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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by peteyjames, Nov 3, 2007.

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  2. Late but Take a Bow still slaps.
  3. Yeah Take A Bow is up there with Bleeding Love as one of her best ever songs, the fact that it wasn’t a single is absolutely criminal. It’s so annoying to think of all the mistakes made with her career. At one point it really looked like she could be the next Mariah or even Xtina. However I will say she hasn’t helped herself either with some of her decisions over the years and the huge time gaps between eras.
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  4. News circulating widely today that Leona is pregnant! Congrats to her if true!
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  5. That's great news for her. I'm guessing that confirms we'll not be getting any new music for years or if ever now.
  6. For any other singer, it needn't. Being pregnant and having children doesn't stop anyone from singing.

    However, Leona didn't even need a reason not to put out new music, she's been doing quite well at that for many years.
  7. Not having a recording contract is a fairly good reason surely.
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  8. Perhaps, but if people really want music out to there to their fans, is that really a major roadblock nowadays? It's not like she needs the financial backing. Hasn't she made millions from those private gigs over the years? She just doesn't put across any desire or passion to put out new music anymore. And hasn't done for many, many years, despite her vague promises of it every now and then.

    She may well do it much further down the line and I'll be intrigued to hear it if she does.
  9. Aww I’m happy for her if she’s pregnant.
    I’ve made peace with the fact we’re probably never getting a full Leona era again. I’ll happily watch her old performances and wish her well.

    She took her money and ran instead of pandering to the pop business and I suppose in some ways that’s admirable.
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  10. Happy for her and as for new music, I decided a long time ago to stop hoping and if something happens then it happens.

    She has been weirdly teasing a lot of music studio posts the last few weeks, including a post asking if we want a disco track with her, which did pique my interest but again I know better than to actually believe it will lead to anything.
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  11. Yes and Autumn posted about looking forward to her new project and something about a new era. Perhaps she'll try and fit in a new album before the baby arrives.....yeah right!! Lol.

  12. She looks stunning.
  13. Wow!

    Leona and Alexandra pregnant at the same time, two of my absolute favourite singers. Both looking incredible.
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  14. I wish her a baby but I also wish her success in the music industry. Although she has of course not done her best to boost her career in recent years. Apparently she likes it that way. She is at peace with what she has achieved, but that does not alter the fact that it is a shame that she did not really put more energy into it. Because she has so much potential! That's a shame! I wouldn't be surprised if she's going to cancel that Christmas tour now...
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  15. A new song with Alexis Ffrench is out today, its nice and she sounds great, loving the 'operatic' like notes.

    Also a song labelled as Sean Paul and Dua Lipa, which leaked a couple years ago, is actually Leona. Second Sean and Leona track to leak.

    This is from a week ago.

  16. Saw the new Avatar trailer in the cinema today and the familiar theme music started playing at the end, and it made me wonder if they'll use I See You in the promotion again, considering it's built specifically around that music. That was such a wasted opportunity. A good promo push could have made that song a massive global hit.
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  17. Heard “Bleeding Love” in a Lyft today and it made me think of Leona, and the time I met her several months back. I was in line for the toilet at a popular vegan restaurant in Echo Park and she was behind me. We had to wait ages (god knows what they were doing in there), she struck up a conversation and was absolutely lovely. Zero ego, we chatted away about veganism, animal welfare, living in LA, etc. I didn’t even realize who she was until she mentioned she was an “artist,” at which point (also thanks to the accent) it hit me. Her profile was never massive here so I think she can basically go about her business unbothered.

    She’s warm and wonderful, I hope she can find some success again, whatever success means to her. She still has one of the legendary and iconic voices.
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  18. She sounds really beautiful on “One Look”. Actually the best she’s sounded in years maybe, especially on a studio track. There was a bit of nasal quality here and there but mostly her voice sounded full of warmth and emotion.

    That Sean Paul song in its current form is…well I can see why they passed on it. Now if she’d gotten “Got 2 Luv U”, that would’ve been the hit she needed at the time to revive some interest (didn’t she pass on this too or is that an untrue rumour?)
  19. The Christmas, With Love tour has been postponed to next year.

  20. You see, I already had a feeling she was going to reschedule or cancel the tour. Bad for the people who had already bought a ticket. Anyway, covid has asked a lot of us as humans in terms of patience. So this can also be added. And I understand her choice. Everything for a quiet start to motherhood of course!
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