Let The Rates Begin - The Paramore Discography Rate (RESULTS)

What's your favourite Paramore album?

  • All We Know Is Falling

    Votes: 3 5.2%
  • RIOT!

    Votes: 10 17.2%
  • brand new eyes

    Votes: 13 22.4%
  • Paramore

    Votes: 19 32.8%
  • After Laughter

    Votes: 13 22.4%

  • Total voters
Will we lose our first main-album track tonight?

Not just yet...

Take this time to realize, that you always shut your eyes in the midst of trial...



This Circle - 6.416667

9 x 2 (@phily693, @Music Is Life) 8.5 x 1 (@Lost Boy), 8 x 1 (@Sovereign)
Lowest: 3 x 1 (@imaduck), 5 x 5 (@2014, @HarryEzra, @Jonathan27, @soratami, @myblood)
My Score: 6

This Circle is the final track on The Summer Tic EP, as well as All We Know Is Falling's last bonus song to fall in this rate, how much longer until the debut album loses it's first proper track? This song is purposefully repetitive, as it is about someone being stuck in a circle, pretending things are okay without doing anything to solve their real problems. Hence, why this song only contains a pre-chorus and chorus which is repeated thrice.

It's a decent, solid enough track. I think Hayley sounds really good on here, but that's about it.

@Music Is Life (9) "This is my favorite of the new songs on The Summer Tic EP, it’s a pretty solid punk song."
@phily693 (9) "Such a shame this wasn’t on the album, it would have fit in rather well I think."
@DJHazey (7) "Love when Hayley sings "Take this time, to realize" but it kind of settles down into slightly better than average afterwards."
@Gabeee9292 (7) "See above." This was in reference to their commentary for Stuck On You.
@Slice of Life (7) "Soaring vocals. Hayley's still so young here but her lung power... whoo. Talent. I sometimes feel like the production overpowers the vocals which is quite an issue for me."
@Leader Beans (6) "This has a raucous vibe the majority of the debut misses"

Other songs about going round in circles

RIOT loses another b-side...

Well hey, hey baby, it's never too late, pretty soon, you won't remember a thing...



Decoy - 7.020833

10 x 3 (@Music Is Life, @slaybellz, @BEST FICTION), 9 x 4 (@nikkysan, @Gabeee9292, @phily693, @imaduck)
Lowest: 4.5 x 2 (@2014, @HarryEzra), 4 x 1 (@Sovereign)
My Score: 9

Decoy was released as the b-side to Hallelujah as well as appearing on the Hot Topic edition of RIOT! Hayley wrote this song about seeing two guys she was friends with at the time, maybe seeing if some sort of deeper relationship would come out of one of them, but neither went anywhere (get that double D though, girl).

And we're already into the 7+ averages! Talent! BUT... this shouldn't be out already, ya'll did this one dirty. A massive banger. The gentle flourishes of the guitar and bass during the verses before the electric ones come into one explosive chorus is fantastic. Hayley really knew how to express her emotions into her voice pretty early on in the band's career. Would've liked to see this crack Top 50.

@Music Is Life (10) "Why wasn’t this on the album? Seriously, it’s honestly 11 worthy, I’ve always loved this. That middle 8 and ending is everything. And possibly lyrically relatable for some gays. MY LITTLE DECOOOOOYYYYYYYY!!!!!!"
@slaybellz (10) "I forgot this was only a bonus track. It’s one of my favourites on the album and feels essential to it. Probably cause they performed it on tour/the live album."
@phily693 (9) "I ADORE the verses and the bridges of this but the chorus just doesn’t have that same magic."
@Leader Beans (7.5) "An angry bop"
@Slice of Life (7.5) "This is very pop already. I remember one of my emo friends from high school (yes I'm an old hag, don't @ me) stanning this so hard. The lyrics are quite thin but this has held up quite while after all these years."

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Y'all, this should not be out before at least half the debut. However, yay at it getting a 7+ average, can't believe we're already that high.
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Kii @ the 'Hot Topic edition of Riot!' ... my high school days all over again.

Songs I'd want to go next from each era:



I Caught Myself


Future/Native Tongue

An album finally loses a main song.

I am nothing now, and it's been too long...



My Heart - 7.04

10 x 2 (@Gabeee9292, @Slice of Life), 9 x 2 (@slaybellz, @GRMusic)
Lowest: 5 x 1 (@myblood) 4 x 3 (@lalaclairi_, @Leader Beans, @soratami)
My Score: 8

My Heart is the 10th and final track on All We Know Is Falling. While Paramore by genre is not a Christian band, the band themselves are very religious, and their faith is something that's always been important to them. While at surface level one could think this is a love song, but it's about Hayley's relationship with God and how she's strayed away from religion at times but tries to find her way back to him.

This is a really nice song, and I'm a bit sad it's the first non-bonus song to be leaving, I figured a debut album track would go out first, but I think there are others that were more suitable. The main complaint about this song comes from Josh's screaming heard in the outro, and while I could never ever listen to screamo, I don't mind it that much, since Hayley's voice is still in the forefront. Fun fact: Josh had much more screaming on the album but most of it was removed before the album was released, possibly to make it more accessible to listeners? I dunno.

@Gabeee9292 (10) "Is there a commentary even needed? "This heart, it beats, beats for only you, my heart is yours"... If I ever fall in love I'd definitely get that tattooed, haha. Also this right here : "
@Slice of Life (10) "I can't not give this a 10. This always felt like the heart of the album. It's just beautifully written, sang and performed. I can even appreciate the screamo part."
@slaybellz (9) "Just emo angsty goodness. I could do without Josh’s screamo at the end though."
@phily693 (8) "I know this will get slaughtered for the screamo parts but I actually don’t mind them and I never got that genre. Although it kind of reminds me of another female fronted rock song that does the screamo thing really well from 2005 too -
@Blond (7.5) "This would be a 9/10 if it wasn’t for the Tasmanian Devil sounding screamo bullshit at the end."
@Music Is Life (7.5) "This is kind of heartbreaking, and really good as well. The guy (Josh?) in the background pairs well with Hayley’s vocals on the chorus. Surprised I liked this so much, I don’t ever really listen to this either."
@AshleyKerwin (6.5) "The male vocals at around 2:45 are… something."
@DJHazey (6) "Nice emotional moment that might do well without the growling part that will likely scare everyone away, ddd. I never connected with it much but of course don't mind the hardcore metal moment. "
@Leader Beans (4) "Cute but I can’t get too enthused about a song they’d go on to rewrite and improve a million times"

LOVE the fact that "I'm So Sick" was mentioned as a comparison, I stan Flyleaf's debut so much. It's always funny to see how people are going to react to any pop song that includes screaming vocals though. Happy to see there are some people that don't mind it. I listen to a lot of female bands with screaming/growling vocalists so it's no big deal to me, in fact I often times enjoy it.