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Let's have a rate : the 9MUSES discography rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Hyuna though. Singlehandedly saved the group from total flopdom. That’s power.
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  2. well at least i'm glad the superior remember placed higher
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  3. I sort of don't want Love City to win because of the foolish reason that it's not a full set of Muses. But I don't want Hurt Locker to win because I, while a good track that I think I scored a 10, maybe a 9, it just feels like it was trying to be too much like everything else that was out at the time which their earlier stuff (bar a few exceptions) didn't seem to do.

    I might lean over to the Love City side of the fence.

    Such an exciting end to the rate though, definitely.
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  4. Yath! The top two of the rate were literally my top two when going through their discography. I wanted to give them both an 11, so I'm pretty happy with this result (based on the fallout, I assume my taste is clearly trash...what's new). The top 10 is incredible though, and all are deserving of a top spot.
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  5. Now we know who to blame.
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  6. Love City to win. Remember should’ve been in the Top Two over Hurt Locker.
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  7. Honestly for me, Nine Muses ended when Sera and Leesem left, along with Sweetune, so these final results really don’t mean that much to me. News should have won the entire rate.
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  8. Leesem avatars unite!

    I really hope Hurt Locker takes this, I would be happier with that result. Regardless, this has been a magnificent rate, I've truly enjoyed being able to share my love for our girls and be able to geek out about them once more! Y'all don't even know how happy that has made me.
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  10. well, we're finally here. the ~grand finale~ of the rate...

    8MUSES vs 4MUSES...

    "다쳐 (Hurt Locker)" vs "러브시티 (Love City)"...

    what has K-Popjustice decided is 9MUSES' second best song?


    My heart was hurt, oh no
    You weren't there when I needed you
    My heart is locked, oh no
    Bye, love


    다쳐 (Hurt Locker)

    Score: 9.359
    High scores: 11×4 (@ryjm, @ThighHighs, @codecat, @Deja-Boo), 10×12 (@soratami, @berserkboi, @pop3blow2, @Ana Raquel, @roblognick, @Oleander, @ajmkv, @Cotton Park, @yuuurei, @FunkyButChic, @Petit nain des Îles, @Gintoki), 9.5×4 (@junglefish, @Love Deluxe, @Hurricane Drunk, @eliminathan), 9×5 (@evilsin, @GeiPanda, @Remorque, @ddog, @vague)
    Low scores: 4×1 (@bbynewyear), 7×1 (@Coming Century)
    My score: 9

    5 ballots: No.7, 9.2 avg.
    10 ballots: No.2, 9.6 avg.
    15 ballots: No.3, 9.4 avg.
    20 ballots: No.2, 9.35 avg.
    25 ballots: No.3, 9.34 avg.
    30 ballots: No.4, 9.283 avg.
    32 ballots: No.2, 9.359 avg.

    "다쳐 (Hurt Locker)" (dachyeo; hurt) is the title track from 9MUSES' fourth mini-album, "9MUSES S/S EDITION", released on July 2, 2015. The song's lyrics were written by e.one and Urban Cllasik; it was arranged by e.one; and composed by Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, and Herbie Crichlow. "다쳐 (Hurt Locker)" peaked at no.32 on the Gaon Digital Chart, and sold 176,198 copies in total throughout its chart run. The "9MUSES S/S EDITION" mini-album peaked at no.5 on the Gaon Album Chart, selling 7,873 physical copies in total.

    Listening to this repeatedly as I've put together this post has made me realize that I've under rated it a smidge. The pre-chorus+chorus combo alone is worthy of 10-points... it's sooo good. It just soars. Not that the rest of the song isn't great, too - it is! - especially Euaerin's rap. But, whew, that chorus is astronomically amazing. I'm sorry, unnies. I think this is probably one of their most straight-forward sounding tracks, but that chorus really elevates it beyond an ordinary pop song. A classic... literally a classic.

    The video is, without a doubt, one of their best, too. Every single Muse looks incredible here. Minha, especially, is so striking with that bright red hair, waow. And Euaerin in every. single. frame. of footage she features? Christ, a bombshell. And has Hyuna ever looked better than she does here?? I don't think so. We knew this was a group full of visuals, but they really just beat you over the head with that fact in this video, huh? Maybe I'm not as gay as I thought dddd.

    @ryjm (11) — "Well isn't this one of the most obvious 10s (read: 11s) in the rate. Yath unnies, give me that dramatic pre-chorus build up and eviscerate me with that stratospheric chorus, what utter euphoria. Nawt those verses serving you whiplash realness with it's frantic production. This is I Got A Boy levels of musical fuckery yet 200% better because it all works and isn't the slightest bit jarring. What a masterclass in vocals and production. Honestly just such an incredibly life affirming banger, and the One & Only winner."

    @ThighHighs (11) — "Everything about this is such a flex. It's insane that this came from a group that had just come back with a majorly revamped lineup after everyone had basically written them off post the Sera exodus.. As I mentioned previously in the rate thread, this was one of the first songs that got me fully into K-Pop after about 6 years of surface-level fascination, and it's almost exclusively due to the prechorus into chorus sections. I had that chorus stuck in my head for DAYS and when I finally went back to try to look it up, I could remember NOTHING about who sang it or the title. That lead to me scouring youtube and listening to so many kpop songs to try to identify it. The song remains a monster and the video is the best they've ever put out."

    @codecat (11) — "Hurt Locker is a bitter, exhilarating high of a lifetime injected in a song - and the extraness to name it after Kathryn Bigelow's movie because 'Hurt' alone just wouldn't do says everything you need to know about it but I'm going to ramble anyway! You always remember that moment when a song violently hangs your wig out to dry, and even though those around you try to diminish that memory (I once showed this MV to my best friend and she said 'they sound poor' and I've never been able to bounce back from that), you always, always remember...the moment that chorus entered my ears I wanted to scream until my eyelids caught FIRE. Hurt Locker keeps you in your toes - an ambush of sour basses and riffs starts in one minute, then on the next a strange, mysterious Europop section threatens to take off - a clock is ticking in the distance on this bit! - and when it does...it's a fucking free-fall on what may be one of the most explosive moments in the history of mankind (Tsar Bomba found WIPED from the annals of time)...the chorus. The laserlike precision. The piercing diction. They sing it as if it's the last thing they'll ever sing...the magic that that has. Long gone are those days where antis would bring up the crumpled smelly 'THEY CANT SING!!' card - everyone sounds great and the main vocals are in top form. ALKSAKAHKLD WHEN THEY SING THE SECOND PART OF THE CHORUS AND YOU CAN HEAR THE BACKING VOCALS IN AN OCTAVE ABOVE....A DREAM..........LITERALLY A DREAM. Hyemi fell down from heaven above to do it for the girls and the gays on this one. I'm having hot flashes and palpitations all over my body thinking about the choreo and how they invented the padlock dance and how they follow it up with a mega foot stop + hairflip ffffff should I grow out my hair? It's my favorite choreo from them and it's the only one meant to happen for a song so hectic - there are no breaks, the energy is nonstop and you should see it live if you haven't already! Whew!! What a song. What a moment. Of course this is my eleven - it's the only song in the rate which I would get the entirety of the lyrics on a tramp stamp. It's perfect."

    @berserkboi (10) — "This is intriguingly excellent."

    @pop3blow2 (10) — "This has a bit of punch to it. I have no idea, but I'd guess this was a big hit, right." (...not so much dd)

    @Ana Raquel (10) — "I spent years without listening to 9 Muses, but thanks to this song, I could do it again. Bless."

    @roblognick (10) — "This one definitely sounds like two songs smushed together but it really works well. I sort of remember this coming out and not really paying any attention at the time. What a fool I am!"

    @Oleander (10) — "You know what? I think this is the song where 9Muses proved that they are true goddesses. Why? Because they managed to take the most heterosexual place in existence, a freight port, and turn it into a glamorous music video setting. What's that? There are other more heterosexual locations? Okay Becky, but answer me this.......have you ever heard of any gays working at a freight port and being all like 'Hey Joe, let's move this cargo?' That's what I thought. I swear they must have painted some of those freight containers because I have never seen any come in any colors outside of dark brown/red, dark blue, dark green, and unappealing and mucky yellow. Not only that, but they also took sports cars away from the straights and claimed them as their own? Ugh....their minds. Then they went and delivered the ultimate summer bop to go with it? We are not worthy of all this slayage. They did it all and then some for the gays with this one."

    @ajmkv (10) — "So if Drama happened when I was still trying to impress the European people (read: men) around me, Hurt Locker arrived at a point when I just didn't care anymore and I was thrilled I had a summer Nine Muses release to stomp down the street to - and stomp down the sunny Italian beachfront street I did. Honestly a lot of my current love for this song comes from these memories; Hurt Locker, Shake It, and Heart Attack really defined my summer of 2015, so they each hold a special place in my heart. Either way, Hurt Locker is a massively underrated monster of a song that would have had a lot more success if it had been released by another, more successful group. It's sad, because this song had everything going for it, literally everything. Great verses, sublime bridges leading into a punchy chorus, the choreo, the outfits (OK maybe the outfits weren't perfect), EUAERIN'S FUCKING RAP UGHHHHHHH. Hurt Locker deserved so, so much more, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the Top 5 of this rate, even Top 3."

    @yuuurei (10) — "This really was That comeback, huh? I loved everything about it from the bright and colorful video to the return of take-no-shit lyrics to the powerful vocals. Unforgettable."

    @FunkyButChic (10) — "The girls deserved a win far before this but if any of their songs really did the absolute most to ensure a win only to walk away empty handed... I'm still pissed. The injustice."

    @Petit nain des Îles (10) — "The shock upon hearing this sound from Nine Muses is a sentiment I'll never forget. The chorus is such a trash pop anthem."

    @evilsin (9) — "Oh wow, I'm living for that Eurovision realness in the chorus and pre-chorus. I wonder why I didn't like this at all when it came out, people were raving and I was meh-ing."

    @GeiPanda (9) — "I can't tell whether the way Euaerin is propped on the car is odd or fierce... or both. I'm gooped by the overall MV and visuals. For some reason the chorus is missing something for me. It doesn't match the intensity of the verses and pre-chorus, I think."

    @SloMover (8.25) — "As many have pointed out, the pre-chorus build up into the explosive chorus is Earth shattering. I'm not a fan of the verses which kind of stunt the whole song but the strength of the chorus (almost) makes up for it. Bonus points for the girls trying a new sound."

    @RUNAWAY (8) — "this has never been one of my favorite Muses singles and I'm so sorry for that."

    @Slice of Life (8) — "Dare I say kinda overrated? Kekeke. I still love it - I mean, I'm still giving it a 8 and I'm not gonna be mad if this ranks higher than my fave Namyu songs - but deep down, I know this isn't their very best. It's that chorus. It lacks that signature Namyu pop."

    @bbynewyear (4) — "Omg why this title? This aint it for me!"

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  11. which means the winner of the 9MUSES discography rate is...


    Scandal pop, sauce box
    Climb on top, please don't stop
    No charm, a danger zone
    L.O.V.E Love City


    러브시티 (Love City)

    Score: 9.572
    High scores: 11×2 (@soratami, @ohnostalgia), 10×15 (@Coming Century, @junglefish, @Ana Raquel, @Love Deluxe, @ryjm, @Oleander, @RUNAWAY, @ThighHighs, @codecat, @FunkyButChic, @Slice of Life, @GeiPanda, @Sanctuary, @Remorque, @Deja-Boo), 9.8×1 (@berserkboi), 9.75×2 (@yuuurei, @eliminathan), 9.5×2 (@Cotton Park, @Hurricane Drunk), 9.25×1 (@vague), 9×5 (@pop3blow2, @bbynewyear, @evilsin, @ddog, @Gintoki)
    Low scores: 7×1 (@roblognick), 8×1 (@Petit nain des Îles), 8.25×1 (@ajmkv), 8.5×1 (@SloMover)
    My score: 9.25

    5 ballots: No.2, 9.81 avg.
    10 ballots: No.1, 9.605 avg.
    15 ballots: No.1, 9.587 avg.
    20 ballots: No.1, 9.603 avg.
    25 ballots: No.1, 9.542 avg.
    30 ballots: No.1, 9.577 avg.
    32 ballots: No.1, 9.572 avg.

    "러브시티 (Love City)" (reobeu siti) is the title track from 9MUSES' first repackaged mini-album, "Muses Diary Part.3 : Love City", released on August 3, 2017. The song's lyrics were written by Gyeongree, Sojin, Maria Marcus, and Rohan Heath; it was arranged by e.one; and composed by Maria Marcus and Rohan Heath. "러브시티 (Love City)" failed to chart on the Gaon Digital Chart, but peaked at no.96 on the Gaon Mobile Chart for ringtones. The "Muses Diary Part.3 : Love City" repackage peaked at no.12 on the Gaon Album Chart, selling 4,559 physical copies in total.

    As you can see from the leaderboard history, once "러브시티 (Love City)" claimed its spot as no.1, it never let go of it. Whatever you think of this song, there's no denying it's one of the most unique tracks in 9MUSES' discography. What could have been a standard EDM track from another group, becomes a glitchy, fierce, slightly creepy monster bop in the hands of the Muses.

    Sojin's always felt a bit inessential to the group, as she's never really gotten a chance to take center stage before this, but she steals the show completely here. Her repeated whispery bits throughout the song add a bit of a dark, sinister, almost grimy feel that makes "러브시티 (Love City)" stand out amongst the myriad of absolutely stellar productions these ladies have unleashed upon the world. This felt like such an interesting step in a new direction for their sound, and I'm sad we never got to see them explore and expand upon this aural space that they were just starting to carve out for themselves again.

    @ryjm (10) — "HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THIS!? I was not ready for this hypnotic banger. Legit slipped from my chair. Oh dear lord the chorus just hit! I'm dead. I've died. RIP me. This is so dirty sounding and I LIVE for it. Serve me those glitchy trippy whisper vocals unnies. This sounds like an AI's attempt at autogenerating a KPOP banger - it's a busy bopping, wig snatching, glitchy Frankenstein."

    @Oleander (10) — "Given that this was the first song I had ever heard by the group, you can imagine that it was in the running for my 11. Here we see the girls take the electronic side of their sound to the extreme but it works so effortlessly. All the autotune and vocal manipulations give this song such a powerful character but never distorts the recognizability of their voices. By that, I mean that even in this bed of electronics and layers upon layers of sounds, the girls still remain the main attraction. Whereas other people's voices would be rendered conventional and a dime-a-dozen with these kinds of effects, 9Muses retain their uniqueness. Or in the case of Sojin, the uniqueness is enhanced and emphasized. Her almost whisper-rapped parts are definitely my favorite part of the song. They add a darker and almost androgynous counterpart to the bright and light voices of the other girls. And that music video......they can all step on me like Hyemi steps on that bar of chocolate."

    @ThighHighs (10) — "As the rate wraps up and this song is the last ~*real single of theirs, I just have to thank god that they were allowed to exist long enough to give us this INSANE track. This is the kind of bonkers kpop that I LIVE for and they pull it the fuck AUF. Everyone contributes to this, but obviously Sojin has the last laugh with the most bonkers string-of-consciousness rap section I can remember. God bless these queens."

    @codecat (10) — "SOJIN. ASMR. SCANDAL POP. Love City is bold and colorful and I'm thankful for this + the other e.one x random Swedish producer single they have in their discography. Seriously if they tagged this MV as ASMR it would have so many views and it's technically not a wrong category: have any of you noticed the repeated whispered L O V E on the chorus? All these extremes - chiptune bits bouncing on top of distorted basses, gritty synths and drums with smooth gliding harmonies - put together in three minutes and a half and not a single second sounds messy. The production is mind blowing...and I love love those closed harmonies in the end. It's another score in the fashion department! The protest signs with the lyrics are a scream dddd Kyungri's 'Stop it boy' inspired world leaders to eradicate nuclear weapons, changing the free world as we know it."

    @FunkyButChic (10) — "SCANDAL POP. SAUCE BOX. I don't know what the hell she saying at this part, but it slaps!"

    @Slice of Life (10) — "Honestly, this is not a 10 but I can't lie, that Simlish rap courtesy of Sojin alone deserves a 10. Take it, take this 10 mawmas."

    @GeiPanda (10) — "Words can't really express how much I love this. In fact, the only reaction I can give is: [Insert Sojin's simlish rap]."

    @berserkboi (9.8) — "Bop!"

    @yuuurei (9.75) — "Sounds like a sequel to 'Hurt Locker'. That chorus slams and Sojin's spoken verses are SO good. The lyrics are amazing too. An absolute banger, I love it."

    @pop3blow2 (9) — "A lot of good bits in this song."

    @bbynewyear (9) — "one for the gays! I love the low pitch spoken word moments. It's like I'm in the basement of a NY gay club, it's 1am and the lasers just caught me in my eye as I knocked into my friend and spilled his drink, we both managed to keep singing along while posing to each syllable though."

    @evilsin (9) — "Iconic rap! 'Scandal Pop Saucebox' followed by gibberish alone takes the cake. So brash, so big, so loud, love it. The chuchuchu, papapa, lalala bit in the chorus possesses a little bit of an acquired taste, but overall not a bad track. Well done, girls."

    @SloMover (8.5) — "OH BITCH THAT INTRO. For Electro Muses, it's a bit more generic than say Remember (2017) or Hurt Locker but it's still great."

    @ajmkv (8.25) — "I was super excited when I heard the news that 9M were releasing a follow-up to Remember because I thought it would be even better. Once Love City was out, I was disappointed because it didn't click, and still hasn't. I mean, it has everything going for it, including a fun instrumental with piano bits, sassy lyrics, great vocals... but I just don't love it. Sojin's... throaty... raps, they make me really miss Euaerin. I appreciate it for what it is, a bop, but honestly I just can't listen to it more than once every once in a while when I put on my Nine Muses collection. I loved the video, though, and I like the attitude."

    @Petit nain des Îles (8) — "This is another one that had to grow on me, because the production is a bit too messy or busy."

    @roblognick (7) — "There's some weird, scary whispering in there and it creeps me out. Otherwise, it's quite a good song."

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  12. Love City as the winner is... shocking but thank you @vague for another fantastic and entertaining rate. *heart emoji*
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  13. [​IMG]

    Congratulations on the fantastic rate @vague
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  14. Thank you so much for running this rate so expertly @vague! You did an amazing job and I cant say thank you enough for the visuals, the pacing, and the thoughtful write-ups for each song! I loved the girls already and i still feel like I learned so much!

    This rate ending with Love City as the winner is such a gag. I absolutely LOVE the song, but it does seem like a lot of us have it a 10 for the sheer audacity of it. I think we all thought some people would tank it. Let this be a lesson to other groups that if you swing big, you might win big in one rate on the internet in a subforrum.
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  15. Thank you so much @vague for coming through with the quality, the visuals and the intel on yet another hit rate! Even though the end result had the same impact as No Playboy's blazing takeover on Korea's national charts, you did an excellent job and your legacy lives on.
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  16. I'll post all the averages, etc. over the weekend, but first I want to, again, thank all of you who participated in this rate, and all of you who followed along without voting, as well. I know the results were kind of surprising at times, to say the least ddd, but I hope you all still had a good time and enjoyed the ride! I truly appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into this rate with your ballots, commentary, likes, and replies in the thread; it made me want to do my best to match that effort, and I hope that was reflected in the elimination posts. I'm glad this rate was able to attract a few new fans to the group, too, (with some gentle prodding on my part dddd) and I hope you guys continue to enjoy the wonderful music 9MUSES gifted to us over the course of their nine years together.

    once again, thanks to everyone for the support and kind words. it truly means a lot to me to read all the sweet, supportive messages both in this thread and in PMs, and to know that you had a good time over the course of this rate! ❤❤❤
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  17. A rate! Thanks for running and inviting me, gorgeous @vague! :D
  18. Not gonna lie I would have preferred Hurt Locker to win because of ~personal reasons, but Love City is cool as well.

    Thank you for another great rate @vague!
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  19. DDD Iconic underdog winner.

    Brilliant rate yet again @vague . This rate and the LOONA one went off without a hitch so I’m excited to see what you do next sis!

    Kii at Love City being the only song with a high score from @bbynewyear . Sis fixing the rate to get ha fave to win we stan a 4muses stan.
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  20. You know what? I'm happy that Love City won. This was their final chapter (Remember was more like an epilogue) with only 4 Muses left standing, and did they back down and keep it simple and easy? No, they came through with this absolute off-the-wall SMASH and made sure we would all 기억해.mp3 them as the amazing, badass queens they were.

    And they WERE! The only reason they weren't a super successful, top-of-the-charts group is that the general public couldn't handle their talent and flawlessness. Only the chosen ones (ie the LGBTs) could truly appreciate these hard-working, undervalued women who fought through abuse and adversity to deliver a fraction of their beauty, charm and brilliance to us mortals.

    All this adulation aside www I really do love 9 Muses and I'll miss them and their music so much.

    @vague, you absolutely did the girls justice with this beautiful and informative rate that recruited new, ex post facto fans and gave us old stans all a reason to go back and rediscover their outstanding music. It was super fun and you were a great host! I hereby dub you the 10th Muse.

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