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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Not even trying to be shady, I thought this was Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Lindsay’s mom.
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    Relationships are about comprise.

    Make sure you share the pics x
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  5. Drew after this ‘artistic photoshoot’.....and those won’t be soap suds honeys.

  6. That GIF Very "2010 Jay Aston solo single, video directed by NO-ONE".
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  7. Only true film buffs will understand this reference
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  8. This is so wild to me! I use it to communicate with my sister literally all the time, mainly to talk shit about our father - and also men in general.
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  9. Not there being an anthropological term for masc4masc.

    Seriously tho, closely re-examining the many pre-conceived notions and ideals we hold about human beings in general, and also those we have of other gay men, is a gift to ourselves.
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    Thank you. Succinct and true.
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    Island Staff Member

    Prove it in my DMs ;)
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  12. I-

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  13. Nobody Wants To Be Lonely <3
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  15. So tonight I finally got over my anxiety and put on makeup for the first time. It was a mess and I pretty much only did mistakes during this attempt, but when I looked myself in the mirror afterwards, I not only got really emotional, but I couldn't look away. It's like I suddenly had the realization that I'm starting to partly like how I look? This shook me for a moment. It's really uncharted territory as I'm used to feeling dysphoria on a constant basis. If this is my reaction to seeing myself with tragically applied makeup, I'm excited for the next attempts fff.

    It looks like this post is turning into an update on my transitioning journey so, related to the paragraph above, I started adopting a more androgynous look outside the workplace. I'm having fun adding some variety into my wardrobe, and trying on different clothing styles. That said, there's definitely an amount of more feminine clothing I don't feel confident wearing yet. I've often heard of that awkward inbetween phase that some trans women who have been on HRT for a little while but not long enough tend to get, body shape wise, and I feel like I'm currently right in the middle of it. I also put on a little weight, which is another thing that's unusual and made me nervous at first, but seeing that it's mostly my lower body that got in shape is a relief. After a long break, I've recently gone back into a working out routine, and I'm targetting that whole area, so that may already have had its benefits as well. I'm impatient for my muscles in the upper body to start shrinking though, considering they do mess up my silhouette and make some clothes fit weirdly, as implied earlier. This process is probably being slowed down by my physically demanding job at the moment. Can't wait to be done with it and to finally do something... fulfilling

    In the meantime, these baby steps give me hope that, regardless of how I present, I could feel comfortable living as a woman full time from the next school year onwards. I'm trying not to set my goals too high because it's not a very distant future but, as I continue working on my looks through various means, on getting my name and gender legally changed, and as HRT keeps inducing physical changes in my body in the upcoming months and beyond, I'm going to maintain a positive outlook.

    Overall, "love" may be too strong of a word for me to use yet, but it feels good to be in a place where I'm now learning to appreciate myself, and consequently am a bit less scared of what's ahead of me. Those are the most important takeaways of this ongoing journey, methinks.
  16. I always look forward to reading your updates @Crisp X - thank you for sharing with us! <3
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