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Avg: 8.515
: 10x5 (@Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons; @ohdenny; @Mr Blonde; @ohnostalgia; @AshleyKerwin)

Lowest: 6x1 (@constantino)

My Vote: 10

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: that bussy charming synth

Hypnotic. Mesmerizing. Oneiric. This song feels like a dream. A wet dream. An oozy, drug driven dream. Ok I’m stopping I swear. Was having so much fun though.

Party Favors is one colossal bop. Much more streamlined than Tinashe’s usual layering of hook upon hook, it heavily relies on just that one hook, but what a fucking hook that is. Easily one of her best, it never fails to make me shake and quiver my whole skinny body in unspeakable ways. I can understand someone who doesn’t like it though. I myself didn’t like it for the longest time. You know what they say, young and foolish. But then I saw a live performance, and she sold the hell out of it. I was instantly hooked. Sadly I don’t remember which performance, but I remember it being posted on the thread. Let me go on a hunting spree later and find it.

And we need to talk about the three versions: “single”, video and Nightride track. Basically, the single version features Young Thug. The video version is the same bar Young Thug’s verse. The Nightride version completely removes every trace of Young Thug’s presence and adds a stunning new bridge. Guess she really made Young Thug cry after all. I stan everything Nightride so of course that is my favorite version (that high note yisssss), but those adlibs are really missed. Young Thug’s verse is nothing to write home about, so I think the video version is a good compromise. A bit disappointing a Tinashe video by the way.

Touchofmyhand (9.5) is so here for a great lyricyst in the making: “'They don't go as hard as I do' is so good” Some lyrics are bonkers in here but that’s why I full-on adore them. I mean, that first verse alone, who else? As if I couldn’t love ramen more. phily161 (6.5) serves reverse me expedition: “I remember everyone loving this when it came out, and I think the production is great but it's not my favourite track from her at all.” Same but. There’s… no! Need! To be (so) dramatic! About it. Don’t know how dramatic the good sis AshleyKerwin (10) is but those mid-fall parties sound lit. I want in. “Queen of my Halloween playlist.” And we close off with a clueless constantino (6): “Is one of them your album?? If not, she can keep ‘em. This is...fine, nothing more. The production is good, I guess. I just know she’s capable of better.” I don’t know if you’re wilfully missing the point of the song or not but either case it’s very on brand of you!

Yay! Finally found it!​
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Avg: 8.529
: 10x4 (@TRAVVV; @WarmBlood11; @Andy French; @2014)

Lowest: 6.5x1 (@AshleyKerwin)

My Vote: 9.5

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: “When all the signs are saying that it won't be enough / Then everything inside me screams ‘I'm not giving up, no’”

In great Tinashe tradition, Black Water’s title track and opener Black Water is about her struggling career and her ongoing commitment in never quitting. It’s a stunning piece of work that, despite its short length, grabbed me ever since first listen and never let me go. Black Water is for me her best mixtape, and the title track is as great an introduction as it could possibly get. The atmosphere, the production, the lyrics, everything is on point. “And aaaaaaaaaall I’m in love with is the music” is such an underrated chorus. We should definitely rave about it more.

Kind of gutted that only two people submitted words for this gorgeous beauty. At the same time I can’t complain too much either, it’s not like this is my lengthiest write-up or something. One of those graceful two people is constantino (7) who instantly kills any kind of goodwill I could have had with that below-average score: “Her flow is a bit off for me at the start, but the chorus brings it back.” I said bicth where. “As far as openers go, it sets the tone well.” I’ll take this tee bee aich. TRAVVV’s (10) opinion is godly so I’ll present it without too much fuss: “Set that mood, Tinashe! The flow of tracks and sonic consistency of Black Water makes it probably my favorite Tinashe project (then came Nightride to do it all over again but better!)”. And that right there is how you do opinions. Ramen.


Avg: 8.588
: 10x5 (bye; @TRAVVV; @ohdenny; @Andy French; @Touchofmyhand)

Lowest: 5.5x1 (@AshleyKerwin!!!!!!!!!!)

My Vote: 10

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: "Wake up inside of my castle / I banish you from my heart / I do not care if you love me / you know you're wrong from the start"

I warned you. I warned you I would do a name it and shame it. And the time has definitely come.

I can’t with y’all. I really. Can’t. I don’t have any problem in calling this what it is, the worst thing to happen in this rate. #23 isn’t really a bad placement, but I dare you to say to my face you consider yourself a Tinashe fan and still you don’t think this deserves to be in her ultimate Top 10. How can you say that with a straight face? The way it builds and builds and builds. The way she holds back on that amazing chorus. The immaculate production. Literally flawless. That out-of-nowhere siren. Hell, I’m not generally big on autotuned vocals but here they are everything! I say this thinking that they are perfectly fine songs but… Feels Like Vegas, Aquarius, Superlove… better than Wrong? Come on!

In a world without the two albums, Wrong would be her best song and that’s the tea whether you want to admit it or not. I don’t like to repeat myself, but one time I tried to shut down the boring “Pop or R&B?” argument in the Nightride thread (because she’s best when she blends BOTH), and I used this song as a perfect example of that. Everything about it screams R&B, but then she comes around and pulls out from her illusionist hat that capital-P Pop chorus. And that’s beautiful. That’s insane. That’s what sets Tinashe apart. Now, you know damn well today I played Jhené Aiko’s latest over and over, and I find it an amazing and really solid album, at times quite Tinashe-sounding. But Jhené never breaks the smooth flow in her songs. She never serves a chorus as soaring as Wrong. And that’s perfectly ok, her style is different, but this dynamic mix is what hooked me up on Tinashe and it’s why she’s one of my ultimate favorites. All jokes aside, I wish most of you would see this because apparently you don’t. Or maybe you don’t agree this song is the best example of that. Show me which one it is then, and we’ll have a skull-dragging session a long and reasoned conversation.

We start with AshleyKerwin (5.5), who honestly leaves me speechless: “Nice and chill.” … I mean … Then why you gave it a fucking 5.5? Did nice and chill hurt you in your sleep? Did they steal your lunch at primary school? I genuinely hope so. Let’s get another choice opinion out: it’s phily007’s (7) time! “I like the vibe but it's a bit too linear and doesn't hook me.” Linear? Nah, I don’t think so! I mean, even constantino (8) kinda saw the light for this masterpiece: “This track features some of the strongest hook on the entire mixtape. So catchy and so right.” Your words and your score don’t really match but you don’t know how thankful I am it’s not something along the lines of “You know what’s wrong? Delaying your album for 2 years” or something like that. Let’s go to people with unquestionable taste, shall we? Fellow 10-scorer TRAVVV brings up memoirs of a glorious past: “I want another Tina/Ryan Hemsworth collab mixtape. Anyone remember the demo of this with the extra bridge?” No but I think I found it. Link at the end (1). And lastly Touchofmyhand (10) clocks my incomplete write-up: “The sample use is absolutely effortless”. Was almost forgetting, this samples the 1974 jazzy song “Summer Madness” by Kool & The Gang. Loves it. Link at the end (2).

'Oh I know, I'll check up on the Tinashe rate thread and like some po-'

Talk about middling, it’s constantino (9) time!
And we close off with a clueless constantino (6)
I don’t know if you’re wilfully missing the point of the song or not but either case it’s very on brand of you!
I mean, even constantino (8) kinda saw the light for this masterpiece


Bah, Wrong should not be out this early. Superlove is starting to outstay its welcome, I'm glad I've grown to love it, but it's still only a 7 compared to the masterpieces Tinashe has produced. In a lesser artist's discography it'd be an easy 10 though.
She's been busy but she's back to business


Avg: 8.618
: 10x7 (@TRAVVV; @WarmBlood11; @nikkysan; @lemonsqueezyy; @Mr Blonde; @Andy French; @Serg.)

Lowest: 6x1 (@2014)

My Vote: 9.5

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: Plinky plonky piano 2.0

Heartbroken. Shattered. Devastated. Plinky plonky brigade leaves us completely. I want you to know, my darlings, you’ll forever have a special place in this pitch-black gay lil heart of mine. Even though .5 points more from me would have brought you, Dreams Are Real, tied 21. I hope you can accept me in all my flaws and perversions.

Dreams Are Real is stunning. That production is a work of art. You know damn well how much I live for Tinashe and her three-note piano touches, everybody should in all honesty but we live in an imperfect world and we have to deal with it. It continues the great tradition of career themed openers, and it’s kind of awesome from a geeky stan point of view that it forms this parallel with her immediately successive opener “Lucid Dreaming” (even though the two don’t share that much musically). If I have to be extra nit-picky, I think the final breakdown feels a little bit rushed, like, knowing Tinashe she could have worked out a way to make it flow much more smoothly. But otherwise, this is an amazing song (the second best on Amethyst and you can @ me on that), and I wish it was the final standing track from that mixtape instead of Worth It but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Posh Spears (8.5) couldn’t disagree with me more: “That breakdown yas” That score is good tho so I’ll let you be great. This is. The part where I tear constantino (7): “The chorus is euphoric and engaging, but the rest is slightly generic by comparison. A good opener overall.” You didn’t really come for “I was on the roooooooaaaaaaaad travelling / They can’t fiiiiiiiiind me” did you? And in conclusion, lemonsqueezyy (10) makes me a lil bit jealous: “Honest and inspiring and I pretty much scream-bawled through this entire track when I saw this live on The Joyride Tour.” Jk I’m so happy for you xx

For real.

The good sis Genius tells me this song interpolates Bound 2 by Kanye West, I can't really locate it but a quick phonecall with my lawyer advised me to put it here anyway, just in case.

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