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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I still remember Rachel Stevens coming on TOTP in 2004 (I grew up in the UK) then whilst 10 year old me watched my dad turning to my mum saying "Oh here we go, another screeching trout that Joseph's going to want every CD from costing us an arm and a leg every five minutes".

    I really did cost them an arm and a leg with my music collection ddd.
  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Your dad saying this as if he wasn’t looking at Rachel the whole time she was on TV though.
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  3. Yes, every single time a different pop girl would come on he would be going on about how they couldn't sing etc, but simultaneously be fixated on the screen ddd.
  4. -shudder-

    We went over to my folks' on Christmas a few years back and my Christian Conservative father was watching Girls Aloud on TV, who happened to be in some sort of swim suits at the time, telling us how much he liked 'the ginger one'. He kept going back to it and rapidly changing the channel as people would come and go from the room.
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  5. They'll never be rid of us. haha
  6. I'm going out with my straight friends for drinks tomorrow, they've just informed me they want to go to a sports bar to watch a soccer game that's on during the day.

    Is it rude if I go to the gay bar for lunch whilst it's on and tell them I'll meet them somewhere nicer after ddd, the last time I watched a sports game at the pub I was so uninvested I accidentally cheered for the wrong team when they scored and got a unanimous "BOO!" from the entire beer garden, I'd just... rather not nn.
  7. I have so many of these stories as well, but one that sticks out to me is when my aunt was babysitting me and I finally got to channel surf (we didn't really get to "control" the remote on our one TV as kids) and found an adult movie. The girl was fully naked while a guy undressed. My aunt shouted "give me that remote!" to get it off and I said "wait I want to see his butt". I giggled as I said it because I obviously had no concept of sex/nudity being "adult" at age 5, but scream at what my aunt must have been thinking. My three aunts were actually the big proponents of me coming out come my teen years, but by then I had given them so much ammo to know the deal.
  8. What your aunt was thinking:

  9. I've been reading a lot about this topic lately (for my own work), and while these numbers are "real" and reliable, they're only a snapshot of right now.

    Making comparisons between generations as they're defined here is misguided because you're (not you nn, but the general you) comparing 50 year olds to 18 year olds. In other words, you are conflating age, cohort, and period. It'd make more sense to compare people of the same age. For example, if you wanna know the difference between people born in 1970 and 2000, you'd want to know how they identified at age 20 in 1990 and 2020, respectively. That's gonna get you a better cohort ("generation") comparison, mainly because sexualities change as people age.

    Also, women are doing most of the heavy lifting here. Something like 70-80% of bisexuals are women, and a lot of these women identify as bisexual in their 20s and then switch to heterosexual or lesbian by their 30s. So those Gen Z numbers might just be picking up on a pretty regular life course pattern. My guess is the millennial numbers, taken at the same age, would be pretty similar.

    The trans numbers I can't speak to. But I know someone working on data all the way back to the 1930s, so have a better idea soon enough.
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  10. Also as time goes by people are finding out their sexuality way earlier and they are more comfortable to express it and share it and live it.
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  11. Same? Not getting to witness all of those Girls Aloud, Rachel Stevens, Kylie Minogue performances in real time? I-

  12. Insert that gif of Jade Goody shouting good for you.
  13. I don't know where to post this, but this seemed like a good audience.

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  14. Some of the stories on here have made me laugh and ones I can definitely resonate with.

    There’s so many memories from childhood that make me smile and cringe at the same time! For instance:

    - Dancing to Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child at the JFK Space Centre in Florida and having a little audience form to watch me (the camcorder footage haunts me, but it was 2001!)

    - Living and breathing everything and anything S Club 7 related. My parents fully supported and financially invested into it which I’m forever thankful for. I do remember being sat at the back top tier of the MEN for their tours, so you bet I made sure I was front row for the reunion tour! I also remember buying their Style magazine, even though I had 0% interest in that side of things.

    - Having an iPod Nano and thinking I was the shit in 2005 at high school. I’ll never forget filling it with all my pop and putting Coldplay, Nickelback and bloody Timbaland on it too so I could switch to something ‘cool’. And forgetting to switch it off when I put it in my bag which resulted in my maths lesson grounding to a halt as the faint sound of Sugababes Caught in a Moment was seeping from my headphones.

    Lastly (and please don’t say I was the only one!), did anyone go on a website called famousmales?! The nostalgia.
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  15. I still visit the Famousmales Forums.
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  16. You made me visit that site and the first thread being RIP Captain Sir Tom made me close it.
  17. Oh god, why would you dare to enter one of the discussion forums? The only reason to go is for the shirtless photo updates.
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. kal


    The faint sound of TASTE.
  20. At least it wasn't In The Middle, imagine!
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