Let's Go On A Little Joyride ★✩✮ The Tinashe Discography Rate - THE WINNER IS...

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Avg: 7.176

Highest: 10x2 (@nikkysan; @Posh Spears)

Lowest: 3.5x1 (@TRAVVV)

My Vote: 6

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: Those spacious synths (?) that kick in at 0:13


I seriously regret giving this In Case We Die track only a 6. It definitely sounds better as a standalone than buried at #8 after not-that-chill-and-easy-on-the-ears I Tried. The way the song starts is flawless, but then that sort of wub-wub-wub sound rubs me the wrong way. A true pity, as there are many captivating hooks buried deep under the heavy production. This:

Must be the weather
Nothing lasts forever
And if something to fight for is what you're needing
Remember - this is just another season
Just another season
Just another season

is nothing short of beautiful. A hidden gem that shows all the makings for what and who Tinashe would become where always there. She just learned to polish them and make them shine.

We all agreed that something sounds off with this song. Except for constantino (8). Because, you know, constantino: “I adore the production.” Okay. Now let’s hear what Touchofmyhand (8.5) has to say: “this is the song that's bugged down the most by the bootleg-ish production, but the song is there, as the rest of the album” No shade but, what do you mean with that second part? I'm an understanding freak i can't stand when i don't!1! Feeling a bit uncomfortable rn. But wait, there’s Andy French (7.5) to make things worse: “I hate that this mixtape is only available in 128kbps because this is one of those songs that I feel like would come alive so much more if it was higher quality.” ALL THIS TIME BOPPING TO THAT AND THIS FEELING AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE. Who wants the rate while I go on a hiding trip for the next three months? Maybe you phily007 (8)? “The circling "yeah yeah" bits in the background are so subtle but flesh the song out.” At least we’d have sound opinions. We close with nikkysan (10), who says this “has always been the stand out from In Case We Die for me. The distorted vocals are ingrained in my brain and sort of add this desperation to her pleading to her loving to give her that precious loving. I dunno, can't really explain it any better. Only thing I wish was better about this track was that it was longer!”

* Will I manage another one tonight? *




Avg: 7.235
: 9x2 (@WarmBlood11; @phily693)

Lowest: 3x1 (@nikkysan)

My Vote: 8

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: the instrumental bridge with her background wailing

Cackling at this Genius description:

The conceptual mixtape comes from an inner sanctum of heartache and vibrant love – an emotional cocktail bound to produce powerful art.

Isn’t it beautiful? The faint sound of peak stan tomfoolery coming from afar?

I love how modern this sounds. It has that chill, low-key vibe that’s much more than 2017 than 2012 when the mixtape came out. Something something ahead of its time.

In this song Tinashe goes in on her ex. No holds barred. No fucks given. Her delivery is everything. It’s what a person who’s had it, officially, but still wants the sweet taste of revenge in their mouth should sound like. And she doesn’t disappoint one bit. If only it popped off a bit more, it’d be faultless.

nikkysan (3) isn’t going to be pleased with all this praise: “This is quite a slog of a track, doesn't go anywhere, Tinashe sounds bored, just a terribly boring track.” Her delivery is on point’t though! TRAVVV (7.5) brings up something I didn’t have the opportunity to experience in the past. It’s not a reality check to frame my current minor annoyances as just that and not some insurmountable mountains I'll never get to overcome. “You haven’t lived till you’ve seen this live (long live the Aquarius tour)”. I’m not saying I’m seething but my chances of seeing her live in the near future are so slim I’m totally seething.

What are you doing constantino (7)? Only I can mention completely unrelated popstars in here! “Rita Ora and the rejuvenated America’s Next Top Model team are shaking.” Are you more of a Mogul, a Megastar, or a Mentor? Why does this sound like an actual personality test I’d totally rig just to get the result I want? To put an end to this uncoordinated mess, P!nk phily642 was this close to giving this his 11. But only handed a 9: “Had the Ryan Hemsworth remix been included in the rate I would've seriously contemplated giving it my 11, it's otherworldly. It's the reason that I discovered and subsequently fell in love with the Queen! Alas, it's not included but this is still a fucking jam in its original form. And for good measure we can listen to and celebrate the wonder of the Ryan Hemsworth remix, when the bass kicks in around 0:41 I am legit in ecstasy: ” It’s a bit too messy sounding for my liking, but I’ll make you all judge for yourselves. I feel like the excellent cold anger of the original gets lost in the mix. Thanks goodness we’re not done with the good sis Ryan in this rate quite yet.

Her website only links to DatPiff for the mixtapes. What do you mean by weird? It doesn't work? Remember if you have any problems you can easily find all the individual songs on YouTube.
It said the uploader is no longer letting people download it or something so I gave up because the website was going slow on my laptop anyway.
@AshleyKerwin I tried downloading In Case We Die and Amethyst from DatPiff and I hadn't any problems. Maybe it was a temporary issue?

By the way, someone said In Case We Die?


Avg: 7.265
: 10x1 (@WarmBlood11)

Lowest: 5x3 (@Kuhleezi; @TRAVVV; @AshleyKerwin)

My Vote: 5

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: “If you could choose which direction to go
Would you ever choose the rocky road, the bumpy ride?
The bumpy ride?
I did, over and over again”

Poor In Case We Die suffering this triple consecutive blow. Can’t say it’s not the time for this little song to go though.

The first mixtape essentially follows two vibes, one more #chill, the other more #drama. Though the latter has some brilliant representatives (like the spellbinding opener), it’s the former that's stolen my heart. So, this doesn’t actually help Stumble’s case. Then there’s the fact it’s not that memorable to consider. And its length isn’t really justified: the verses could very well do with some trimming.

That being said, I love how prophetic the lyrics sound. At surface level, this song is aimed at a lover, but it could also foreshadow her career’s current state, and be aimed at us, the fans! Only a visionary queen.

constantino (8) is being phsecious™:The symbols(?)/bells(?) makes all the difference on this track in terms of texture.” Sis did you mean cymbals? Also, they’re a bit annoying teebs. I find an ally in TRAVVV (5): “Really cool track, but sometimes is a chore to get through. I appreciate it, but don’t need to hear it again.” “Really cool”. Be careful or you’ll trigger AshleyKerwin (5):I can imagine something like this being on the Britney Spears fanmade compilation “Bare” from 2015.” You’ve let it out honey. Put it in the thread. We end with phily212 (7.5), because it’s always important to end on a positive note. If possible. “The middle 8 is beyond gorgeous.” Best part of the song easily.

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Avg: 7.278
: 10x1 (@ohdenny)

Lowest: 4x1 (@Kuhleezi)

My Vote: 4

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: Adlibs for days

Am I really gonna be the rate villain of my very own rate? Is it worth it? Is it worth 10,000 dollars?


This, along with Thug Cry, is Aquarius at its worst. Production is cheap, verses aren’t great, the chorus is good but not nearly enough. Not even the Janet sample can salvage this lackluster track.

And then comes in Future. After all this time, all I can master up while listening to his verse is, who the fuck put him on a treadmill and thought making him record while doing heavy cardio was a good idea. I need full names. And addresses.

Now Tinashe, you don’t really get an answer in this song, don’t you? What’s your opinion on that?

Tinashe said:
Once you get to three or four you are like ‘that is a lot of times.’ But I don’t know, some people may just be marathoners.

I love her so much.

Apparently no one is here for the things to come. TRAVVV (6.5) has “points deducted for that cringe feature.” while phily808 (8) claims: “I LOVE the chorus of this, it's super sexy. However Future really does ruin the flow.” Ha panting through the track is really too much, even for casual fan constantino (5): “I usually don’t mind a Future feature but he sounds like he’s having a seizure and it ruins the mood a bit. The intro is cute, I guess.” The true feature to be quite honest. AshleyKerwin (8) nails it on the head, kinda: “This song kind of relies on the sample, but when it’s Janet Jackson, is that wrong?” Ok, but I won’t stand for this erasure of the best part of the song aka Tinashe wailing “ONE NIGHT, ONE NIGHT! ONE! NI-IGHT!”

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"I love Future’s verse on this song. I think it brings a whole other energy and perspective, it’s really fun. It definitely rubbed some people the wrong way. People were just like, ‘What is this?’ but that’s the fun part about music, especially when it’s your own music, because you can just do it.

I feel like the majority of the time I have had rap features they have not been about what the song is about and you have to just go with it, whatever. Like in 2 On, ScHoolboy Q’s verse had nothing to do with the song, but I was like, whatever. Where did that even come from, dude?"
From her Genius page for this song.