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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Ick. That whole story makes me wanna take a shower.
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  2. What kind of 2008 gays did you pick up sis.
  3. Honestly, I would have snapped.

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  4. My Tinder bio reads "If you can't handle me drunk, you don't deserve me sober!"
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  5. Sam


    and what about it
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  6. This has had me in stitches today. God I loved Nikki.
  7. Well...


    Just got accepted for the master course and they also offered me a cute discount on the fee/ scholarship if I accept to manage their blog and social media as a part-time collaboration. Suddenly the gay intern is me. I'm hopefully moving to Barcelona this autumn. I'm shaking/crying/sweating. Thanks to the girls for the positive energy sent my way brb gonna lay down a bit.
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  8. Congrats sis!
  9. Sam


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  10. So proud of my wee country for finally getting the opportunity to get the legislation to able to ban this horrific practice, the Communities Minister will draft the legislation to be able to ban it, the DUP's Jim Wells and TUV's Jim Allister can go and fuck themselves, spineless snakes.
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  11. I hate that (not the cops bit nn)
  12. Nothing turns me on more than looking at someone's grindr profile and seeing "No cops" in their bio.
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  13. Disney having a boy play with a doll, yes.
  14. Man: Sorry I didn't mean to send that message. I sent you one on the 15th which you ignored so go fuck yourself.

    Me: I've never had any messages from you.

    Man: -sends screenshot showing said message-

    Me: -sends screenshot showing no such message-

    Man: OK. Any more pics?

    Me: -deletes app-
  15. People are so entitled it’s a scream.
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  16. I don't want to jinkx it so, knock on wood, but I went on a second date with a boy last night and like... Wow he's just so fun, so sweet. We make each other laugh, we enjoy each other's company. He's affectionate as I am. It's going good. We're still getting to know each other, of course. Plus he's like 6 years younger than me... and I haven't told him i'm HIV+ yet because we haven't really had any serious conversations like that yet. So i'm just hoping he is chill with that when it comes time to tell him.

    Luckily over the last almost-10 years i've been + i've gotten a lot better at talking about it. I used to just not date or hook up because I didn't want to talk about it. Then I could only tell people if it was over text so I didn't like see their reaction. But now i'm like really chill about it. I mean... getting on stage and doing a drag performance where I revealed it to the whole audience was a big turning point, I guess.

    Anyways, so yeah just wanted to share something that is nice right now.
  17. so true. I hate it when someone double texts after a short amount of time has passed without me replying (due to whatever reasons) with something like: "OKAY FINE! you are not that hot anyway. Fuck you". I don't check grindr every hour, calm down.
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  18. So happy for you and I really admire your courage and positive attitude. I really hope there's more lovely dates to come and if you really have matching sensibilities, I'm sure he'll take it well. Plus it's just a matter of informing oneself properly anyway, so there is no reason for him to make a big deal out of it. Makes me so happy to read some good news and sweet stories, it really brings hope for the whole community.
  19. Why do I have to swipe through so many cis women on Tinder, riddle me this.
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