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Let's have a rate : the 9MUSES discography rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Oh my god, I didn't realize I was such a party pooper with my scores, dddd.
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  2. @vague unnie congratulations for another succesful and splendid rate
    No one is doing it like you.

    You can't spell 'talent' without 'vague' or something something!
  3. Well done and thank you @vague.
  4. A great winner but then again any of the other songs in the Top 10 would have made great winners as well. Thanks so much for running another excellent rate with top-notch visuals, @vague! This rate not only gave me the chance to finish going through 9Muses' discography but fall in love with the songs I have been a fan of for quite a while now. 9Muses really did make magic with what they were given even in the times when they were given very little. Across all of their iterations, the group never stopped showing time and time again that they were the full package. They might not have received all the success that they deserved but they will never stop receiving love from their fans which is a great success in its own right. The group might be gone now but just like their music, they and the inspiration they've given to fans by continually pressing forward even when things looked bad will continue to live on. The end is never the end as long as you remember the good times and good music 9Muses has given us across the years. Not that you need reminding of that because who could ever forget a group like them and songs like these?

  5. So many great write-ups & a wonderful rate to follow along with for someone new to Kpop! I learned a lot & discovered many new bops. Thanks again for the invite @vague ... glad I participated.

    Also still hilarious I lost my 11 first! Give Me is still stuck in my head, though.
  6. Ugh real life got in the way of me enjoying the end of the rate in real time! Thank you @vague for the wild ride, truly! Hearts were broken, things were said - points were made. And one of my favs was no.1, so it's all water under the bridge!

    Now let's just go ahead and delete this bbynewyear slander...


    Also, Action has been on my mind all week, they really hit the nail on that song.
  7. Hurt Locker would have been my 11 if I'd voted, but sadly real life got in the way. I didn't realise the song was so popular!
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