to go wrong from there.
  2. I See You is probably my favourite Leona song, I absolutely adore it was so happy last year when it finally appeared on streaming.it really was a huge misstep for Syco, I get they had the main album to promote but they still should have released I See You as a proper single, from the biggest movie of all time!
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  3. I must be in the minority, but I don’t think I See You would’ve done much for Leona.
    The lyrics are rather specifically catered to the film, as opposed to My Heart Will Go On which works in context of the film or as a separate song entirely.
    And I don’t remember a huge demand for the song to be made available. When Leona covered Run in the live lounge, so many people wanted to purchase it which is why it was eventually put out onto the deluxe. But I didn’t hear anyone talking about this song other than Leona fans at the time.

    I think the decision to focus on the album was correct. My issue is they did the exact opposite of that. They put out I Got You in the U.K., and I don’t think they even bothered to officially put it out in the US and then everything else was scrapped.
    No third single, no mini tour in the US (she wouldn’t have sold out arenas but could have done intimate venues).

    It’s like Syco just expected Happy to be smash the way Bleeding Love did and when it didn’t, they had no back up plans.
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  4. Syco always did that.
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  5. I See You slots nicely into Echo but that’s the only time I really listen to it.
  6. Even though it fits nicely into the Avatar soundtrack and the Echo album, I See You somewhat lacks strength outside of that.
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  7. I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I was listening to Christmas With Love today and it’s such a solid album. I’m excited for a reissue if the rumours are true.
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  8. Going through Echo again and I'd forgotten what a masterpiece it is, just faultless. I'm still baffled the public didn't lap it up.

    Edit: Broken and Alive are just explosive angst, incredible
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  9. The fact that Can't Breathe wasn't a single during that era is still criminal
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  10. Echo is easily her best album for me. It should have been just as massive as Spirit.
  11. It should've been bigger, easily. I don't really return to Spirit outside of the singles and a few other songs, there's tons of filler there.
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  12. Yeah there's very few songs that I would skip on Echo. It's an incredible album.
  13. I See You should have been massive. How could it not; coming from the biggest movie of all time. A few live performances could have really pushed it. Such a waste.
  14. I could never get into Echo, it’s literally her only album I never ‘got’. I found it quite bland outside of Outta My Head. Glassheart was her best for me.
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  15. There's a really 'organic' sound to the Echo era, I find it hard to describe. She was really in her element. Glassheart and I Am are of course fantastic albums too.

    Let It Rain and in particular Heartbeat are amazing b-sides from this era as well.
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  16. I Am is her only dud album to me, but I do like a handful of tracks.
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  17. I Am was probably my 2nd least favourite album behind Echo or perhaps they’re both equal but there are a few standouts like Thunder, Another Love Song, Ladders and You Knew Me When that might just edge it for me.
  18. Major standouts for me on I Am are Power and The Essence of Me, I also remain forever bothered that she has another song on there called I Got You.
  19. I Got You gate still annoys me to this day. The title track, Ladders and Another Love Song are really the only ones I got any mileage from.
  20. Scene Of The Crime not getting released at all remains my biggest annoyance
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