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Let The Rates Begin - The Paramore Discography Rate (RESULTS)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by nikkysan, Aug 26, 2018.


What's your favourite Paramore album?

  1. All We Know Is Falling

    3 vote(s)
  2. RIOT!

    9 vote(s)
  3. brand new eyes

    13 vote(s)
  4. Paramore

    19 vote(s)
  5. After Laughter

    13 vote(s)
  1. Wrong again!! This is a great song.
  2. Absolutely, I had no doubt it would make at least the top 20ish as it deserved to especially because as far as i know it really is a fan favorite but then again I am quite new here and I don't know much.
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  3. I need Carole from RHONY'S gif for "I heard 2 male voices... one was Luann's" for this song.
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  4. So the rate died once My Heart did. Popjustice I guess.
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  5. Y'all, I literally would take 3 weeks off unannounced between eliminations and write ups. We're doing fine.
  6. Sorry guys, I had a big weekend and the weekdays before it were very busy, I just didn’t have the energy to do any updates, but the rate will continue tonight! I promise!
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  7. Things gets rough for the debut album from here on out...

    Taking up our time again, go back, we can't go back at all...



    Franklin - 7.04

    10 x 2 (@Sovereign, @Gabeee9292), 9.5 x 2 (@Blond, @Remorque), 9 x 3 (@phily693, @slaybellz, @imaduck)
    Lowest: 5 x 4 (@2014, @DJHazey, @Sanctuary, @Ana Raquel), 4 x 1 (@Leader Beans) 3 x 1 (@Jonathan27)
    My Score: 8

    Franklin is the penultimate track off the debut album, named after the home town of Paramore, Franklin, Tennessee, USA. The song is about how it was like for the band to return to their home town after gaining fame.

    It's a very, very nice song and once again, the debut has much more deserving songs that should be getting the chop at the stage in the rate. It's all so chill and comforting, it really feels like returning home after a long trip away.

    @Sovereign (10) "If This would not make the Top 10, I would call it a f****** hate crime."
    @Gabeee9292 (10) "As someone who's lived in a small town for most of their teen years I do identify with Franklin a lot but it is what is. This one hits home for me."
    @Blond (9.5) "This perfectly sums up that first feeling of moving away from home, before you start living your best life and realise that your hometown is such a small part of your story."
    @phily693 (9) "I think the male backing vocals in the chorus are really lovely and make it really interesting and much more melodic."
    @slaybellz (9) "Makes me feel nostalgic about a town i’ve never been to."
    @Music Is Life (7.5) "This is kind of heartbreaking, and really good as well. The guy (Josh?) in the background pairs well with Hayley’s vocals on the chorus. Surprised I liked this so much, I don’t ever really listen to this either."
    @AshleyKerwin (7) "Screaming at the whole meaning for the song when the parent album took 11 years to go gold. Going on Warped Tour or whatever they did back then was still a lot but imagine if the gang knew everything ahead for them..."
    @Slice of Life (6.5) "Hmmmm, this feels underwritten. I just expected more from a song that namechecks the band's hometown. It's still very pretty, sure, but I was expecting more, ya know?"
    @Leader Beans (4) "It’s… fine"

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  8. Urgh Franklin is amazing though.
  9. I had to chuckle at someone demanding that it go Top 10!?! in this rate, the sheer level of stanning, I must tip my hat though. My lowest score on the debut, but we can still cut a few more.
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  11. Damnit. This could've stayed over some songs off the debut.

    I'm ~
  12. Hey there, it's been a week. Can we get some kind of an update on things?
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  13. I’m so sorry guys, I think the last week really had me so drained that I couldn’t find the energy to do more updates since I’m only able to find time to do so at night and by then I’m pretty tired from work. I may have bitten off more than I could chew, but I’m gonna try and keep getting updates out for you guys.
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  14. Might be best to pass a copy of the results to someone else, just in case it gets a bit much for you and the votes aren't lost. Or find a co-host?
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  15. Your health always comes first. If you needed a breather, it's good that you took it.
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  16. I'd gladly take this on if you really need it @nikkysan
  17. I'd be all for it myself if I wasn't in the middle of my own rate at the moment.
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  18. Hello all, I will be taking over the rate for @nikkysan and will be rebooting it tomorrow with frequent updates!
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  19. Good to know! I hope @nikkysan feels better/is okay soon.
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