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Let's have a rate : the 9MUSES discography rate • #9

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. At this point, I think it's fairly safe to say it is.
  2. there's still one song left in the rate that didn't receive any 11s...

    is this it?

    you're about to find out ddd...


    Thrillingly secret, confidentially secret
    No matter what anyone says, our love will grow deeper
    The two of us secretly in this place, it's more fun to hide
    Baby, give me your love


    몰래 (Secret)

    Score: 8.650
    High scores: 10×6 (@berserkboi, @ohnostalgia, @Oleander, @yuuurei, @Remorque, @Gintoki), 9.75×3 (@Love Deluxe, @FunkyButChic, @vague), 9.25×3 (@junglefish, @ajmkv, @eliminathan), 9×8 (@soratami, @Ana Raquel, @ryjm, @ThighHighs, @Slice of Life, @Petit nain des Îles, @GeiPanda, @Deja-Boo)
    Low scores: 3×1 (@bbynewyear), 6×1 (@roblognick), 7×2 (@Coming Century, @RUNAWAY), 7.5×1 (@codecat)
    My score: 9.75

    5 ballots: No.18, 8.81 avg.
    10 ballots: No.17, 8.705 avg.
    15 ballots: No.16, 8.787 avg.
    20 ballots: No.19, 8.465 avg.
    25 ballots: No.18, 8.542 avg.
    30 ballots: No.17, 8.593 avg.
    32 ballots: No.13, 8.650 avg.

    "몰래 (Secret)" (mollae; secretly) is the third track from 9MUSES' fifth mini-album, "LOST", released on November 24, 2015. The song's lyrics were written by Jeong Changwook and Euaerin, and it was arranged+composed by Jeong Changwook.

    Well, this is the last song left in the rate without a single 11, so from here on out, it's gonna be an even bumpier ride ddd. Even though we're not quite at the top ten yet, I'll be slowing down to one elimination a day starting tomorrow to give the remaining 12 songs more time to shine on their own. If anyone would like to submit commentary for their 11 or anything else left, please feel free to do so. I'll be accepting until the song in question is eliminated.

    Now, with that out of the way... This is quite possibly my favorite of all of Euaerin's raps - or at least way up there. Of all my retired idol faves, I miss her presence in kpop most of all. She really was something special. I mean, I'm glad she doesn't have to deal with Star Empire's bullshit anymore, but I still miss ha.

    Jeong Changwook really does love writing these secret/~forbidden~ love songs, doesn't he? I wonder if they're autobiographical... dddd.

    @berserkboi (10) — "I somehow knew this already!"

    @Oleander (10) — "[​IMG]"

    @yuuurei (10) — "I like this quite a bit better than 'Sleepless Night'. I love it so much actually, it's one of my top faves. That little key-tone-ish synth that plays throughout, the driving beat and splashing cymbals, the girls' flirty and breathy yet intense vocals and the feverish atmosphere ... it all combines into a flawless and breathtaking track, one of my unequivocal faves."

    @ajmkv (9.25) — "The intro, yesssssss. I love it! The little beeps all over the place, the dramatic ad-libs, the punchy drums coming in, it's great. This song has a wonderful mood throughout, and it's the finest on the Lost mini. I'm not sure if it would be better than Sleepless Night as the single (probably not), but it's still the best track on the mini. The middle-8 and ad-libs into Euaerin's rap, yessss. It's only you tonight, only you tonight!"

    @ryjm (9) — "I am a whore for those bleepy bloopy type synths, so I naturally adore this. I'm pretty entranced by this, like the mothership is calling me home (or more likely a bunch of sirens trying to orchestrate my demise). Either way I'm hook, line, and sinker for this. Stunning."

    @ThighHighs (9) — "This is GREAT. I never listened to this mini before now but it's perfectly in keeping with the title track and also reminds me of the EXQUISITE ‘Pastry'. The ad-libs over the last chorus are incred."

    @Slice of Life (9) — "A perfect companion piece to Sleepless Night. Yath gimme that dramatic bawp that I love, mawma."

    @GeiPanda (9) — "Just as good as the title track."

    @SloMover (8.5) — "Did Brave Sound also produce this one because Secret sounds a lot more like their usual work."

    @evilsin (8.5) — "Ooooooh, aren't we a little brooding, girls? This track manages to capture a fascinating for me atmosphere right from the get go. The low base in the background, the plink-plonky synths in the fore ground and the lush vocals in the middle, mhmm, delicious."

    @roblognick (6) — "I can't work out if that beeping melody in the background is amazing or annoying. At this moment, I'm going with annoying."

  3. I'm catching up and..... my 11 didn't even make Top 20?

  4. [​IMG]

    Also www @ me stating this is one of my faves twice. We get it hon.
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  5. WHO R U and Sleepless Night should miss the Top 10.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Yes. And Sleepless Night should leave first.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I like Secret a lot but it has no place in the Top 10 given the masterpieces that are left. I gave all of the songs left 9.75 or higher, except for three (which still got between 8 and 9). It's getting close to the end, it's so thrilling~
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  10. Sleepless Night and Remember are both masterpieces and I will not tolerate any slander against either one of them! The haters can bite my bullet.

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  11. I like Sleepless Night but it's just not as good as Secret and the fact that you all don't understand that is why this rate is becoming a gd mess the closer we get to the top 10.
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  12. as i've said countless times now ddd, from this point forward, every single song left has received at least one 11...


    Who are you
    To be so unreadable?
    Who are you
    To make me want you so bad?


    넌 뭐니 (WHO R U)

    Score: 8.670
    High scores: 11×1 (@Coming Century), 10×8 (@Love Deluxe, @roblognick, @Oleander, @Cotton Park, @yuuurei, @Hurricane Drunk, @Deja-Boo, @vague), 9.75×1 (@ajmkv), 9.7×1 (@berserkboi), 9×5 (@soratami, @junglefish, @ryjm, @SloMover, @Remorque)
    Low scores: 5×1 (@GeiPanda), 6×1 (@Sanctuary), 7×3 (@bbynewyear, @evilsin, @ddog)
    My score: 10

    5 ballots: No.3, 9.64 avg.
    10 ballots: No.4, 9.42 avg.
    15 ballots: No.4, 9.313 avg.
    20 ballots: No.5, 9.16 avg.
    25 ballots: No.10, 8.988 avg.
    30 ballots: No.13, 8.648 avg.
    32 ballots: No.12, 8.670 avg.

    "넌 뭐니 (WHO R U)" (neon mwoni; what's with you) is the first track from 9MUSES' first mini-album, "Sweet Rendezvous", released on March 8, 2012. The song's lyrics were written by Song Sooyun, it was arranged by Han Jaeho and Hong Seunghyun, composed by Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsu, and produced by Sweetune.

    That ~sensual energy~ line really does succinctly sum this whole track up, doesn't it? At this point in their career, 9MUSES had pretty much only released balls-to-the-wall bops filled to the brim with vocals and hooks and raps, without really giving the ladies (or the listeners, let's be frank ddd) a chance to slow down and just... breathe. Their songs were full assaults on the senses at all times - which I love, don't get me wrong! And, yeah, this song still has those same elements on display, but it feels like the dial has been turned down to a... 9, instead of 15, for a change dddd. Rather than aggressive, in-your-face attitude, this song has a slower, more refined, sexier feel to it that is a nice change of pace for these ladies, while still keeping that trademark 9MUSES vibe. Ugh, this is so gotdang good.

    So, with after elimination, we're down to just one b-side left: "Action". Do y'all think she'll join her sister b-sides outside of the top ten, or can she outrank a few of the singles left in?

    @roblognick (10) — "SENSUAL... ENERGY... For that, this scores at least a point higher than it should."

    @Oleander (10) — "Honestly, they could have easily released this song as a single. I don't say that lightly given that the other three songs on this mini are immaculate singles. What separates it from the other three is that there is a feeling of mystery and subduedness that makes it the perfect opening for the album as it catches the listener's ear and preps them for the slayage that's about to come."

    @Cotton Park (10) — "A signature Namyu track. Incredibly seductive synths, keyboards, Nile Rodgers guitar and that bubbling bass line. How can anybody not love this? Who are these people! Sweet mother of GAWD!"

    @yuuurei (10) — "~Sensual~ ENERGY! I adore this funky, moody disco bop"

    @ajmkv (9.75) — "Ahh, Nine Muses's first album track, and what an album track it is! I think most people will agree that this was and still is one of their best and most beloved songs to not receive a video. It is sensual and energetic, a great work-out or walking song, and just exudes coolness. 9M and Sweetune really did create magic between them because this (and all their collaborations to follow) are perfect slices of K-Pop heaven. I used to listen to this a ton, and there was even a remix (mashup with Zedd's Stache, actually) that hit even harder and that I played almost as much as the original, which to me showed me this song's versatility. What a gem."

    @berserkboi (9.7) — "I am loving the soft greatness."

    @ryjm (9) — "Oh yas the funky lil guitar, give me that sensual energy oooft! The production is so enjoyable here and I'm living for that bouncy bass unnie. This is one damn smooth bop - it feels Girls Aloud-esque (Chemistry Era) so I'm living my retro fantasy. Even the predictable key change is a serve, give it to me sis."

    @SloMover (9) — "~SENSUAL ENERGY~
    Honestly, other groups would've killed to have this as their title and here 9 MUSES are tossing it out as an album track. Their minds. Euaerin's rapping is obviously iconic but my messy ass is sad that LeeSem was no longer the rapper from this point on."

    @Remorque (9) — "This should be a fucking mess, but I just love it in all its messiness. HyunA and Lee Sem going for vocals was something I wasn't expecting, but hey ho... Euaerin does a good job, I guess."

    @pop3blow2 (8.5) — "Disco bop. Yay. I'm a sucker for songs like this. "

    @ThighHighs (8.5) — "Disco Nine Muses is my favorite Nine Muses. This is a whirlwind of guitar licks and the vocals are ALREADY miles ahead of what their first mini was providing. They found their groove pretty much immediately after their first era."

    @Slice of Life (8) — "Another huge ass bawperoo. It's amazing that this stacks up to the absolute beasts that are Ticket, News and Figaro. Not every album track can do that. Yath. There's something so iconique about the way they say 'energy.'"

    @Petit nain des Îles (8) — "Not having done a discography run in a long time, it's impressive how much of an improvement over their previous releases this was. They all sound great. It has their trademark Jamiroquai-y funkiness, Euaerin's iconic rap part, and such a groove to it. Wouldn't be surprising if it inspired Glue further down the road. I could do without the key change though."

    @bbynewyear (7) — "'sensual energy~!' And the Nile Rodgers-lite beat Gets this track a 7."

    @evilsin (7) — "Perfectly pleasant number. The chorus' flow is the most memorable thing here along with kinda bubbly production and that half-key change at the end is cute."

    @GeiPanda (5) — "Not terrible, but also not particularly exciting."

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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Oop at my 8.5 being below the average. This probably could have gotten a 10 from me, but I can't really think of a song I'd kick out in its place.
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  15. as we get closer to the finish line, the cuts will only get tougher...

    three people will be losing their 11 with this one...


    If you hesitate, you might hurt yourself
    Touching touching, shake up my heart
    Show your blushing heart and attitude to me
    I feel sorry for you, don't be an idiot


    건 (GUN)

    Score: 8.767
    High scores: 11×3 (@Love Deluxe, @ajmkv, @Petit nain des Îles), 10×11 (@junglefish, @ohnostalgia, @Oleander, @RUNAWAY, @ThighHighs, @codecat, @FunkyButChic, @Slice of Life, @Remorque, @Deja-Boo, @vague), 9.8×1 (@berserkboi), 9.5×1 (@eliminathan), 9×3 (@Ana Raquel, @SloMover, @Cotton Park)
    Low scores: 3×1 (@bbynewyear), 6×1 (@ddog), 6.5×1 (@evilsin), 7×4 (@soratami, @Coming Century, @Hurricane Drunk, @Sanctuary), 7.5×1 (@Gintoki)
    My score: 10

    5 ballots: No.28, 8.36 avg.
    10 ballots: No.12 (tie), 8.78 avg.
    15 ballots: No.9, 9.187 avg.
    20 ballots: No.11, 8.903 avg.
    25 ballots: No.12, 8.902 avg.
    30 ballots: No.11, 8.768 avg.
    32 ballots: No.11, 8.767 avg.

    "건 (GUN)" (geon) is the title track from 9MUSES' first full-length album, "PRIMA DONNA", released on October 14, 2013. The song's lyrics were written by Song Sooyun; it was arranged by Han Jaeho, Kim Seungsu, and Hong Seunghyun; composed by Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsu; and produced by Sweetune. "건 (GUN)" peaked at no.16 on the Gaon Digital Chart, and sold 207,723 copies in total throughout its chart run. The "PRIMA DONNA" album peaked at no.7 on the Gaon Album Chart, selling 7,204 physical copies in total.

    2013 was a very busy and, thankfully, a very stable year for the Muses. For the first time since their debut era in 2010, they were at full strength as a 9-member group again, and were riding high with (moderately) successful singles, increasing physical sales with each subsequent comeback, and their fanbase was steadily growing, too. After three years, they were finally able to release a full-length album, as well - something that is actually quite rare in kpop for midtier groups.

    As the follow up to "와일드 (Wild)", "건 (GUN)" had a lot to live up to for me, and going in a very different direction sonically was, I think, an incredibly smart decision. This still has all the hallmarks of 9MUSES' best tracks, but trades in the whizzing synths and explosive beats for a surf guitar and funky horns. The '60s-esque-meets-cowgirl styling works so well for these ladies, too, and is a big part of why this is one of my fave videos from them. And, of course, Euaerin's rap is FIRE; it's definitely one of her best. I'm a little sad this missed the top ten, but I'm also not sure what I would have swapped out in its place... Actually, yes I do, but I probably shouldn't say dddd.

    @ajmkv (11) — "Story time: it was early October 2013, I was a second-year university student, and I was chilling in my best friend (the one who I bothered with the Dolls rap, if that song and my commentary are out yet)'s room, browsing Allkpop (horrible, I know). I saw that Nine Muses were teasing a comeback, and after Wild was still constantly playing in all my dorm parties (I was very popular, obvi~), I was immediately super excited. My friend rolled her eyes and said 'I'm never going to hear the end of it, am I?', to which I shook my head with a gleeful look in my eye. A few days later, when Gun was released, I was again in her room and we watched it together for the first time. I then replayed it. Once, twice, three times. And then over hundreds of times as the year went on. I was obsessed. My friend was distressed. If Wild had turned me into a stan, Gun had turned me into 9M's personal slave. I loved this song with all my heart and it became the #1 song in my soundtrack (as well as on my charts until it was knocked down by Glue), and eventually even my friend grew to love it, albeit begrudgingly. Just as with many other Namyu songs, I have a lot of memories attached to this song, but this one stands out because the memories are so distinct. I listen to this song and I'm instantly transported to another moment in my life, and I feel joyous and giddy, almost as if I'm playing the song to my friend for the nth time. I adore this song. And why? It's not the most innovative song in the world, and it's not even the best song in Nine Muses's discography. I simply don't care. I love everything about it. The western-sounding instrumental, the sassy lyrics, the fun choreo, just, everything. In my head, even, all the choruses are sung by Leesem (with Kyungri in the background)—I mean, it actually really does sound like that, and trust me, I could recognize Leesem's voice anywhere— so you know that this song is special. There aren't enough words for me to continue to describe my love for this song, so I'll leave it at... thank you, Nine Muses, for this and all your music. It's essential to my life's soundtrack. Gun especially, and that's why it's my 11.
    Have I made it clear how much I love this song? Ha.~"

    @Petit nain des Îles (11) — "Their magnum opus. Sera was my bias at the time, and it's not surprising as her performance makes my heart melt. This was one of the first Kpop comebacks I witnessed, so it remains special for me."

    @Oleander (10) — "What a video. Who else could make a dump look this good? Who? No one."

    @RUNAWAY (10) — "this retro feel to this song has always brought a smile to my face. like it gives me wild west feels but also big band feels and I don't know if that makes sense but it's a lot of the reason why I love this song."

    @ThighHighs (10) — "I was going to give this a 9, but then that 'majijak manjijak utgitman manjijak' came around again and I was slain again. They have the absolute best hooks in their songs. It also helps that the rest of the songs is incredible and they are TOTAL SMOKESHOWS in the video. It's up there with their best videos, especially including the ridiculous intro."

    @codecat (10) — "Gun (Drama too) is a bit of a wallflower in comparison to their other singles but it still packs quite a mean, feisty punch. It's not something I would instantly associate to a K-pop GG and that's what I like about it: this is a full on dusty yeehaw fantasy - dangerous ground to tread on if not done right, but fortunately that NEVER happens with 9muses and their singles. It also helps that it's SO catchy...like Black Plague levels of catchy...iiiiBWAaAaAaAaAAAA~"

    @FunkyButChic (10) — "I loved it when 9M flirted with rock, and this was probably their best attempt at it. I don't think there's been a better combination than the girls' vocals and heavy guitar riffs."

    @Slice of Life (10) — "Helpppp this is still so good after all these years. The slower-paced verses always get me and when that chorus hits, boy do I fear for my hair follicles. The use of horns is also impeccable. Iconique."

    @berserkboi (9.8) — "Great!"

    @SloMover (9) — "The horns. The guitars. The vocals. Their minds."

    @Cotton Park (9) — "Surfpunk guitars and motown horns and one of the sexiest nine-part harmonized choruses ever."

    @yuuurei (8.25) — "That sultry 60s-esque opening instrumental is so iconic. The track is sultry and sassy, very fun to listen to."

    @roblognick (8) — "I've kept putting the score for this song up by .5 each time I listen to it. It's really fun and just gets better with each listen."

    @ryjm (8) — "Their discography really does have some great uses of guitars/bass doesn't it? The instrumentation keeps making me think of either Austin Powers or any generic surfing montage (my mind...I don't know). Either way, I like it."

    @GeiPanda (8) — "In terms of the overall package, they are looking like a Top Tier girl group here. Probably the first time nobody in the group has been shafted by the stylist... I'm gagged by the glow-up of Eunji particularly, who finally gets rid of her ahjumma hair. The song itself is cute, but not my top 9Muses track in any shape or form."

    @evilsin (6.5) — "This is okay-ish. Somehow doesn't sound that interesting to me, although I do like the chorus' rhythm."

    @bbynewyear (3) — "they look good here! The title kills me! Forgettable song though."

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  16. [​IMG]

    티켓 (TICKET)

    뉴스 (News)

    휘가로 (Figaro)

    와일드 (Wild)


    글루 (Glue)

    다쳐 (Hurt Locker)

    잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Sleepless Night)

    기억해 (Remember)

    러브시티 (Love City)
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