Let The Rates Begin - The Paramore Discography Rate (RESULTS)

What's your favourite Paramore album?

  • All We Know Is Falling

    Votes: 3 5.1%
  • RIOT!

    Votes: 10 16.9%
  • brand new eyes

    Votes: 13 22.0%
  • Paramore

    Votes: 19 32.2%
  • After Laughter

    Votes: 14 23.7%

  • Total voters
Maybe they wouldn't, but I always remembered seeing people stan for Ain't It Fun and Still Into You from Self-Titled, on this forum. Not so much Decode.

The Self-Titled era was a success with the general public indeed but was also divisive among their long time fans as they preferred their heavier sound; this only got worse unfortunately with the AL era which undeservedly flopped on both fronts. Yes this forum is called PopJustice for a reason and it should not be that much of a surprise their poppier songs did really well in this rate but if the rate was held someplace else I can assure you Decode would rank miles, miles ahead of SIY as it should be anyway.
I guess it helps that I don't even find Decode that heavy persay, considering a lot of the other bands I listen to regularly and compared some of Paramore's other songs that I consider heavier and more on-point with what I think of when I think of Paramore. I can't argue with the popular vote though.
Let 'em wonder how we got this far

Cause I don't really need to wonder at all

Yeah after all this time I'm still into you


Still Into You - 9.5

Highest: 11 (@2014, @Ana Raquel), 10 (@nikkysan, @phily693, @GRMusic, @DJHazey, @Music Is Life, @Leader Beans, @Slice of Life, @Sanctuary, @myblood, @Jonathan27, @imaduck, @LeBratt, @soratami, @Remorque)

Lowest: 6 (@Sovereign), 7.5 (@lalaclairi_)

This really could've come close to being my 11 if not for the release of After Laughter. It's absolute pop perfection and Hayley's vocals are immaculate. It's one of their most fun videos. It's one of their most melodic verses. Everything about this song is GREAT. It's also one of Hayley's favorite songs she's written -- her mind. This deserved to be #1 for like an entire damn year but everyone slept on them as usual

the talent that this next video has
the power that this next video has
the international implications that this next video has

one of my favorite live performances of this song

@Ana Raquel (11) - This was hard. In the end, I chose it to get my 11 because it was that one song stuck in my head after I listened to the whole discography.

@2014 (11) - Ok it's probably their most pop moment but it's way too irresistible and that's why it got my 11, it always makes me beyond happy when I listen to it

@DJHazey (10) - Unlike the other major single from this album, there's never been any doubt about how much love this. Though I'd rather one of their classic win this rate, I could get behind this bandwagon. I have to add Hayley's ad-libs near the end are everything.

@Music Is Life (10) - This is such an undeniably perfect pop rock song. Catchy without being repetitive, fun and sunny without being schmaltzy, and it uses real instruments. The hand claps included in the second verse are everything. This is so great.

@Slice of Life (10) - This is so childish and grown-up at the same time??? I'm shaken. Even as someone who detests anything romantic these days, I can't fault this love song. It's just a great little pop song that happens to be about love. I love it. I love it so much.

@phily693 (10) - Such joy and happiness! One of their best singles

@Leader Beans (10) - Pure joy

@Gabeee9292 (9.5) - Same as Fast In My Car, power pop at its finest.

@Blond (9) - Another deserved smash. Such a bop


The truth is hiding in your eyes

And it's hanging on your tongue

Just boiling in my blood


Decode - 9.48

Highest: 11 (@GRMusic, @AshleyKerwin, @imaduck), 10 (@nikkysan, @phily693, @2014, @Gabeee9292, @Music Is Life, @lalaclairi_, @Slice of Life, @Jonathan27, @LeBratt, @Lost Boy, @soratami, @Remorque, @Ana Raquel)

Lowest: 4 (@Sovereign), 7 (@DJHazey)

Parts of this song remind me vaguely of Born for This. The chorus is great, but it being involved with the trash that is Twilight and it being written solely for the film and not included anywhere else issa no from me. This certainly is NOT the first song that comes to mind when someone says Paramore and I'd lowkey probably forget it if not for the rate, but to each their own

@Ana Raquel (11) - Surely this wins the rate? I really can't see how it won't - Twilight has a special gay little place in my heart, and this song, as a separate entity to that is just unreal, it never gets old

@AshleyKerwin (11) - The song so great, it’s not on streaming

@Slice of Life (10) - WAIT THIS WAS RELEASED IN 2008??? Fuck you, Satan. Fuck right off. Anyway, this is amazing. I even stan the acoustic version which means the song is great in any form it takes. This should've been nominated for an Oscar and it should've won the Grammys dddddd. I'm sorry I'm such a stan

@phily693 (10) - I wanted to hate this when it came out because it was linked to Twilight and how insufferable the fans of that were. But this is excellent on every level, I’m so glad those fans didn’t ruin this for me like I thought would happen

@Music Is Life (10) - Okay, this is where I out myself as a Twilight fan. Love this song for that as well as a standalone song, cause it actually shows her mindset with the band at the time.

@Gabeee9292 (10) - ISSA CLASSIC

@slaybellz (9.5) - I think the Twilight association made me like this less at the time but it really is great

@Leader Beans (8.5) - Suitably melodramatic considering the film it was promoting. But beautifully written.

@DJHazey (7) - Found out about this one after it had run its course which is weird considering I loved the Twilight series. After finally hearing it, I was a bit underwhelmed. I certainly would never consider it near the top of Paramore's catalogue so I'd lean towards "overrated" in that regard. Nothing ever captures my attention beyond how Hayley sings the word "here" in the chorus. It does have a nice atmospheric quality too but a non-extraordinary entry all around

@Sovereign (4) - This didn't age well for me

I figured the best way to finish this up would be by listing both out of order and without numbers so people would have to pay attention. This was my first rate and I enjoyed doing it and I hope you all did participating. Thank you for letting me take it over @nikkysan xx
I was already celebrating when I first saw SIY, but place 2 for Decode aka Perfection is fine.
I did not expect rhis top-0, but it‘s fine overall.
I was already celebrating when I first saw SIY, but place 2 for Decode aka Perfection is fine.
I did not expect rhis top-0, but it‘s fine overall.

LOL me too. This has been very fun, meltdowns and everything. Thanks @drewsky for taking this over!

@Sovereign pulling his bag of tricks even in the final ddd. Surely Decode would win if it wasn't for that 4.

Later edit:

This is soooo good. Hearing Hayley again feels so nice.
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I didn't vote despite the fact that Paramore used to be one of my favorite acts (while Brand New Eyes remains one of my all-time favorite albums, they lost me from the self-titled era onward), but I'm glad after being queued, delayed, and in limbo for so long, this rate was finally completed - thank you @drewsky.

If I had participated my 11 would have gone to either Brick By Boring Brick (tragic that it crashed out before the top 5) or Turn It Off.
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