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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by peteyjames, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Understand her reasons but don't get why she's waited so long to make the decision. She knew her due date ages ago so not sure why she didn't postpone not long after announcing her pregnancy instead
  2. Video for the Alexis Ffrench collab.

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  3. I like that. The piano is quite haunting in places. It's a lovely song.

    Leona sounds good - her head voice is reliably strong and where she excels and this track takes advantage of that. The autotune or pitch correct is heavy in some of the transitions through her other registers though, where her voice is a bit shakier nowadays. But overall it's a good vocal.
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  4. Apparently she's still been in the recording studio quite a bit so hoping she'll return to music at some point after the baby arrives. I know she'll have her new family life but don't want her to retire from music completely.
  5. Do you think we'll have to wait till OMS now before we hear from her?
  6. Not me finding out that I've been living under a rock, because I only just found out recently that I Will Be had a music video and a proper single release in North America (while Run was released in Europe).

    Also, do you think that a third Spirit single between BIT/FPIS and Forgive Me would have been good idea or would it be too jampacked?
  7. I think literally everyone would say that not releasing Take A Bow in that first album campaign was their first major misstep.
  8. I imagine the thinking was that the album had sold so much so quickly, that if they put out another single from it it wouldn't have charted particularly well. I suspect the only reason the second single was for Sport Relief was to give people an extra reason to buy it.
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  9. Do you think she's done now? No more albums? :-(
  10. Oh she'll be back. Just guess she's not in any hurry.
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  11. Take A Bow would’ve smashed but the good sis Rihanna said not on my watch.

    I think we will get some type of album from Leona again but I think it’ll be more stripped back, probably cheaply produced and entirely uninteresting. Probably about motherhood or a lullaby album. I don’t think we’ll ever get anything as polished and pop orientated as the likes of Spirit/Echo or Glassheart again.
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  12. As I've said before, personally I think she's done and needs to do the right thing and tell us. I would rather know and make peace that there's nothing substantially new coming, rather than the teases every few months of her in a studio and saying things like new stuff coming! This has been going on for years at this point, I Am came out 7 (!!!) years ago, a few days ago.
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  13. Totally agree with Vashetti
  14. But surely the fact she's still going to studios means she isn't done? She just doesn't have a specific timeframe to stick to. She doesn't have a label after all. There are active artists who leave it much longer than 7 years between albums!
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  15. I think it just needs to be accepted that she's never releasing a big budget pop bonanza studio album again. But she'll likely just throw out independently released stuff here and there.
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  16. That's really such a shame! She has so much potential! But when she left Island Records, I had such a premonition that it would be difficult for her to find a major label again. I respect that she was brave to leave Syco Music at the time, but I Am could have been promoted much better as an album. The music industry is so hard sometimes...I write for a Dutch music platform and if she comes out with a new album again, I would love to speak to her and hear her story about her time in music.
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  17. Yeah and I'm cool with that. Frankly I wouldn't want her to put out anything too chartworthy. She'll show up in a few years time with an album that'll be well supported by Radio 2 and will spend a week in the top 20. She'll do a modest tour of medium-sized venues and that will be fine. So long as her voice holds up that is.

    For now, clearly she's got something more important to focus on.
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  18. She had potential but it all sort of feels too late now. That doesn't mean she can't still record music, in her own time, that her fans will enjoy. But I suspect the days of top 10 singles is over, unless she maybe does a Sigala feature or flukeishly ends up getting something trending on TikTok.
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