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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. R92


    I miss making out and cuddling but the thought of putting my mouth on a stranger's gives me the shivers right now. Hopefull that fear will wane a bit once we ease into more of a post-Covid normal rather than being in the middle of a pandemic.
  2. When I was on Grindr around October, I had a guy tell me had a "soft spot for guys with coughs, colds and spitting" and when I said I wasn't interested he proceeded to ask me if I get coughs or colds often.

    I know people have kinks but like...
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  3. Rob


    Covid must have him creaming on the daily.
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  4. This is foul oh my god.
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  5. That is not a kink.
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  6. Sam


    Why are the manchester gays so awful? Like just shut up
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  7. Oh god who's done what now.
  8. Yes, we are, and no, we do not
    Our legs are like 7-Eleven's,
    they open for business 24/7
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  9. I just had someone go off on me on grindr cause I wasnt willing to hook up. I know its grindr so the percentage of people on actually looking to chat or date is very small but I thought with everything going on there might have been more people on just looking to chat. What is wrong with people that they think its ok to just attack cause you dont want to jump into bed with them after talking for like 5 minutes
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  10. Usually the two most popular apps are Grindr and Tinder. Has anyone had good experiences with any other apps for meeting people or chatting for more than just going to bed after 5 minutes?
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  11. Grindr is usually the most sex-focused one. I find a lot of dates on Tinder and surprisingly Bumble as well.
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  12. We can ask them when we're dancing in Cruz in August.
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  13. I like Growlr, it's very chilled and polite - but if you're not into bears... ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
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  14. Today the news hit that a 41-year old male from Belgium was lured into a trap while using Grindr, after which he was murdered. Because he was gay.

    I am shocked beyond. Insane that these things happen in 2021. Rest in peace.
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  15. kal


    I wish homophobes would die instead.
  16. I always found the opposite with Growlr - I thought everyone was pushy and demanding!

  17. Sorry we suck x
  18. Sam


    you don’t count babes x
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  19. So hopped on the ol' Grindr out of terminal boredom last night (I know) and was immediately hit up by this very cute guy claiming to be long term relationship-focused. We pretty quickly moved to Instagram chatting, then he gave me his phone number with a "no pressure if you don't want to accept it."

    Apparently he remembers me from a night out with the previous guy I was kinda seeing--they are on friendly terms with each other. We all played a few matches of Pac-Man, which I remember doing, but beer was flowing pretty heavily that night... I was super apologetic for not recalling, but he just laughed and told me not to worry about it. He is VERY into the outdoors, so I asked him to take me to his favorite nature spots. How very Montana.
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  20. The way I used to be a hopeless romantic and this very thread has made me cynical, I was waiting for your post to take a turn ddd.
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