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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    My last name dies with me ddd. I don't want kids and my sister doesn't want kids. From my two cousins who have the same last name as me, one of them has two girls and the other is gay with no intention of wanting kids in the future.
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  2. Not the Daemon legacy dying with you and Amiel @Island!!!!
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  3. This sounds like a move that would leave them speechless so I'm absolutely doing this and I'll even pick up some leaflets to slam down on the table for extra effect ddd.
  4. YES. I live for this level of petty. Be like "Remember when you told me you had old toys you were hoping to be put to use? Well parents... *deep breath* *slams down pamphlets* Here's some pamphlets of great places to donate old toys too! I will help you drive them down there! Let's go! Bring joy to kids like you've been wanting!"
  5. Screaming because that's the same with me. My granma still tells me so from time to time, probably hoping to see me come home with a girl one day.

    "You actually have a very distant male cousin living in Canada who carries the family name, but he's a f*g"

    If only she knew nn
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I've already got plans to adopt a little boy and every friend that I tell seems surprised that I want a family...
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  7. I think that there is some weird feelings out there from cis/hetero people about LGBTQ people having kids because it's kind of a rare occasion to see that. Which is kind of sad. They'll be jealous later when you turn out to be a good parent and have the best kid.
  8. My parents' surname would die with me, but I hated it so changed it by deed poll a few years ago.
  9. I like to think my Mum wouldn't have tried to guilt me into having kids regardless as she's SO supportive, but she also has 6 other children to give her grandchildren. She has 11 so far ddd.
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  10. I have four siblings in their 30s and nobody has had a child yet, I think my Mom is beginning to think it's her fault ddd.
  11. SBK


    Good for you!

    I wouldn't rule out adopting, once we buy our own place... guess it depends how old we are...
    For the time being I'm quite happy getting my paternal fix from my friends kids.
  12. I’ve changed my mind so much over the years but I think we have both settled into the decision we won’t have kids. We got a dog a few years ago and that’s been trying enough.He’s completely taken over our lives haha.

    My mums kind of unusual in that she warned me and my siblings not to have kids. She wanted all of us to do everything we wanted first. I think that stems from her falling pregnant at 18 and having to make a big decision and I think she has a lot of “what ifs”.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    My parents waited 10 years to have kids after they got married so they kind of have the same idea too. But they stopped traveling and having a social life after they had my sister....
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  14. Yeah that’s similar to my mum. Her life completely changed over night. She sounds like she was a party girl when she was younger. But my parents marriage was a mess so I think as much as she loved us all dearly she feels she made the wrong decision in a way. I do appreciate her honesty on the matter and it has made me cautious in relationships, particularly around not rushing into things but maybe I’ve gone too far the other way. Me and my partner have been together 9 years and we aren’t even engaged when friends around us who have been together less than half that are married and having kids haha.
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  15. Boyfriend said to me earlier he regretted not having kids, but then, literally as the sentence left his mouth, a stupid kid totally blocked the path we were walking along while his mom was like "No, Otis, don't just stop there, move your bike, no not further forward, backwards!", which he proceeded to do, almost running over our dog. We walked on a few steps and BF said: "Maybe not."
  16. They are also just so expensive like...I just can’t. I like travel and eating out and being spontaneous and that goes out the window with kids.
  17. I'm so lucky that a pair of lesbian friends raise our child for us. I am living my Hannah Montana best of both worlds life Henny, yes I am.
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  18. As long as you're happy, who cares? Marriage is just a piece of paper and a bunch of ceremony. My aunt and uncle were together for like 15 years before they got married, and the marriage didn't change anything.
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  19. Me and boyfriend have been together for almost 15 years.

    We had two dogs, still have one of them and honestly we feel too old and tired to have children. Having dogs makes things already complicated sometimes, let alone children.

    Maybe we will regret it at some point, maybe not. Few of our friends have started having children so we still have those playdates.
  20. You know what you’re absolutely right!
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