Let's Go On A Little Joyride ★✩✮ The Tinashe Discography Rate - THE WINNER IS...


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Ghetto Boy and All Hands On Deck missing the Top 3? Criminal.
Tomorrow Top 2, Grand Finale 17/10. Are you ready?


Trying to wrap it all up by tomorrow. We'll see.

Cold Sweat seems a bit out of place but the other 3 Aquarius tracks making top 3 would feel so right.
As great as Cold Sweat is, it shouldn't have beaten Bet and All Hands On Deck...




Avg: 9.375
: 11x2 (@Kuhleezi; @AshleyKerwin) 10x7 (@TRAVVV; @WarmBlood11; @ohdenny; @lemonsqueezyy; @Mr Blonde; @Andy French; @Touchofmyhand)

Lowest: 7x1 (@2014) how can u ban a mod from your own thread, asking for a friend

My Vote: 11

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: The moment that starts at 0:00 and ends at 5:12

The moment I’d been waiting for for months. The chance to talk about one of my favorite songs ever. This beauty. This gem. There are no words to express my feelings for it, but you can be sure I’ll try regardless.

Cold Sweat makes me questions whether perfection is truly unattainable. It’s a beast. It’s a monster. It’s a bop, but that word ain’t strong enough for Cold Sweat. Most of all, it’s just unbelievable. First things first, she’s never sounded better, before or since. At times groovy, at times assertive, at times vulnerable, she coos and purrs and belts and everything in between. I don’t know if I would think she'd be able to pull something like this by listening to the rest of her songs only, but of course she does. By the way, everyone is always like “I love Cold Sweat it’s such a throwback to her mixtape days”. Where are those mixtapes you speak of that sound like Cold Sweat because I need them. Now.

And then there’s the production. When I found out Boi-1da (of Work fame) was involved you couldn’t exactly color me shocked. I still think this is one of the best produced songs ever, and there’s little you can do to make me change my opinion on that. It’s just so crunchy, so rich, such an all-round treat to the ears. The moment things switch up around 3:25 we enter pure eargasmic territory.

The lyrics are out of this world too. She delivers a narrative, as well as incredible one-liners. “I like being alone”, I mean, she had me hooked from the first line there. I don’t remember where I read someone calling it the sexiest song ever not about sex, but I put my seal of approval on that. Dealing with themes like backstabbing friends and doing your own thing, it’s quite relatable, but it presents itself in such a magnificent way, it feels so colossal, it’s pretty much a song that's impossible to match.

I talked mostly about objective facts, which is quite strange for an 11. I have no personal story attached to this song. It doesn’t remind me of anything particular. Maybe I don’t have with it the emotional attachment I have with other ultimate favorites of mine. But this song deserves a place in the upper echelons just out of sheer brilliance. It speaks for itself. “They claiming that they love me cause they realize that my time is finally coming”. At this point, Tinashe’s moment could never come. But she has given me this song, and for that I’ll always have a special place in my heart for a certain Californian girl.

It’s your time, ladies. I hand you my baby, take extra care for it. I want to start super good, so here’s my new bae TRAVVV (10): “Are you sure I can’t have 6 11’s?” I’ve never been more Yeah-ney in my life. constantino (9) tries a different audience than usual but I don’t know if athletic types are here for that: “Long-distance runners are shook. This sultry anthem actually makes me want to attempt a workout and that says a lot. HOLY SHIT @ the outro. Take me there, sis.” She does every time. I inadvertently dragged phily963 (8.5) earlier oops. “This is very reminiscent of her mixtapes, it's very straight-forward Tinashe. Most artists wish they could have a song as "straight-forward" as this, mind you.” I lowkey don’t understand. What do you mean by straightforward? Posh Spears (9) I understand far too well: “Wig snatched the second I hear this come on omg.” You can bet I’ve had it on repeat for the last hour and what is hair at this point? Just a long gone memory. Touchofmyhand (10) feels the need to parade bops against each other bla bla: “I hope it does better than Bet. I've always preferred this even though both are excellent.” They are. And last, but certainly not least, my fellow 11, AshleyKerwin. We really did that. “The part around the bridge with the falsetto and where the song changes where it’s going is amazing.” I agree. There’s not a single thing about this that is below drop-dead gorgeous though.

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The moment has come!



Avg: 9.611
: 11x1 (@Mr Blonde) 10x13!!! (@TRAVVV; @WarmBlood11; @ohdenny; @nikkysan; @Andy French; @2014; @phily693; @Touchofmyhand; @constantino; @ohnostalgia; @Serg.; @Posh Spears; @TheDangerZone)

Lowest: 7x1 (@ThisIsRogue)

My Vote: 9

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: “Living in a piece of ever after”

This is the most 10s a song got in this rate, and it would’ve gotten mine as well had this taken place just a few months later. This is my biggest regret in the rate, because I didn’t start loving this until very recently. I always appreciated it, it’s undeniably great, but somehow I never managed to connect to it the way everybody else seemed to. It feels similar to Ghetto Boy, maybe that one will incredibly grow on me in like 2023. Had I given Bated Breath a 10, it would be the winner. Told you it was close. But enough about all those what ifs. Let’s focus on the song.

I’m not really needed to tell you this houses her biggest vocal moment, am I? A “ballad” is not your typical Tinashe territory, but she should let herself dabble more into it, because she absolutely owns this kind of slower songs. “What if I told you, that it was all in vain?”. Everything is stellar right from the beginning. The best moment, however, is undoubtedly the fake fade out. When the song starts again, and it’s all an explosion of gentle flourishes, such a treat for the ears. Just… yes.

I quickly move to the side, and leave centre stage for all of you who didn’t unfairly underscore this. We have all 10-givers here, the odds weren’t really against that, but I couldn’t be arsed with statistics right now. TRAVVV (10) echoes my thoughts: “Give us more ballads, Godashe.” Else, my subconscious echoed theirs as I’ve pre-read the commentary some time ago. Either way, to Touchofmyhand (10), this is “devastating and understated.” Understated, we could argue, but devastating hell yes. Elsewhere, it’s good constantino (10) can still revert to old habits and maybe it’s me who's become numb to it all, but I find it quite cute? “WHEW! C’mon adlibs! C’mon OPULENCE! This is your moment, Tinashe, take it and milk it! ‘Cus we all know it’ll be a while ‘til we get your next deep cut. The piano gets me every time.” Maybe it just makes me remind we’re nearing the end of it all. Oh nostalgia! Posh Spears (10) gets lost and takes the long way home: “I'm encapsulated by the life-changing instrumental every time. Genuinely beautiful.” We close with phily639 (10): “A beautiful and emotional ballad. I don't really like ballads but this is truly special. What a chorus! The production is truly sublime and carries you along. Stunning! I think this or either Bet should've been the final track on the album as they serve as brilliant closing tracks." Bated Breath would make a brilliant closer. With The Storm as an outro... amazing.

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That only means our winner is...



Avg: 9.639
: 11x2 (@ohdenny; @ohnostalgia) 10x10 (@Kuhleezi; @lemonsqueezyy; @Mr Blonde; @Andy French; @2014; @phily693; @Touchofmyhand; @constantino; @Posh Spears; @TheDangerZone)

Lowest: 7x1 (@TRAVVV to think you could have had all the power here had you left your original 6…)

My Vote: 10

Worth It (feat. Iamsu) for: *Bus-sy-destroying-in-tro* [half-second-pause] (Mustard on the beat ho) Give!

Oh wow. Oh. Wow. 2 months have passed since Flame was booted off at #73, and 72 write-ups later we’re here to crown Aquarius’ lead single as Tinashe’s ultimate song. Albeit far from unexpected, it’s a great result. The most fitting, considering it’s still her greatest hit. It’s also a hell of an introduction to Tinashe. It was for me at least.

I think what I love most about 2 On is that it shows a song doesn’t need to be basic to be an earth-shattering bop. Its greatness lies in that: you can appreciate all its layers and intricacies, and carelessly shake your butt at the same time. The production is out of this world (lest we forget, Tinashe is the first woman Mustard has ever worked with, talk about being the trendsetter a bit!). The lyrics are amazing in all their ridiculousness. “Get money like an invoice” will forever be ingrained in my brain. It’s just so silly, but she makes it sound like the coolest thing on earth. And that’s where you recognize a true talent, someone who’s able to sell you pretty much anything.

“Money money money weed fashion” is another one for the history books. I must admit I don’t cream myself over ScHoolboy’s verse, but it’s decent enough to keep the song at a flawless level all the way. The song is so relentlessly genius, he doesn’t detract from it in any way, if you prefer. All in all, this is a song you can put on at any time, anywhere, and you’ll still get your life as if it was the first time. You might think otherwise, but songs like that are actually quite rare. It’s not really difficult to figure out why this particular song resonated most with the public.

AshleyKerwin (9.5), love you, but this is kind of bs: “Great but a little dated at this point.” Statements like these, the “but” part always fucks everything up, doesn’t it? I’ll leave TRAVVV’s (7) comment here as well and we’ll quietly move on: “Don’t get me wrong, I love me some 2 On (and getting 2 On) but I don’t feel that it fits the rest of her catalogue. But thank god she has this track, because she certainly wouldn’t be on her current level.” nikkysan (9) takes a page from constantino’s 794-page-long autobiography, aptly called “Smoking Hot”: “Everyone knows this is a fucking bop and a half. Glad it was cute lil moderate hit for her, too bad her chart performance was non-existent after that.” That is brand new information! Speaking of, here’s his (10) last contribution to this rate: “WHEW, still iconic! This has come on at the clerb several times and I can say that I make a damn fool of myself every time. It really is that bop and should’ve been an even bigger hit.” I’m already missing this totally uncalled for extremely one-sided scalping thing of mine, and I can’t wait for you to reciprocate in the Alt Girls rate! It’s phily693’s (10) turn: “BOP ALERT! This is probably how most people will know of her, and even though it's very mainstream it's still fucking fantastic. It almost got my 11 as it's such a moment for her. Even the rap feels integral to the song. The Sean Paul sample is genius! I was so proud when I would hear people say to me about this song/her or hear it at parties, like people were finally realising what we all knew already.” It’s always so poignant, when the GP shows some signs of taste. We love an organic hit! Ok, maybe not that organic, if we go by Touchofmyhand’s (10) words: “Could have been bigger with a better video. This should have been a generation defining hit, I still cry. It kinda is a party standard, or maybe it's me trying to plug it at every chance I can. People love it though, they have taste at least.” Posh Spears (10) serves weather forecaster in the Sahara desert levels of foreshadowing, but you’re 100% right so I’ll let you do your thing: “There are a bunch of songs that could win and I’d be happy, but I assume this one has the best chance and... it’s what she deserves.gif. A bop that I’ll never get tired of.” We’re two. And to end it all off, I love me some synthesis. Take us there, Andy French (10): “Wig.” You couldn’t sum it up better, really.

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Ok, now that this is officially done, it's time for some special thanks:

Thank you, first and foremost, to everyone who voted in this. Thank you so much. Without you there wouldn't even be the rate. You put in the time and dedication to score all these 73 songs and also write some thoughts on them, and that helped me a lot while doing write-ups. Special shout-out to @constantino who sent me commentary for each and every song, but really, thank you to all of you.

Thank you to everyone who followed along, even those who didn't vote. @Slice of Life, @Alouder98 and all of you who were always there and commented along the way, or just read everything. Maybe there are non-members too, who found it interesting to read through this rate, I don't know. Either way, I can't thank you enough.

Thank you to @strangekin, who indirectly introduced me to Tinashe. It was around spring 2016, and I remember your undying enthusiasm for this artist called Tinashe, you were always posting this video called 2 On at any chance available. This one time I decided to see what the fuss was all about. I haven't looked back since. Never had the occasion to personally thank you for that, so, what better time than this?

And last but not least, thank you to @Tinashe herself. I know this isn't the best timing to be saying that, but she's really grown to become one of my favorite artists ever, and it was such a pleasure to delve deeply into her discography, to analyze each and every song of hers, even those I wasn't too fond of, as I commented on each in the past two months. She's so stunning, she gave me plenty of material to play with with my fake single covers. Graphic design isn't my greatest asset (nor passion), I think you've already noticed that: if the end result was any good, it was only thanks to her, and the charisma she exhales in photos.

I won't hide that sometimes it wasn't as easy as I'd thought. Once or twice I thought I would never finish it, because of lack of time, or lack of anything to say. As I hinted at, english is not my first language. Even though my goal is to use it professionally one day, I still have so much to learn, sometimes I found it difficult to wholly express some of my thoughts or feelings, and I'm sure I made a few mistakes here and there. I just hope they weren't so big as to be an annoyance. It wasn't a burden in any way though. I had so much fun with this little rate, and I hope you had too.

Now, this rate is not really finished finished, the next step is to update the links in the 3rd post, and most importantly, finish with the album write-ups. Three to go still, and they'll be coming in the course of next week. In the mean time, thank you once again. Wish every one of you all the best.

With love,
Kuhleezi xo​