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Let's take it old school!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. I was a toddler when these songs were most popular, but after finding a compilation with some wonderful treats on, I had to share and see if anyone else was a fan.

    Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy?
    Ce Ce Peniston - Finally?
    Livin' Joy - Dreamer?
    edit: argh pressed Post too early!
    Strike - U Sure Do?
    Gat Decor - Passion?
    Nush - U Girls?

    And of course, the amazing Show Me Love by Robin. S?
  2. you were a toddler when these were around? you make me feel old... love all of these club classics, from my teenage years. love my early 90s dance music!
  3. Yep, I'm 18 so I can't remember them at all. Shame!
  4. Oh yeah! although i don't know how i remember these, i'm 18 too.
  5. Let Me Be Your Fantasy was #1 on my sixth birthday, it came up on shuffle today while I was in the library and I had a little shuffle in my seat.

    Finally and Dreamer are still both amazing.
    And Show Me Love is still very much one of my favourite songs, I'm not liking Show Me Love 2009 though.
  6. Christ, I saw Baby D perform at a club when she was #1 with that...
  7. I looovvveee Baby D. Deliverance is an amazing album.

    And Dreamer is one of my favourite tracks ever, ever, ever.

    I was 15/16 when these were all coming out. A little too young for the clubs, but old enough to love them. I have huge playlists of 90s dance on the iPod.

    Show Me Love by Robin S used to cause me problems when I was at Uni, because I was always trying to request Show Me Love by Robyn. Never could find a DJ who knew what I meant.
  8. Am I a dreamer, am-I-am-I a dreamer... one of the highlights of the 90s.

    I'd also throw in Bizarre Inc. and Angie Brown - I'm Gonna Get You (WHY waste your time!! You know you're gonna be mine!!)
  9. It's funny, when all these songs were out I was listening to stuff like Nirvana and Metallica and had no interest in pop at all, but I know them all so well!

    Oh, how about Nightcrawlers - Push the Feeling On? Great song!
  10. I think the first CD album I ever bought was Baby D's. Twas 2 discs and that excited me at the time... though I may well have paid about £15 for it!
  11. Just thought of two more:
    Rhythm Is A Dancer
    Rhythm Of The Night

    I love 90s night in clubs though sometimes they seem to bypass the early dance stuff for the 'cheesy' late 90s pop.
  12. Oh Corona! One of the first albums I ever bought on cassette. God I loved my eurodanceshit as a kid!
  13. Ah, I went to uni in '94, and my best mate bought Mixmag every month as he was well into the house/dance/etc. music scenes of the time. Ah, happy days of the Fluffy Bra massive (yes, bras with furry/feathery fringing or coverings were all the rage at that point) and "U Sure Do" by Strike was the huge handbag anthem of the time.

    I only went to Cream in Liverpool the once, but the same venue hosted Medication (a rather good student night) as well and I went to that a fair bit.

    Possibly the most PJ-tastic time I had in Liverpool was in 96, when the Mardi Gras (a dive, frankly) held the "Kylie and Madonna night" - several hours of nothing but Kylie and Madonna, mostly dance remixes. This was during the era when Kylie was signed to Deconstruction, and the few people still buying Kylie albums could be found. The night finished with people dancing to the "let's get unconscious" bit of Bedtime Story.
  14. Fuck Gat Decor's Passion. that was terrible. The ultimate version of that song amongst the many versions of it Degrees Of Motions' is the best in my opinion:

  15. These get played where i work, alot. It goes down really well.
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