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Let's Get Physical! The Dua Lipa Discography Rate - The winner is...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Joe., May 29, 2020.

  1. Yes, thank you for hosting @Joe.! It was fun.
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  2. Whew, and I'm done. Let me go sunbathe.
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  3. This is also my most played song of 2020 so yeah, absolutely deserving winner. A triumph.
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  4. "LET'S GET PHYSICAL" is the best thing that's happened in pop music this year.
  5. An impeccable rate with an impeccable winner; I didn't send a commentary on Physical but the fact that I legit teared up happy tears on both my first listen and first time I played THAT video should more than suffice. What a moment.
  6. A very deserving winner. Don't Start Now was a fantastic lead single and I'm so glad it's was (still is) such a massive hit, but it's Physical that really pulled me in and screamed "Gay rights!"
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  7. Twenty four 11s for Physical? Damn Ma, I guess it was that serious.
  8. Great rate, well done @Joe..
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  9. Maybe if Don't Start Now had a more impactful video it would have pulled out the win but oh well. The scores really were very close.
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  10. It has been a real pleasure to do business with you @Joe.. We look forward to your next rates.
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  11. I don't like the Olivia song much at all, never have, so how Dua managed to take the original "let's get physical" hook and create something entirely new with it, something I instantly took to. It's her sorcery. Don't Start Now is when I decided that I needed to pay attention to her on the regular, it's easily one of my most-played songs of the last 365 days. After about a month of listening to it, I was already sliding it into my exclusive 'all-time favorites playlist' (the only one I have saved to my phone for offline access) so 'instant classic' is an obvious title for it, to me. Then hearing the album and Physical, wow, I just knew she was reaching new levels as a popstar. The album as a whole has quite possibly booked her a spot in the 2020s Top 10 before we even get to 2021, tell me I'm lying. Fantastic job @Joe., this rate allowed me to make some discoveries from her debut too, so I can call myself a real fan of her music instead of just someone who hopped onto the bandwagon recently.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    @Joe. I love that you highlighted the Graham Norton performance of Don't Start Now. It was understandably overshadowed because the EMAs performance happened a day or two later and then another 10 performances happened after that, but it's remained one of my favourites.

    Thank you for such a great job! This was such a fun rate and the pacing was perfect.
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  13. Well, fair enough, I can’t really argue with that result. Both tracks are pretty perfect, and an average over 10? That’s incredibly impressive. Does it happen in these rates very often?

    Looking over the full list, everything looks about right. Obviously there are a few tracks I’d bump up/down, but everything’s generally in the place it deserves to be. Thanks @Joe. for a flawless rate
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  14. Let’s get Physical (physical, physical)
    Come on, phy-phy-phy

    What a track. I’m happy my commentary made it, also the final? whew, I feel honored.

    This rate was pretty fun and wow what a blessing is her discography and the content! I still listen to both albums at least once a week full and Future Nostalgia every other day, if not more.

    Thanks for hosting @Joe. and so happy my 11 won! Let’s stream it girlies!
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Thank you so much for this rate @Joe. great job! What a discography.
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  16. I LOVE TALENT!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the hosting!
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  17. It does happen sometimes, but in a rate with this many voters it's quite a feat!
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  18. Yeah, when we were half way through i was like. It'll get a solid 9.80 of something, but we ended on 84 votes with only 3 members voting as low as 8. Shook!
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  19. Like many others, Physical is my most played song of the year too, so I’m extremely pleased it won. It’s such an amazing rush of a song, and another great one to sing along to. Amazing that it scored over 10 here too. Not everyone has that. It’ll be interesting to see where her career goes in the next few years and what a re-rate might look like then. How can you top Physical?

    Edit: Forgot to thank @Joe. for being a great host. Nice one!
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  20. Physical very nearly got my 11 until I changed it last minute, so I'm very glad it won!

    Thank you @Joe. for doing such a great job with this. Please do a Rita Ora rate next, sis! xx
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