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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. sorry the only thing I have to add re:voice notes is I don't send them because I'm basically this meme

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  2. A big part of what makes a preference is culturally conditioned, and I think most people will see examples in their own lives. It is, of course, completely legit to prefer whatever you want, be it a voice or a body type, but let's not kid ourselves that this is something inherent to us or immutable. I think a lot of queer people had certain preferences when they were younger, which eventually turned out to be residues of internalized homophobia, and someone's voice or tone of speaking can easily be one of them. Personally, my preferences changed with age, but even more so with me becoming comfortable with my gender and sexual identity. It is up to anyone to decide who they want to date, but I'm sure all of our preferences would be much broader if there were no cultural expectations attached to certain physical elements, modes of presentation and ways of speaking. It definitely plays a big part. So yeah, we all have freedom to make our own decisions, but I feel it's important to know why we prefer the things we do. In the context of our community, which is already quite damaged and full of toxic standards taken from heteronormative contexts, I think it becomes even more important that we cultivate healthier dating habits and ways of communicating instead of perpetuating the same kind of injustice that we were (and still are) the target of. Our community is so much more than a huge dating pool that serves no other purpose than responding to our demands.
  3. Totally. You haven't lived until you've had a hot Brummie dad giving you some dirty talk.
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  4. I'm gonna need an audio snippet of that, ehm, for science...
  5. A guy I’ve been kinda talking to randomly sent me a very nice voice message yesterday on Instagram wishing me a good day. Suddenly that feels sus!
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  6. Opened Growlr to the message: "Hello pig bitch boy."

    I feel so seen.
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  7. There's this guy who lives in Chicago, does some modeling, and is probably the sexiest and most gorgeous guy in a 5-10 mile radius. He's never talked to me though, and that's fine. But whenever he posts I feel like I just need to move cities because he's just too attractive for me to be living in the same city as him.
  8. Uno


    I know you didn't post this for any type of feedback, but if someone indirectly making you feel bad about yourself with their posts, it's probably best to unfollow.
  9. Did he ask for one in return?
  10. I don't know if he's making me feel bad. I mean, I've tried to talk to him before and he hasn't responded and that felt bad but I can deal, like, not everyone is going to talk to me. But I do like seeing his posts looking fashionablee or whatever. But sometimes I do feel like "Damn, I wish he didn't live here so he was 100% unavailable" but him living like 10 minutes from me is such a tease sometimes! I don't know, i'm just dramatic.
  11. No but I sent one anyway and now we’re just straight up video chatting.
  12. Oh! Well then, it worked out for you anyways!
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  13. Screaming. The guy I'm chatting up is so different from my usual "tastes," i.e., he's really into cars and he welds and he's built like a bodybuilder, but I figured I'd see where the convo takes us. Because he also loves horror movies and cooking. Those are two things I love: scary movies and eating!

    However, apparently the convo is steering into him being all drained from the physical labor he's done at work/gym and then coming home where I will have "hung [my] wigs up and then we'll cook and shower together so we can scrub each other's backs." Then he mentions how good I'd look in the passenger seat of his (really expensive, granted) roadster.

    I- is he trying to make me his road bitch. I don't even own a wig!
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Well you better call Party City sis!
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  15. He's from Miami, and based on all his car pictures, I feel like he wants me to sprawl across the hood of his car for photoshoots by the beach.

    I mean, I'm not not into that.
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I hope it bodes well for you, pa!
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  17. There are certainly worse ways to spend an afternoon.
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  18. Oo sounds good! Keep us updated sis!
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  19. You mean, you're not the kinda girl who gives up just like that?
  20. kii get it hen!

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