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Lewis Blissett - Sick Thoughts

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Gemini, May 14, 2019.

  1. Lewis is a teenaged singer who was on The Voice Kids UK in 2017.
    He started doing covers on youtube which also got him a lot of attention.
    And now he released his debut single.

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  2. Love this and love his Ariana covers.
  3. Just was about to open a thread. It's very "male Billie Eilish", isn't it?

    Woke king.

  4. I was worried he was picking up on Ariana's muddy pronunciation from covering so many of her songs that it would transfer to his single, I'm glad it didn't. But going to a Billie Eilish sort of sound was a bit surprising as I thought he'd do something more vocal intensive like the covers. Still pleased either way with how it came out.
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  5. He put out a little music video type thing for the song.
  6. New song, again very Billie Eilish-ish.
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  7. Not as good as Sick Thoughts but it's not bad.
  8. Was wondering what was he up to and found this from June. Fucking hell.

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  9. Ah yeah I saw this, I just didn't think to post it here.

    He's on his instagram story today clearly working on music so it seems like he's back working on stuff. He seems like a nice kid, I hope he's okay.
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