Let's Go On A Little Joyride ★✩✮ The Tinashe Discography Rate - THE WINNER IS...

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Avg: 9.153
: 11x3!! (@phily693; @Posh Spears; @TheDangerZone) 10x6 (Dany; @WarmBlood11; @lemonsqueezyy; @Mr Blonde; @Andy French; @constantino)

Lowest: 5.25x1 (@Serg. ???)

My Vote: 10

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: The beat dropping harder than my scalp’s life expectancy

That’s the song with the most 11s in the whole affair right there. It would've had another one had a certain Filipino unnie voted in this. Almost Top 6 is nothing to be ashamed of, though, especially with a handful of people extremely vocal in their indifference. Poor them, to be honest.

This is it. This is a song you’re proud of making, you’re proud of performing, you’re proud of people hearing your voice through. It’s one of the first tastes in her commercial debut album, and it couldn’t do that better than it does. It’s a slice of slick, confident sensuality, filled with hooks and rich production, vocals, even a guitar solo because why not? In a word, a triumph.

Tinashe also shows her growth with this song. Bet sounds like a mature version of Vulnerable: while the Black Water offering is much more direct in its bangerability, Bet is more layered, it trades some of the momentum of the chorus for a much more balanced song experience. As I said, in the end it doesn’t really matter because they’re both exceptional. Wig flying like Kill Bill just thinking about the two at the same time.

TRAVVV (7) stop what is you doing? “Points deducted for that guitar solo. It’s gorg but let’s move along, shall we?” No. So long as they aren't done in the urr-durr dad rock way, guitar solos are always great *wig flying in Shades of Cool* Thank god there’s AshleyKerwin (8.5) opening the gate to great taste: “I always think about how that alleged private Bjork Facebook posted a link to the video with just an “AAAHHHHH”. I can’t find the exact screencap but I’ve googled around and there are a lot of other Bjork and Tinashe moments.” Hello, I’d like to sign my last will. Ok but are you serious? Why didn’t I know anything before? Bjork and Tinashe? This is the best day of my life! Ok, I’ll finish this write-up and then you’ll excuse me to the nearest champagne bottle. “Also, I was surprised that this Dev Hynes song didn’t have the traditional Blood Orange imprint on it. That guitar solo is next level.” Ok but his contribution is just the guitar solo if I understand correctly? So you think you’re shading him but you’re actually only praising him. Life is really a (joy)ride isn’t it?

I don’t know whether I love constantino (10) for choosing such a perfect avatar or hating him for choosing such a perfect avatar: “The production is just...I can’t even articulate it...but imma try. It’s just so full and expensive. Her contemporaries honestly wish.” Preach to the choir fave
We close with our two 11s, first up Posh Spears (11): “When it comes down to it, this is the Tinashe song I seek out most often. It’s ethereal, it’s intimate, and it’s gorgeously produced and performed. I’m always in the mood for it.” And then the brilliant write-up for phily693’s favorite Tinashe song: “Incredible. Truly incredible. So rarely do I hear a song for the first time and get completely sucked in and have goosebumps. This is so atmospheric that you can't help but feel engulfed by the beat, the icy piano riff and the distorted vocals which all come together so well. Then the chorus hits you, taking your breath away as it grinds into your brain. The guitar solo at the end is a well-earned victory lap as you realise she has actually achieved her potential on her debut album on a major label no less, after clawing her way into the industry with her amazing mixtapes.”

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Cold Sweat seems a bit out of place but the other 3 Aquarius tracks making top 3 would feel so right.
FUCK YOU ALL!!! BET IS THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME!!! I feel like going all Tyra on your asses.

I knew its days were numbered when you did Vulnerable dirty. How sad!

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5. Cold Sweat
4. All Hands On Deck

Any of the other three to win. (I'm low key rooting for Ghetto Boy though.)
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Avg: 9.167
: 10x9 (myself; @ohdenny; @2014; @phily693; @constantino; @Serg.; @ThisIsRogue; @Posh Spears; @TheDangerZone)

Lowest: 5x1 (@Andy French gurl no)

My Vote: 10

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: The flute

I have a crazy little story about this one: last summer I was on this small island in the Aegean Sea taking care of these small horses that live there. We were in the middle of nowhere, no connection whatsoever with the outside world, other than when we hitchhiked to the nearest town. One night we felt like partying, we took the bus and went to the little bars there. We had previously been there and it was amazing. This other night, however, never took off: we stayed there for an hour, and then went back. When we headed back to our campsite, there was an air of sadness around, suddenly I was taken aback by a storm of unpleasant feelings. I let the others go ahead, and I stayed alone, near the farm. I sat down on some steps, and started feeling struck by an impending fear of death. It was the matter of just a few moments. I took my phone, and looked for something to play; I hadn’t played music for a couple of weeks. And the song I looked for was All Hands On Deck itself. I don’t know why, nothing in it suggests it’s particularly useful in relieving yourself from irrational fear, yet it did. My mind ran wild for its whole running time, unafraid of anything. Then it stopped, and I realized I was alone in the dark. I rushed to my tent trying to suppress the disturbing feeling of being observed. And that’s all really.

Anyway, let’s lighten up a little. All Hands On Deck is one of her most pleasurable songs, and one of her most frustrating. Pleasurable, because it’s a divine bop: extremely catchy, extremely engaging, inventive enough to stand pretty well after 10, 20, 100, 1000 listens. Frustrating, because honestly, how the fuck was this not a hit? It’s like listening to New Rules and someone told you: “This song peaked at #82”. It’s just mathematically impossible. Yet Tinashe somehow bends the rules of physics, because All Hands On Deck did nothing, even with that video. Unlucky external factors, I know. Still, maybe this will sound delusional, but this song was ahead of its time. Take a look at its most ridiculous element: the flute. It should never work, it should sound clunky, and it should sound weird. Yet it’s incredible, and gives the song that slight edge to elevate it from mere bop status to mesmerizing amazingness. This song was released a whole year before something like Where Are U Now, which would make those flute sounds popular, and I’m going to herald this as impact no matter what you’re going to think about that.

And this is the final paragraph dedicated solely to the vocal harmonies. Seriously, if you don’t know what to do right now put on some good headphones and go listen to this again. Look out for all the layered vocals in this. They’re terrific. They’re godly. They’re too pure for this world. Even if you are doing something else, stop it and go do it anyway. Whatever you were doing doesn’t compare. I can tell.

Going into this, I thought this was a dead-cert for (at least) runner-up, along with 2 On. While I’m not going to say anything on the latter yet, the reception for the former was more lukewarm than I could ever imagine. Get taste y’all. First up, a sis I recognize no more, Andy French (5): “She’s no 2 On tbh” First: how dare you. Second: how dare you. And third: what is? They're both absolutely amazing in their own lane. AshleyKerwin (8.5) needs education: “I like this but I never saw the smash hit potential that everybody else did.” I sneaked this into a playlist unleashed onto unaware GP members and let me tell you they were all bopping along. Hence, the scientific method is on my side. TRAVVV (8.5) let me tell you there are many grower songs but this a grower is not: “This one will sneak up on you. The verses really work for me. PLUS THAT VIDEO?!?” That I will concede. Her first proper capital G Great video and still one of the best of the last few years. Touchofmyhand (9) speaks a language unbeknownst to me: “a workout standard”. Not even Tinashe could make me work out to be quite honest. We finally reach acceptable scores for this glorious slice of heavenly life, which is to say a 10. phily918 (10) takes a book from my page: “WHAT A CHORUS! Bop O'Clock! Even that weird flute sounds like it fits, even though it shouldn't.” Only thinking about the bridge makes me flow into another astral dimension. And we close off with constantino (10), who never fails the chance to take a dig but in this case it’s appropriate enough: “The first Tinashe song I heard, and I haven’t looked back since!! Ok that was a lie. I have reminisced about the time that her career has had a direction and hope many a time. What a bop though.” Indeed.

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As great as Cold Sweat is, it shouldn't have beaten Bet and All Hands On Deck...

In honour of @Ghetto Boy's stunning past avatar
Avg: 9.353
: 11x2 (@WarmBlood11; @Serg.) 10x7 (@TRAVVV; @Mr Blonde; @Andy French; @2014; @Touchofmyhand; @constantino; @Posh Spears)

Lowest: 6x1 (@lemonsqueezyy)

My Vote: 8.5

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: “Nobody’s gonna hurt you / Nobody’s gonna do this for you” with those gorgeous plinky plonky piano touches, amazing

We bid farewell to the last song on Nightride, and head for an all-Aquarius Top 3. But first, let’s talk about Ghetto Boy. I must confess I’m not its biggest fan, and I’m quite surprised by its reception over here. I don’t agree it’s the best song on the album, but many of you seem to think so, so props to you. It’s obviously good, but it doesn’t quite grab me as much as most of the rest of Nightride. Oh well, maybe it’ll unexpectedly grow on me like another song in here. But more on that later on.

Ghetto Boy is quite the scream if you think both Devonté Hynes of Bet fame and Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud fame had a hand in its creation, and the end result is the album’s "mandatory" ballad. I love how it’s so light compared to the beginnings of the album, if you listen to Nightride all the way through it’s like crawling your way out of a dark tunnel, and Ghetto Boy is the moment you finally reach the light. I also can’t help but admire that middle-8, easily one of her best.

Allegedly Theresa May’s own favorite song by our homegirl, let’s hear what you all think of it. Touchofmyhand (10) is definitely not talking about the British PM and her govt: “Majestic, crushing, experimental. This is everything.” phily375 (8.5) is not my second account I swear: “I love the simple piano riff, it's lovely. The last chorus is amazing.” Okay I praised the bridge but still. On to constantino (10) who’s basking in the positivity of it all: “This breathless WONDER of a track. So airy, light and uplifting. A perfect way to close a body of work that came at a rather dark point in her career.” And last but not least, we have what I think is the single longest piece of commentary (if you exclude my own ramblings, mind). Of course it’s for an 11, and it’s courtesy of Serg. Take us away babe: “There's that one song that sticks with you, makes you experience things you've never been able to, even if you can't relate to its meaning, the song starts with a beautiful soulful cry, the starting piano sets up and holds a dreamy atmosphere throughout the song and the peak is certainly bridge when she hits you with 'no one needs to ever know...' When I first heard this song I wasn't that much into Tinashe I knew her but I've never bothered to check her music, then one day I participated in a music game on another forum and one of the songs there was 'Ghetto Boy', the moment I've heard it and heard T's angelic voice I fell in love and went to check her whole discography. Do I regret it? Hell no. Tinashe is able to serve music of the highest caliber, perform the shit out of it, make a killer video.. and people are still gonna let her flop?? Ghetto Boy is in my opinion maybe not even her best song, there's some stronger 10's here from mixtapes BUT it's a song I so dearly treasure and like and I hope you all recognize its magic also.” It’s gone all the way to #4 so I think your wish has been granted!

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