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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by peteyjames, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Don't suppose anyone still has the 'Enigma' album I put together near a decade ago with most of the leaked stuff on it? I don't have it anymore and it upsets me.
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  2. What. A. Song. I can't believe that didn't even go to anyone else. It's solid gold.

    That, Strangers (with Ryan), Perfect Stranger and Pulse are my favourites of her discarded tracks.
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  3. I think it getting leaked must've been a big problem... it's not a good look to come out with a song that's already been recorded by a big artist but rejected
  4. Damn, How Everything You Are hits hard having not listened to it for years.
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  5. I guess the single is coming on Tuesday then?

    @Island can the Christmas With Love thread be unlocked please?
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  6. Something (presumably the single) seems to coming on November 2nd
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  7. The official announcement for this project. What a panel!
  8. How did Shine A Little Light not make it to I Am?!
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  9. So, what do we think of this?
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  10. It has been discussed a bit over in the album thread. It's just a bit nothingy. Nobody could possibly get excited over that track.
  11. First trailer for Queen Of The Universe.

    I hope it gets picked up and broadcast in the UK.
  12. Paramount+ launches in the UK early 2022.
  13. How has she been vocally on the Gary Barlow tour?
  14. Will we get any new music before her Christmas tour at the end of this year do we think??
  15. Ok. Better on some dates than others and managing some songs better on certain nights than others.

    She sounds ok here, but her belt has completely gone. As in, it just doesn't exist anymore. She's straight to falsetto every time and doesn't even attempt any of the big notes in the last section. So, the majority of the song sounds ok, just much less impactful without the power notes.

  16. That makes me sad. How did that happen?
  17. Has anyone got a list of all her leaked songs grouped together by era?
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  18. Yeah I can see what you mean, she’s either seriously holding back (lack of confidence) or it’s just not there any more

  19. Also, if you designed an album cover for this too I would love this too
  20. Not going to lie this still niggles.

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