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Let's Eat Grandma - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. What an amazing album. Definitely a contender for my AOTY.
  2. The entire thing is great, but the closing run from Sunday onward is just...otherworldly.
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  3. How did I not know this has been released. So ready to dive in!
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  4. This record is expectedly gorgeous! will always be blown away by their evocative, exceptional songwriting, every track just slays.
  5. This album... I'm just more and more impressed and in love with every new listen! The way those colossal synths on Happy New Year could have easily been on a Carly Rae Jepsen single! The way the magnificent Sunday veers perfectly between utter comfort and utter desolation. The way the magnificent Watching You Go veers perfectly between utter BOPPERY and utter desolation! The way Insect Loop is like the grimiest most demented most brilliant take on a surf riff... ever? And In the Cemetery ending at the precise moment when you realize that you want it to play forever? To be honest, that might be my only major complaint - I really wish it were a 6+ minute prog-ambient epic instead of an interlude, cause what we have really is that good - a bit too good to be an interlude!

    I also love that now I can really tell them apart when they sing! Their voices have changed a bit since I'm All Ears and now they each sound more distinct, and I think it beautifully adds to the whole narrative they're presenting on Two Ribbons. Growing in their ways, growing apart, but still trying to grow together. I haven't heard that many albums that take on the topic of friendship, especially not with all of its nuances and stages, in such a focused and genuine way. They gave what needed to be given! And I really hope it brought them closer together too. There is so much honesty and emotional depth on Two Ribbons that it seems pretty self-evident.

    Let's hope for a double album next.
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    Yeah everything about this album is doing it for me, I can't get enough of this and Giving The World Away at the moment.
  7. Happy New Year is the best song of 22 so far.
  8. Wish I liked this past the singles and Insect Loop! Gorgeous singles but the rest of the album doesn’t grab me. Sad considering what a deeply personal album this is for them.
  9. I think I need a little more time with this album. I like it but do feel like it tails off.
  10. I finally got around to listening to their debut, and I definitely wasn't expecting it to be as weird as it was, it's almost like a CocoRosie album. Two Ribbons is definitely my favourite by a pretty large margin, but it is interesting to see how their sound evolved over the years.
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