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Let's Get Physical! The Dua Lipa Discography Rate - The winner is...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Joe., May 29, 2020.

  1. New Rules was SUCH a moment and amazing to watch in real time. It's also nice to re-visit her thread on here from around the time it was released and when the video came out and then catapulting to #1, the reactions!

    I gave both of the top two a 10. How anyone could think either of them deserves less is absurd. I think if I had to pick one it'd be Physical, but both songs are absolute joy in music form.
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  2. I hope Physical takes it just because Don't Start Now has won in two rates already
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  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Physical is one of the best songs of 2020, if not the best, but someone pointed out to me that it has strong New Attitude vibes and now I can't unhear that.

  4. This elimination just vividly reminded me that one of the dancers in the New Rules video used to be a tumblr mutual of mine from the Born This Way days, and how we fell out after she lobbed racial epithets at the 2NE1 girls ddd. Tumblr was wild.
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Its elimination already passed, but I just wanna say that Levitating is one of those titanium-plated smashes that (I imagine) record labels dream of. Like if someone were to ask me for an example of a song that just sounds like a smash hit, I'd point them to Levitating. Those rapid-fire verses, the unbelievably addictive pre-chorus (perhaps the best part of the song), the gigantic chorus itself, and let's not forget the fact that it has not one but two middle-eights.

    It's just a massive song, and anyone else would kill to have it as their lead single. It speaks to the quality of Future Nostalgia that it's only just getting released as a single now and I'm fine with it, when usually I'd find it mind-boggling that it wasn't the lead single.

    Anyway, this was the Top 2 I think we all predicted, but I'm not complaining at all as they're both very worthy winners. Usually I'd have my favourite, but this is one of the rare instances where I'm fine with either song taking the crown.
  6. Okay so shall we find out what's won this thing.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    @Physical liked this’
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  8. A winner!
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  9. Come on don’t keep us in suspense!!
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  10. Two glorious smashes.


    One winner



    So in second place...


    Score: 9.94

    Highest Scores:
    11x14 (@Bolton, @DJHazey, @tylerc904, @RJF, @Mushroom, @Ugly Beauty, @pondeforehead, @aux, @jvckkk, @Phloo, @MmmDani, @muddleddreams, @Slice of Life, @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion)

    10x50 (@Phonetics Boy, @2014, @Dijah., @Physical, @TiffanyNoir, @Joe., @soratami, @eatyourself, @elektroxx, @maverick_79, @GimmeWork, @DevotionDesire, @Diet Pop!, @roborovsky, @godspeed, @RainOnFire, @Laurence, @Kyle., @Butterfly, @Uno, @Babyface, @Ana Raquel, @daninternational, @Robert, @m_dimitrov, @klow, @poshbabyyy, @K94, @RetroPhysical, @Music Is Life, @constantino, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @RUNAWAY, @Stradiwhovius, @No hay banda, @Robsolete, @slaybellz, @spaceship, @Trouble in Paradise, @Cutlery, @Ashling92, @Gabeee9292, @abcdellis, @Crisp X, @Conan, @Push, @Sail On, @Touchofmyhand)

    Lowest Scores: 7x1 (@Markus1981)

    My Score: 10

    So there we have it. 'Don't Start Now' may not have won this rate, but the way it won in every other sense of the word...
    Before its release, I don't think anyone knew what to expect from a DL2 lead...and truly nobody can say they expected this. With the sophomore slump being such a realistic possibility, 'Don't Start Now' is hands down one of the ballsiest releases in pop girl herstory. They could have gone for a 'One Kiss' or 'New Rules' clone for safety, but instead they threw out an absolute curve-ball that sounded like nothing in the charts at the time; Leaving pop fans gasping for breath and has since significantly raised the bar for everyone else in the game.

    The way Dua jumps between that melodic and almost dreamlike pre-chorus of "If you don't wanna see me..." and then goes into a super hard and crunchy hook of a chorus. Neither part would work without each other, but together they create a chemical reaction that results in a 100/10 song. And then when those violins really kick in towards the end of the song? Shivers. There's something a little cocky about 'Don't Start Now', the song just knows its a smash.

    It was a pretty instant hit in the UK and other countries around the world, but 'Don't Start Now' still came with a hustle. It was the single campaign we all spend years yearning for our other favs to do *cough*.
    If 'Electricity' was her metamorphosis phase, 'Don't Start Now' was Dua emerging as a full on pop butterfly. The song went above and beyond expectations, but what really shocked us all was first seeing Miss Lipa sell it. That first time taking to the stage at the EMAs, she was glowing with warmth and like never before. She really said "I WILL NOT BE A MEME ANYMORE" (The gif will never die though, sorry sis). That smug smile as she breezed through the performance - she knew she was ready to embark on one of the greatest pop girl eras in years.
    The serves of course did not stop there; Ellen, Fallon, The Voice were all fantastic in their own ways and then we got the Live in LA version which somehow had 'Don't Start Now' reaching new heights of incredible.

    That was a classic.

    An actual all time classic. How she made a contemporary pop song inspired by disco which continues to get better with age. The live mix is genius and what every little pop fan dreams of as an alternative mix - @Bolton

    honestly this is....a classic already. I hope many years from now this is one of miss Lipa's defining hits that people remember her for, I mean it kinda already is but you know what I mean. - @Ugly Beauty

    This song descended on my life like a glittering mirror ball and immortalised the winter of 2019 for me forever. By the time that distorted punchy bridge kicked in i was infatuated. Don't Start Now really was the gravitational pull into superstardom that she needed and some other girls are still waiting for ddd. You're a winner, babes! - @Phloo

    We don't talk about the music video in these parts.

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  11. #01
    Score: 10.12

    Highest Scores:
    11x24 (@Phonetics Boy, @Physical, @andrewdarwitan, @BubblegumBoy, @maverick_79, @GimmeWork, @DevotionDesire, @roborovsky, @Laurence, @dontkillmyvibe, @dylanaber, @Ana Raquel, @Hurricane Drunk, @RetroPhysical, @Music Is Life, @Untouchable Ace, @Cutlery, @Verandi, @Gabeee9292, @Aester, @Crisp X, @Conan, @Markus1981, @Touchofmyhand )

    10x47 (@2014, @Dijah., @Joe., @JosephStyles, @soratami, @eatyourself, @elektroxx, @DJHazey, @tylerc904, @RJF, @Diet Pop!, @RainOnFire, @Joli Chat, @Kyle., @boombazookajoe, @Butterfly, @Ugly Beauty, @Uno, @daninternational, @aniraz, @Robert, @pondeforehead, @m_dimitrov, @klow, @aux, @dylanaber, @jvckkk, @K94, @Xander, @Serg., @constantino, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @londonrain, @RUNAWAY, @Dangerous Maknae, @Stradiwhovius, @No hay banda, @Robsolete, @spaceship, @SlowGinFizzzz, @Trouble in Paradise, @muddleddreams, @Slice of Life, @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion, @Ashling92, @Push, @Holly Something, @Sail On)

    Lowest Scores: 8x3 (@TiffanyNoir, @godspeed, @Bolton)

    My Score: 10

    We have a winner!

    I mean, look at the average. Look at the material. The way it hits you right away at the speed of light with that pulsating instrumental, you know Miss Physical means business. Dua hardly comes up for air during the song's 3 minutes and 13 seconds as it continues with its rapid fire verses and choruses. The two-punch of 'Don't Start Now' and 'Physical' reassured us that they had this 'Future Nostaglic" vision sorted and that it was clear, well thought out, confident and we could just relax and let Dua take us on the journey that this era is still taking us on.

    It's not often a music video encapsulates the exact feeling of a song tthe way 'Physical' does. That moment at 2.27, when the key change kicks in is perfection. That 300-mile-per hour, wind in your face adrenaline rush as Dua spins you around by the last strands of whatever is left of your wig.
    Even the slight inflection in the way she sings "come on". Honestly, one of my favourite moments in pop, ever.

    I always wonder if 'Physical' would have fared better than 'Break My Heart' with a worldwide push. It was touch and go in the UK as to whether it would even make the top 10, but it eventually made the top 3 and is probably now one of her biggest staple hits in her homeland.
    Sadly, the performances for 'Physical' were cancelled due to Miss Rona, but that didn't stop Dua from pushing this song as hard as she could, most notably with the workout video which is a riot.
    'Physical' had a massive 24 11s, so before I finally shut up let's here from some of them.

    In a chart climate where songs have become increasingly homogeneous so that they fit on Spotify playlists, it would’ve been easy for Dua to conform and had a few cute hit singles to show for her efforts. Instead she went the complete opposite - with Don’t Start Now being a small taster of what the album would hold. Physical is the best track on the album and probably the best track of the year. From the spooky synths in the opening to the pay off in the first huge chorus, the frantic middle 8 to the final chorus, it’s a masterclass in how exciting pop music can be in 2020. And it was a smash. - @maverick_79

    Physical It was between this, Don’t Start Now and Electricity (all 11/10 tracks!!) and ultimately I gave it to Physical because it’s the song that took me from fan to stan. Mwah - @GimmeWork

    This is basically one of my favorite music tropes aka the epic heroic 80s pop song PLUS a hot bass? This was made for me and this is enough proof of it!!!!!!!!!! - @Ana Raquel

    Physical – God this is such an obvious 11. I know it is. But it’s just a perfect song. It literally is. I’m sure that plenty of others will have a lot to say about it, but I just have a few. First of all, it gives me a rush every single time I listen to it. Other songs of hers do the same sure, but they don’t hit quite like this one does. And there are quite a few moments that make my heart pick up a little more than normal. The way the melody kinda falls and her voice lowers slightly on “Baby keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice” combined with the line itself – which is an honest-to-God mood, the entire middle-8 that just feels like it was made to scream along with during an epic movie montage, and the handclap-led, almost a capella lead in for the final chorus – all of these bits elevate the song to the top spot of her discography for me. It’s perfect. - @Music Is Life

    Imagine being on your second album and already having so many 11 contenders. In the end, I went with the song I had the strongest emotional reaction to. I pretty much shed tears through the music video's initial watch, and couldn't contain my hyperexcitement about it for the following hours, days, and even weeks. I was telling everyone I knew about it like I was part of a street team... it was such a big pop event and it was my duty. Can't recall the last time this happened. I'll never forget the serenity I felt the first time I heard it, the kind that makes you forget all your worries for a brief moment, especially at that time, having no idea what was about to come. If I have to tie one and only one positive musical memory to the first quarter of 2020, this perfection of a song is it. - @Crisp X

    This was such a moment. So instant, it was like having a fresh blast orgasm after a dry period, when this played. I remember it very colourful (hehe the video?!), as I was in a literal train to the airport for a party weekend in Prague (you [redacted] can't even spell Prague), when I came across a train and kinda player this over and over again, also playing it loud in the airport, wew.
    I think my friends know every word and beat of it too, cuz I played it so much that weekend and kept watching the video. I felt this kind of kick started the era really, and I was so hooked. I remember asking Friends Bar DJ to play this but they did not know it yet cuz they were noobies, and I did have lots of fun dancing to it in our rental apartment and always do when at home. I still need to hear this go AWF in a clerb though, that time will still come.

    The song itself is so sinister and the bass is very Electric Chapel to me? It was just instant and I'm sure there are a few with better descriptions of it. I just knew this was the one. Second singles are always >>, see Be The One and now Physical, which should be the rate winner. - @Laurence

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  12. A worthy winner and kudos to @Joe. for running such a flawless* rate and powering through the discography. We love to see it.

    * With the exception of Electricity not being top 10 which is a CRIME.
  13. A worthy winner. Physical is my most played song of the year so this is all ideal.
  14. What a Top 10! She could have a greatest hits already after 2 albums.
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  15. I already said my bit on Don't Start Now so let me get into Physical: WHAT. A. MOMENT! those slinky beats throughout the song that makes you wanna run as fast as you can....love that! if Don't Start Now was her tribute to the 70s then Physical is her tribute to the 80s, and what a tribute!
    And the music video is already one of the best of the 2020s, the day it dropped was literally one of the happiest days of my life and certainly the best day of this hellish year.

    Thanks @Joe. for running such a flawless rate, even If Dua herself messed up recently you definitely didn't.
    And calling out for Kiss And Make Up after every elimination might be one of my most memorable moments.
    Take care xxx
  16. A winner! I wouldn't be surprised if Physical ended up winning the BPG 2020 rate too and maybe even the next winners rate, that's the power that it has.

    Thanks for hosting @Joe.!
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