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Let's Get Physical! The Dua Lipa Discography Rate - The winner is...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Joe., May 29, 2020.

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  2. I had a draft for a post saying "People advocating for Good in Bed's departure before stuff like No Goodbyes/before the top 20 are mental" and I stand by it. I'm still such an Alright, Still fan.
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    Score: 6.41

    Highest Scores: (10x1) @slaybellz (9.5) @abcdellis, @daninternational, @Slice of Life

    Lowest Scores: (0x1) @Verandi (2x3) @Markus1981, @Serg., @Phloo

    My Score: 6.5/10

    I've, for some reason always had a bit of soft spot for 'Dreams', in all its unfinished demo sounding glory. When this comes on shuffle I'm very...
    But yes, I totally get why it's the first song to fall from the debut, even with it not being one of my least favourites. The build up is nice and I think Dua herself sounds great on this one, but the production is a tad chaotic and the song kind of just feels like it's made up of filler. Apart from the pre-chorus, we're left with mostly meandering fodder.

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  4. Can I get it like that, that, that, let me know
    'Cause I really like that, that, that, when you go
    And I know it's not real, but the way that I feel
    I just need to know

    (Know, know, know)

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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Dreams leaving before the more ballady moments from the debut (Homesick, Thinking Bout You) is... a shock. Huh, it's fine.
  6. Dreams is an unfinished demo but still slightly above No Goodbyes, Homesick and Garden, their terminally boring selves
  7. The vitriol against Homesick...
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  8. I know, it was one of my highest rated tracks from the debut!
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  9. Dreams is a bop! I don't care what ya'll say!
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  10. Same, I find the lyrics and her delivery amazing. Chris sounds great too. I assume people hate the song -mostly- because of the feature?
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. It's not in my top 3 of the album or anything, but it certainly isn't at the bottom.
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  13. is cute
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  14. I actually enjoy Dreams too add me to the taste(ful) bunch!
  15. Dreams is fine, hopefully we’ll cycle through the rest of the filler soon. I doubt I’ll have strong feelings to the next ten to go, the filler/extra tracks are all the same level of mediocre really
  16. K94


    Dreams is a decent bop - I think it suffers from being too late in the tracklist after the juggernauts and the dry ballads.
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  17. (5) - Not feeling this at all.
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  18. [energetic dancing] to all the songs leaving being tracks IDGAF about.
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  19. Oh this started? And we already lost 2 album tracks?

    I am likely gonna be among the top scorers for everything, but I downvoted the Wale track cos it was just not a Dua track at all. Like Sugar but at least that's a decent track.

    Dreams is a bit basic, but a bop nevertheless. I thought this forum was all about the basic bops?
    Surprised Good In Bed was out quite so early but being the weak link on an otherwise (almost) flawless album means I won't shed a tear
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  20. Do you know what's outstayed its welcome already? 'Bang Bang'.
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